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I love this smart and informative podcast.
Love the podcast, just one important point
before I go on, I just want to be very clear that I love this podcast and will continue to listen and recommend. That said, in the latest episode, when the topic of Cuba comes up there a few facts that need to be checked. First of all Cuba is not a socialist country, it is a communist country. Its health care system is adequate, but its food rationing system is nothing to mirror. People are starving and will often sell their rations to survive. It’s also very important to draw a distinction between socialism and communism, as there are several key differences. Much of the continuing systemic racism in Cuba is tied to the fact that it Communist, and thus supports and expands preexisting systems of oppression. We see the same oppressive models in other communist countries like China, where minority communities such as Uyghers are thrown into concentration camps, stripped of their cultures, forced to assimilate. When we discuss these topics, the facts are important, lest anyone walk away with a romanticized and inaccurate impression of other systems.
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love whetstone mag, love point of origin
stephen satterfield's guests are all the best folks working/writing in food today
Stories of people
Really enjoy hearing voices of activists and people within communities do good work. The fact is that food access, health, justice, distribution etc is so complex and pt of origin untangles some threads. Thx guys.
Excellent listening
I went to play one episode my sister to me, and have had this on for hours! Every episode is inquisitive, thoughtful, and super well done. Excited to hear season two & thank you to Whetstone!
Spoiled Milk
I just listened to the episode about the USDA, milk, lobbyists and white supremacy. I grew up on a dairy farm and I’ve gone on to work in food. It is so important to understand how we are being manipulated by our government and how we even pay for it. I am looking forward to listening to more Whetstone podcasts. Thank you.
Fascinating stuff!
Each episode makes me think about food in ways I wouldn’t have expected before. If you want to be more conscious about where your food comes from and what it means this podcast is a must-listen.
Vegan propaganda
Poorly researched, one-sided vegan propaganda from people with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not what I hoped for. Read “sacred cow” if you want a real nuanced conversation on the topic.
Superb Content !
I enjoy each and every episode, always fascinated to discover and/ or uncover something new. But - what I love even more is that my 12 year old son actually enjoys it too ❤️Thank you
1 busy mom
So incredibly well done!
This show is brilliant and the topics covered are so critical. Thank you !!
if you have any interest in learning more about indigenous food pathways, food equity, and more related topics this is THE BEST podcast.
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast, and I would love to meet Stephen Satterfield and drink a glass of wine, cider or beer with him! This podcast is intelligent, and I’ve learned so much from it! Thank you Point Of Origin! And I hope to be getting a subscription to Whetstone magazine for my birthday!
Great concept but not acceptable
I was really interested in this podcast but I’m HOH and it’s just so quiet! Even ads for thispodcast aren’t at a normal volume.
Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Well-researched, excellent narration, informative interviews, and perfectly designed podcast. Thank you!
Thankful for the prospective
I thought this was such an interesting and troubling story. We so often ignore the the impact of our choices. I thought the point on daily indulgence in the end was a brilliant point. Thanks for sharing!
The shows sound like they’re excellent, from what I can hear. But it’s very, very quiet (I listen on Spotify). Besides making it sound amateurish, and being hard to follow, I end up hating the sponsors, because when their spots come on, they’re all YELLING VERY LOUD at me.
Great show
Good background information on the food cultures of the world. Easy conversational listening and educational. We are all connected by food and this show tells of the diversity of our food cultures. Thanks!
Clean Slate Farm
Incredible analysis of food and the world!
I can’t imagine a podcast more suited for anyone who loves food and wants to dig deeper into the history behind what people eat! Just listen and enjoy!
Best storytelling & food podcast
I’ve instantly become a huge fan and will recommend this podcast to anyone who will listen. Really thoughtful interviews and stories featured, with interviewees you can’t help but be inspired by. Does a great job of recognizing systemic/historical issues within food systems, while lifting up the people challenging those systems and making their own way.
Nic Sheer
Interesting topics!
I’ve listened to a handful of episodes and really enjoy this! If you are interested in food at all, but especially ‘slow’ food and artisans, this is your podcast! Really cool topics and the guests are doing amazing things in the food world. I love how diverse it is - many different geographical locations, cultures and types of food along with a great education of how our food choices are actually very political. Very educational & inspiring!
