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A shadow of its former self
This was once a 5-star podcase but has devolved into a couple of hours of inside jokes and "bro" talk, Where there once was some solid hardware discussion and tech news there is now only three guys just trying to show how cool and "inside" they are. 10% wheat and 90% chaff. This could be a 10 minute podcast if they just stuck to relevant content. iTunes needs to change its rating system to show a moving average of ratings so that the current opinion of a podcast is reflected in the ratings. The cumulative method they now use lets podcasts like this rest on the laurels of those who ran it in years gone by.
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Chuck Canard
Great podcast
I love this podcast. It's such a great podcast that keeps you updated on the latest tech news. Keep it going guys!
earthy cheeses mom
I’m Out
Can’t stand Jeremy Helstrom. He’s nothing but an unpleasant distraction, constantly interrupts and disrupts the podcast. I can’t take it anymore.
The show has gone down hill after Ryan left. He seemed to carry the show. Now it’s too much talking and awkward jokes.
Too much yak that's not tech
Stop the non tech yak. Or the forced humor. So nerdy, but not in a good way.
Alan and Ryan are great hosts. They're knowledgeable and have great personalities. As for the others....
Pen is Mightier
Among the best tech podcasts around!
This is one of a very few podcasts that I don't mind listening to multiple times per episode. Ryan, Jeremy, Josh, Allyn, and the rest of the crew do a great job reporting and discussing the latest news in computer hardware. Maybe I'm just in the right demographic, but the hosts' sense of humor really resonates with me and I often find myself laughing out loud while listening. If you love computer hardware I highly recommend PC Perspective! I support them on Patreon and suggest you do the same because the quality of their coverage is totally worth it!
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Must Listen!
Everybody on this podcast knows what they are talking about! Awesome, funny and knowledgeable!
One of my favorite PC and Tech podcasts
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I respect the hosts' opinions of the gear they review and I learn new things all of the time, especially from Alan on PC storage tech. The production quality gets better regularly and is already as good or better than any others I tune into, as long as Skype is cooperating for everyone of course. I found this podcast and the corresponding website from watching the podcast This Week in Computer Hardware where Ryan from Pcper also cohosts.
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An excellent source of the latest hardware components to keep you in the know. Well explained reviews and testing that aren't watered down should make any computer geek happy. My only complaint it that there's no video feed to subscribe to.
Wyatt's Tech Corner
Best pc podcast
Fantastic pc podcast on pc building and parts. I want josh walrath to give me a mustache ride. Listen to this cast every week to get the best in pc news!
mr stroke
Cool Podcast
Been listening for a while. If you love computer hardware this is the podcast to listen too.
Would be a much better show without Josh
There is a lot of good information here but Josh just turns it into a side show. People download this show to hear about hardware, not to be subjected to bad adolescent humor. He also takes twice as much time as necessary on his subjects and is constatly interrupting the others with his "jokes". The rest of the guys are great...on target with their facts without over doing it.
Josh u blow...........My freakin mind!!!
Great podcast, Just the right amount of tech,hotdogs and hallways The only way your podcast could be better is to add enhanced podcast layer(pic's) for us audio people
Pioneer guy
So much information!
You provide an incredible amount of raw knowledge and it is awesome! I also have begun to examine your new framerate tools and I am excited to see the beginning of a new way of looking at graphics. I hope you get the latency testing worked out quickly so that we as users have a clear idea of what we are buying.
Zirconus Of Malfurion
Not worth having to listen to them
Some professionalism would help these guys a lot. The podcast was filled with odd adolescent humor (not funny adolescent humor either), periods of awkward silence, and talking over each other when they did speak. To be fair, I listened to the episode without Ryan Shrout. Which means maybe they need to get rid of everyone else who doesn't seem to know how to communicate well. The knowledge they bring is ok, but you might be better off just reading their website rather than having to listen to them.
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Zippo the Penguin
I really enjoy the subject matter and this used to be one of my favorite podcasts. However, lately, most of the cast seems to forget this is an AUDIO podcast and frequently refer to things only viewers of the live recording can see. Please guys, consider the many (majority?) of us are not watching the live stream and don't refer to things we can't see.
Absolutely great. Good mix of comedy and geek talk. Very informative and entertaining.
Informative and Entertaining
I enjoy this podcast very much. I like it because it not too serious, but still manages to be very informative. I also like the humor
Great content, quirky humor!
This show is fantastic to get updates on all things pc hardware, and the guys have great (if a bit quirky) humor! Very fun group of guys talking about tech, don't change a thing!
