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Zippy Distributors: Creating awareness for Palaweno Brewery (Part 2)
34 minutes Posted Sep 2, 2020 at 8:45 am.
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Show notes


Thank you for coming back for part 2 of 2 part episodes of Palaweno Brewery: Creating the ultimate in craft beer. Let’s continue to listen to Glenn and Diana as they give their opinion, thoughts, and ideas on what needs to be done to create more opportunities for Philippine products in the US market.


That’s it. I always enjoying hearing  Inspiring thoughts and ideas from entrepreneurs who are dedicated to what they do. I don’t doubt that we will be hearing more exciting things about Palaweno Brewery and Zippy distributors in the very near future. Thank you again, Glen and Diana, for being our guest on this episode of Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63

This was also the end of Season 1 for Philippine products redefined by planet63. In the next season, we will host more companies who are creating opportunities in the US market. We will also start interviewing more companies who are an integral part in helping physically bring Philippine products into the U.S. market. We will talk about how to source, ship, and sell Philippine products in the U.S. market.   Bye for now.

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