Pediatric Emergency Playbook
Pediatric Emergency Playbook
Tim Horeczko, MD, MSCR, FACEP, FAAP
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Pediatric Emergency Playbook
Outstanding ! Applicable!
Great content! Cases are interesting and entertaining!
Great podcast
Great podcast. As a pem attending I enjoy listening to the cases and management. The topics are very relevant. I recommend it to my residents and fellows.
Top notch medical education
Increíble podcast!! I learn a ton and it is fun and engaging and inspiring to boot!! Thank you so much!!
Dave Hjerpe
Excellent content and delivery
As a community pediatric hospitalist, this podcast has been so valuable to me especially as a “refresher “ for diagnoses and procedures we don’t see that often. Tim’s approach is fun, extremely practical, and interesting. Best CME I’ve had in a long time!
Excellent podcast
Very helpful, thorough, and accessible. There is a lot packed into each episode. Highly recommended!
Excellent peds medicine podcast!
Thank you for providing us listeners with a podcase that is so a well put together. For non-peds healthcare providers, this is such valuable information.
zzyzx in CA
So Good! Can’t believe it is free. Listen to pedsrap (which requires subscription) but think this is as good or better - because more practical. I personally enjoy the philosophical introspective moments as well! Keep up the great work Dr. H!
One of the best
I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is one of my favorites. He is entertaining as well as brilliant. These are mandatory for anyone taking care of sick kids. His delivery and format create maximum retention...
So good even a nurse would like it.
I won’t lie- I’m your typical cranky, older, jaded nurse who is super unimpressed with doctors. Nursing podcasts don’t cut it for me though, because what we need is the HOW and the WHY to help me do better. This podcast breaks down all of the factors I need to get better at what I do and apply what I’ve learned. (And the approval of the snarky nurse is not an easy thing to get!)
Peds Resident
This podcast has helped me better evaluate patients in the ED with creating broad differentials. It has helped me to decide when to admit children to the hospital vs. going home and also better understand why we do some of the things we do. I have told anyone who will give me an ear about this podcast. Please keep them coming!! Also, love the way you present topics. The pace of the podcast makes it easier to remember some of the facts. I also noticed the research you talk about has now been attached in the title. Love it. Thank you thank you
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Thank you!
I am an RN with a new job in critical care transport of Neo/Peds. My background is mostly NICU. I am learning so much from your podcasts! Thank you for this information!
Jenny wells
Truly fantastic
Would give 6 stars if I could. Not only is the content extremely high yield, the presenter is surprisingly entertaining. He is exactly the type of Doctor I would want seeing my child. Perfect for anybody in the medical profession from attendings to students to nurses to technicians.
Darn you Yahtzee
The best podcast.
Tim’s podcast had it all: educational, entertaining and inspirational. He is truly a brilliant voice among pediatric EM. His passion, humbleness, and gentle voice would inspire both current and future generations. Each podcast is a masterpiece of clinical pearls and worldclass audio production. He is a champion educator.
Tim Horeczko is an incredible clinician and teacher who is somehow able to give the exact right amount of information without skipping important subjects but also without excessive detail. After listening to these podcasts I feel more confident with pediatric patients, ready for whatever might come through the doors, and much more informed about some of the diseases that we don’t often think about. His mnemonics are surprisingly helpful, too. This podcast is worth every minute spent listening. I’m surprised it’s free!
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Great podcast
My best pediatric EM education during residency.
Informative and Powerful
One of the best newer medical podcasts out there. Each podcast is informative, entertaining, and thought provoking. His style is one that is unique but perfect. He truly embodies the pediatric emergency physician.
Cowboy Spike 40
Med Student Perspective
This is a great podcast for many different levels of training. A lot of it goes over my head still, but hearing the complex issues in subspecialty med broken down so clearly is a fantastic way to integrate newly-learned concepts. On several occasions this podcast has helped me stand out in EM and peds clinical rotations.
This is one of the best PEM podcasts out there. Before any of my PEM shifts I listen to this podcast and immediately feel more confident walking into the shift. Tim is a great teacher and does a great job of explaining high yield concepts.
Must have podcast for those in EM, PEM, peds, etc.
This is the top podcast for care of children in the emergency department. Must have on your iTunes list. Dr. Horeczko breakdown difficult topics into easily digestible and fun to listen to podcasts. I find myself listening to them on my way to my shifts- especially the multi-system trauma podcasts. This podcast is user friendly for med students, residents and even fellowship trained peds ED docs. Take a listen and enjoy.
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Front line Peds ED doc
Can't say enough good things about PEM! I don't miss an episode! Thanks Dr. Tim for your commitment to the pediatric world.
Lindsay Lawless
Great Podcast
Please keep it going. As a soon to graduate ED resident, I hope podcasts like this last throughout my career to keep me updated and giving great care to sick children long after my PEM rotations have ended.
This is my new favorite podcast. Efficiently delivered, accurate, just the right amount of physiology, pharmacology with real life pearls mixed in. Looking forward to more episodes.
Well Crafted
I can not say enough positive things about the podcast. If I were able to give 6 stars I would. I am a Physician Assistant student and love how these add to my knowledge. I am amazed how well the material presented sticks. I believe this is a result of how the material is presented. I enjoy following his thought process and his self challenging. I play along. I try to guess were he is going and if I can get there. The criteria presented is stated in a useful way, and supported with evidence based medicine.
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Excellent Learning
Must listen podcast for trainees in Pediatrics or Emergency Medicine with content delivered in a thorough and thoughtful fashion. Has informed my thinking in the ER, the clinic and the ward.
Love it!!!
Great podcast Tim!! I have enjoyed every episode so far. Very informative and easy to listen to
Kristopher Maday PA-C
Fantastic pediatric emergency podcast
This is a very well produced podcast about the emergency care of infants and children!
Keep them coming!
Really like the play by play! Keeps the brain moving, please keep doing what your doing!
Amazing PEM Podcast
One of the great Peds EM & EM educators in the FOAMed community. Brings a phenomenal podcast with pearls of wisdom. A definite must listen for all EM / PEM / Peds physicians & residents.
Manpreet Singh @MprizzleER
Knowledgable - Insightful - Practical
Dr. Horeczko has a servant’s heart and a passion to bring awareness and understanding to the medical community, and to the families involved. If you’re in the field or connected to PEM in some way, listen to what this man has to say. Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
Joel Boggess
Dr. Leonhardt
Phenomenal podcast! A must listen to for any ER doc or peds doc/resident
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