These guys think they are comedians, which they are not!! The main bit is about tossing hot dogs down a hall. Really!? Listening to these guys relate everything to sex make me want to puke. They constantly step on each other during conversations; if you want to call it a conversation. They go on and on forever to make a point. Listening to them trying to read an email is PAINFUL! The only good personality is Ryan, and even he will go on forever. This Week in Computer Hardware is a better show with the same content minus the peanut gallery.
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Was great
Get rid of that new nerdy Canadian. He hurts my ears and is God awful. Ryan is a little cocky these days, needs to tone that down. Storage and IC guys are the only reasons to listen at this point.
the gumps blow
Great show if not for Colleen
Colleen adds nothing to the show, yet takes so much away. Used to love the show, but since she came, I have stopped downloading it.
Great podcast
Best pc podcast! We just need the chapters back please.
Excellant podcast
Best pc hardware podcast by far. Good discussions. Only major problem is they don't focus/investigate how products of different generations perform against each other and propose a value proposition. They don't understand that most people don't upgrade hardware every four months. Dx11 is not nearly as important gpu performance. Pc per guys will tell you just upgrade
Good, but could be better
The podcast is very informative and I like most of the hosts, but since the introduction of Colleen, the show has gone down hill. She intterupts the other hosts too often and seems to take over the show. Other than that, the content is good and is worth a listen.
5 Star Podcast!
This is one of the top tech podcasts out there! You a moron if you don't subscribe NOW!!! Zane Savage
PC Perspective
Great show. Some of the panelists sometimes need to pay more attention to their webcam orientation but that aside, wouldn't change a thing.
Kal El 08
Great Show
The review on the Corsair's Hydro H50 cpu cooler was Great! In fact, I just bought one and can't wait to install it. Thanks For The Review.
PC Per Review
If you view computers as an ever changing bunch of parts that you choose, then this is the podcast for you to get the latest and most informed reviews.
PC Perspective podcast
Good podcast dealing with PC hardware; building PCs; cooling systems, motherboards, harddrives, etc. Plus they coopted Colleen Kelly from Leo Laporte's network; she always has good tips on building PCs from scratch. Ryan (host) just announced that PC Perspective will be at Quakecon in Dallas! Awesome.
I listen every week and watch the live feed on twit....I learn a lot about new hardware. The Host are funny and informative!!!!!
Steven Ort
Great Show
Very informative podcast while still being very entertaining.
Great podcast, lots of info about hardware. Sometimes funny too.
Great Podcast
This podcast gives great advice. It is very informative
A great podcast
This podcast is excellent. You learn so much about pc and its different components. This is a good listen .
Brian of Los Angeles
Awesome podcast
Nice technical variety across the personal computing space without the "Yes" people.
Great Show
Not just great in-depth hardware news, but good entertainment
Love the Show
My favorite Podcast. I love that they do this once a week now. I have listened to every single show they've made. This podcast has educated me on all things computer. They brought me from a Neophyte to a Journeymen.
Great Podcast
The Podcast is great, I love watching it online in addition to watching TWICH.
I like it!
Informative, entertaining, and inexpensive! A great showcast.
awesome podcast!
The audio pod cast is good. But if you really like it you've gotta check out the twit.tv live stream when they're recording it!
Great Tech Podcast
I really enjoy this podcast. I have not run into any others that combine the knowledge, news, and humor that these guys have. They remind me of my nerd friends and I can relate to what they have to say. I actually learn something while listening and that is hard to say after being around as long as I have. It helps that I have been a fan of their site and an active forum member for some time.
Great Tech Podcast
Thank You
Finally, a podcast that knows what it is talking about.
Monkey Priest
One of the Best
This is one of the best tech podcast's out there. You should also check out TWiCH which is also done by Ryan. It can be found at live.twit.tv or at odtv.me for the old episodes.
One of the most indepth hardware podcasts out there, listeners should also check out TWICH
I can't listen live so I'm salavating to get my hands on this podcast asap. If you are into hardcore hardware analasys this is the podcast for you.
Fun and Informative
If you're looking for good, reliable information on what's going on in the world of hardware this is the podcast for you. Great production, highly recommend!
Great Podcast!!!!
I've been listening to this podcast for about 4 months now and I love it. It's very informative! Most tech "shows" don't get very indepth with the information they give out, but these guys/gal let you know all the nitty gritty details you don't hear other places. Oh, and they also like to kid around a bit to keep the show light. Highly recommended!
In Depth, yet fun PC Show
They do their own SSD benchmarking, travel to conferences, go deep into specs, have relationship with people in the industry and importantly give details when discussing things and not just generalities. It covers mostly computer hardware. They're also diverse so each person has a speciality. The show also has its moments of fun. I found this show and website really helpful when planning to upgrade my PC ...especially when it came to a graphics card.
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