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Best food podcast!
Can’t wait for season 3! Even when I’ve already read/heard interviews with Stephen’s guests before, his conversations and the show’s different segments always give me something I haven’t heard before
When a creative endeavor hits all the right notes, all else falls away. You realize just how much noise exists. Point of Origin deserves all the superlatives. Stephen Satterfield is an excellent interviewer who understands how to ask a concise question and leave the airtime to the guest. I’m grateful this podcast exists.
I’m learning so much- this podcast is so good!
If you care....
About our (broken) food system, food justice (for all and not just for some), and want to build a holistic understanding around the food we eat, then listen to this podcast. Each episode is informative, inspiring, and engaging.
Thoughtful, insightful, and delightful
I am wholeheartedly enjoying Point of Origin’s approach to tracing the connections and histories of a wide array of foods and related topics. I also think Stephen Satterfield has one of the very best podcasting voices I’ve ever heard: warm, mellifluous, velvety - I can listen to him for hours. So glad to have learned about this podcast!
Good show with interesting stories. Bad host
Good show with interesting stories. However, the host needs to go. Not necessarily because he is a bad journalist, but his monotone voice makes the audience feel sleepy, uninterested. A good host needs an inviting voice and he is just not it.
Deep, thick and savorly
Enjoyed this podcast. I recommend it to all my friends
Fantastic! I can’t stop listening!
I absolutely love this! Great story telling through an informative lens! The questions and topics are great and interwoven so well. I love the discussions on historical context up to today.
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Well made!
Great podcast
I’ve been highly recommending this podcast to all my friends! Love the work this host is doing to give exposure to the people and places that some of our favorite things/food/techniques are originally from!
Platforms for all
Thank you for continuing to help open up space for all of the people ✊🏽🌱
Insightful, beautiful stories
This aptly named, brilliant series does a beautiful job of exploring not only the locale of food and bev origins and the people involved, but the point behind them / why we need to explore these origins. It’s smart, deeply compelling, and a much needed media project that shares stories from people who have historically been overlooked or left out of popular narratives. Well done, y’all.
Remarkable storytelling about food origins and culture
This is a wonderful series telling fascinating stories related to food, farming and culture which you don’t hear anywhere else! Please keep up this great work.
Much needed
Rich with history and culture that is usually left out of the main stream.
Original. Smart. New Voices.
Authentic ‘farm to table’ storytelling that is nourishing to the soul. Whetstone Magazine founders break new ground with this podcast!
This is a must-listen for food lovers, for anyone who cares about food, farming, and our country.
Connecting to our Food
Point of Origin dives deep into our collective desire to reconnect with that which sustains us: our food. Moreover, it presents stories you probably won’t hear about in corporate media.
If you make a point of excluding white males...you’re not exactly diverse. You’re actually the opposite.
Super legit!
This is the real foodie culture. I really appreciate hearing about stories behind the tastes and cultures of the world, including so many voices that have not been included in dominant food media.
Great podcast
It’s a great podcast but it’s very, very dense
Holla boy 9046
Informative and Engaging
I have enjoyed listening to this podcast and learning both about foods we eat and the humans that cultivate / preserve / protect them.
Breath of fresh air! Back to the basics.
I am new to the Whetstone community, and it has been a breath of fresh air! It is essential to rediscover, uncover and explore the foundations of our modern food culture for us to move forward. I appreciate the “back to the basics” approach of Whetstone. I was super excited when I learned of the podcast! SUPER STUFF!
Love it
Take a journey down the path to learn about what you are eating for dinner. Not only is this an informative podcast, it is important. The host, Stephen, is also really knowledgeable and easy to listen to.
Run don’t walk!
If you are interested in food, storytelling, life in general, this podcast is for you!
Really Cool
What a great new podcast. I’ve already bought the cookbook Indian-ish and bought Skyr yogurt from Whole Foods (I’m sure it’s not super authentic). Can’t wait for more!
Also can’t wait for this
Bena t
It’s here!
Stephen has such a great voice for radio. Can’t wait for this 💫
Amazing !
This podcast looks so incredible! I can’t wait to listen!
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