Podcast UFO
Podcast UFO
Martin Willis
Podcast UFO is place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Listeners are welcome to interact with guests, visit the website to find out how. Shows are recorded live on YouTube stream every Tuesday evening, 7:00PM ET.
Bonus Podcast: UAP Crossfire Dave Scott & Marc D'Antonio
Dave Scott has joined our panel (Martin Willis, Chris Deperno, Don Ecker) to shift the focus onto an often overlooked group amidst the current chatter about government actions on UFOs: the UFO experiencers, abductees. Their accounts, frequently disregarded, carry significant implications, challenging our understanding and prompting us to delve deeper into the mysteries they present. This discussion is led by Dave Scott, with Marc D'Antonio stepping in for Commander Cobra.
Feb 22
1 hr 54 min
597. Craig Weiler & Rob Heatherly, Wikipedia & UFOs
Guests, Craig Weiler and Rob Heatherly are both experts on the Guerrilla Skeptics of Wikipedia. Craig first exposed them in 2013 in his book PSI WARS: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet, and Rob recently did a deep dive into Wikipedia to unearth their darkest secrets. Collectively, they depict a clandestine entity exercising influence over segments of Wikipedia for more than ten years. Guerrilla Skeptics manipulate articles spanning diverse subjects, such as parapsychology and UAPs, to fit their skeptical narrative, while tarnishing the reputations of prominent figures whom they deem as promoters of pseudoscience.Show Notes
Feb 20
1 hr 14 min
AudioBlog: A 1968 UFO Landing and Trace Case From Gleeson, Arizona
In 1968, the Condon Committee was wrapping up the UFO study at the University of Colorado that was commissioned by the Air Force. Coming too late for inclusion in that study was an incident in Gleeson, Arizona, that involved reported landings and possible traces left behind. It was investigated by Jim and Coral Lorenzen of the Tucson, Arizona, based Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, and the witnesses filled out report forms for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. There is no report in the APRO Bulletin on the case, or in NICAP’S publication, The UFO Investigator, but there is an article by Cecil James headlined “Gleeson UFO Leaves Traces” in the October 19, 1968, Tucson Daily Citizen. Read more →
Feb 15
6 min
596. Garrett Graff
In this episode, we have journalist Garrett Graff joining us to talk about his latest book, "UFO: The Inside Story of the US Government’s Search for Alien Life Here—and Out There." Garrett's interest in this subject was piqued when former CIA director John Brennan publicly acknowledged his belief in the reality of UFOs. With a blend of open-mindedness and healthy skepticism, Garrett delves into this intriguing topic, exploring the government's quest for answers about alien life both on Earth and beyond.BIO: Garrett M. Graff, a distinguished journalist and internationally bestselling historian, has spent nearly two decades covering politics, technology, and national security—helping to explain where we’ve been and where we’re headed. The former editor of Washingtonian and POLITICO Magazine and a contributing editor to WIRED Magazine, Graff is the author of multiple books, including the #1 national bestseller The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11, as well as The Threat Matrix: Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI, and Raven Rock, about the government’s Cold War Doomsday plans. His book Watergate: A New History was a finalist in 2023 for the Pulitzer Prize in History, and his most recent book is UFO: The Inside Story of the US Government’s Search for Alien Life Here—and Out There.
Feb 13
1 hr
595. SPECIAL SHOW Mark Marinaccio
Renowned guest, Mark Marinaccio, who assumed the roles of Executive Producer and Showrunner for Season 3 of Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, delved deep into the Ranch's mysteries for a four-month stint. With more than twenty years of expertise in producing paranormal and unexplained television content, Marinaccio's extensive background and fervor for the subject have significantly influenced his distinct perspective on the phenomena.Show Notes
Feb 10
1 hr 11 min
AudioBlog: PART 2: A Brazilian UFO Hotspot and a General
In last week’s blog, we profiled General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, who became a UFO investigator after retiring from his over 30-year career in the Brazilian Army. While he spent most of his career at the Military Academy of Brazil where he was a professor of engineering mechanics, head of the math department, and deputy director, he’d had an interest in the paranormal and the esoteric since the age of 18. After his retirement in 1963, he moved to Brasilia in 1968, and his son, Paulo, told him about a plantation owned by Wilson da Silva 120 km to the southwest where regular UFO activity was reported. Uchoa put together a group of 7 people, including his son, and they began visiting the plantation repeatedly starting in March. Bob Pratt was able to interview Uchoa and wrote an article headlined “The UFO reports of Brazilian General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa” which can be found in the online magazine Alternate Perceptions. Gordon Creighton wrote a 3-part series of articles based on information he got from a 9-part series of articles by Eduardo Santa Maria that appeared in the Rio de Janeiro paper O Dia from October 26, to November 4, 1972. Creighton’s articles were published in the Flying Saucer Review Case Histories Supplements 12, 15, and 16, December 1972, June and August 1973 respectively. When we left off, we were telling the story of the investigation as told by Creighton. Read more →
Feb 9
10 min
594. Dave Foley & Tom Wheeler
Come along for an entertaining exploration with special guests, comedian/actor, Dave Foley and accomplished showrunner, screenwriter, and novelist, Tom Wheeler as they dive into the fascinating world of UFOs and what they have learned on their show "Really?!". Join the conversation as they share their enduring fascination with the subject and discuss the intriguing insights they've gained throughout their journey.Show Notes
Feb 6
1 hr 54 min
AudioBlog: A General and a UFO Hotspot in Brazil
by Charles Lear, author of “The Flying Saucer Investigators.”Brazilian UFOlogy goes back a long time. One of the first UFOlogists there to come to international attention was Dr. Olavo Fontes, who wrote regular reports in the late 1950s and into the 60s for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization that were published in the APRO Bulletin. Fontes wrote the first report on the 1957 Antonio Villas Boas abduction case. He sent it to APRO, and it remained unpublished by that organization until 1966. Two years later, in 1968, a retired General from the Brazilian Army, Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, got involved in his first case, and it brought him to international attention as well. Read more →
Feb 1
8 min
594. Rep. Tim Burchett
Join us as we delve into Congressman Tim Burchett's enduring fascination with UFOs, exploring his perspective on transparency in the US Government's approach to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). Discover how his colleagues and the Pentagon perceive him for sparking conversations and stirring things up in this intriguing discussion. Dean Alioto joins Martin after the interview.Show Notes
Jan 30
54 min
UAP Crossfire (Sample Show) w/ Christian Lambright
KGRA Digital Media, UAP Crossfire, Martin Willis, Christian Lambright, Don Ecker and Chris Deperno discuss Sean Kirkpatrick's departing opinion when leaving AARO, the second hour is the mysterious case of the Paul Benewitz UFO/Alien disinformation campaign.
Jan 26
1 hr 55 min
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