Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
FB Soriano
CRAIG O. WILSON: Philippine products in movies, short films and tv shows?
38 minutes Posted Jun 14, 2020 at 9:15 pm.
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Show notes
Are you looking for an insightful conversation on how to increase Philippine product awareness in the U.S. market? You found it! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing at this very moment we appreciate you taking the time to check out our podcast.  Welcome to the PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS REDEFINED BY pLANET63 podcast...hosted by Ferdinand Soriano of Planet63. The title of today’s episode is; PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS IN MOVIES, SHORT FILMS, AND TV SHOWS?…….Let’s listen. 
GREETINGS FROM PLANET63!!!! Wow, this has been a crazy week,  to say the least. This podcast is produced in the Southern California area. We’ve seen things. We could just take the whole show and talk about it. So many issues to deal with. But no one is alone. We are all dealing with this in different ways but we are all going through it together. Let’s all focus on productive things but not overlook what’s happening and try to resolve and continue to work towards a better future. Let’s all continue to pray and try to move forward with faith that this too shall pass with an outcome that will be about progress. and equality 
Let’s get back to the question I asked at the beginning. What needs to be done to redefine  Philippine products to become successful in the U.S. market and beyond? To help me answer that question- let me introduce you to my guest. He is a community leader and founding board member of the Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce in Hollywood, Ca He is an independent filmmaker and is currently in development for an upcoming tv show called Concepcion He is an aspiring entrepreneur who has possibly found an amazing way to promote Philippine products in the U.S. To give us his perspective… please welcome the man who will help me answer our question on this episode.  CRAIG OBLIGACION WILSON. 
By the way, I would like everyone to google Craig.  He has a certain look about him. Go ahead and Goole him.
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