Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
Philippine Products Redefined by Planet63
FB Soriano
ORIGIN STORY: Why was the PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS REDEFINED by Planet63 podcast created?
17 minutes Posted May 25, 2020 at 8:01 pm.
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Are you looking for an insightful conversation on how to increase Philippine product awareness in the U.S. market? You found it! No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing at the moment we appreciate you taking the time to check out our podcast. Welcome to the PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS REDEFINED podcast...hosted by Ferdinand Soriano of Planet63 and Craig Obligacion Wilson. Each episode will have Interviews with brand owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs on how to successfully market Philippine products in the U.S. market and beyond. News & update of Philippine-made and influenced products currently marketed and sold in the U.S. market Lastly, share thoughts, ideas, and opinions with Philippine manufacturers on how to create opportunities in the U.S. market The title of today’s episode is; Why was the Philippine Products Redefined podcast created?

Hosts: Ferdinand B. Soriano and 

Co-Host: Craig Obligacion Wilson

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THIS PODCAST WILL EDUCATE. THIS PODCAST WILL ENTERTAIN. THIS PODCAST WILL GET OPINIONATED (IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY OF COURSE…..right Craig?) Why was this podcast created? To help Philippine manufacturers understand how to make Philippine products more appealing to the U.S. market.  Help U.S. consumers discover something truly amazing products (food, fashion, arts& craft and ingredients, and so forth Our hope is to truly make this podcast interactive. We want constructive feedback that the Philippine manufacturers can use. We want our listeners to freely give us their feedback on how we can do that? What do you think, Craig? What do you want our listeners to get out of it? We’’ pack all of this great information in one-hour episodes...starting with our next podcast. Today is just an introductory episode. We hope that you tune in and we look forward to you giving us your feedback. Without your feedback, this show will just be about two opinionated guys who will just ramble on. You guys are the stars. (Let Craig talk) With that being said, thank you again for tuning into this introductory podcast episode of PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS REDEFINED. I am your grateful host (crying) Ferdinand Soriano and (Craig talks)..........Let’s talk again soon….. very soon everyone. Outro That pretty much wraps it up for this episode of PHILIPPINE PRODUCTS REDEFINED. This podcast was produced by Planet63. Please visit us on Facebook, LInkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Thank you again for listening.

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