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The editors of PC Perspective discuss the latest in-house product reviews and news from around the world that pertains to technology and PC hardware.
Podcast #623 - Bam! Burger! Zen3 Vulnerable? RTX Voice, Right to Repair, K55 Pro Review + MORE!!
It may have been a light news week, but we have plenty to talk about in this unrehearsed, totally unscripted episode which in no way typifies our usual output. Not at all. But far more importantly, after last week's omission we are happy to report that Josh returns with a rousing BURGER OF THE WEEK (tm).
Apr 8
1 hr 11 min
Podcast #622 - Intel Rocket Lake 11th Gen, Corsair RMx PSUs, ARM v9, RTX3080ti + More!
Join us a for a long discussion on the Intel 11th generation, Rocket Lake, and where we're at with all that. Other tech news includes the latest ARM v9 architecture, tech show updates, software releases, Nvidia does something nice, 3080ti rumors and our review of the 2021 version of the Corsair RMx PSUs.
Apr 2
1 hr 49 min
Podcast #621 - XFX 6700xt MERC319, Corsair Fans, MS buying Discord, Intel ticks again + More!
Tune in this week for yet another Radeon RX 6700 XT review, news about games you can look forward to this year (that hopefully run on the hardware you already have), Josh's impressions from the Intel Unleashed event, fast RAM isn't always worth the $$$, and much more.
Mar 26
1 hr 30 min
Podcast #620 - AMD 6700XT, Lenovo P1 Laptop, Corsair 60% keyboard, Intel 11th + way more!
This week we look at not one, but TWO launch reviews for AMD's newest graphics card, the Radeon RX 6700 XT. There was also Lenovo P1 4k laptop and a new Corsair 60% keyboard. Hot Intel 11th Gen takes, RTX 3060 mining and even Justin Long.
Mar 19
1 hr 34 min
Podcast #619 - 11700k early look, MS Ryzen Surfaces, Samsung 980 & Much More!
Early look at the Intel 11700k, reviews for Thermaltake View 51 and the Samsung 980. Microsoft has more Ryzen Surface options and finishes buying Bethesda. When is a 3070 not a 3070? Often. Solarwinds hack is worse and more fun. +++MORE
Mar 11
1 hr 44 min
Podcast #618 - AMD 6700 XT, Intel 670p, Threadripper PRO, Aliens games
AMD announces specs for 6700XT, availability for the Threadripper PRO CPU for DIY, Intel has more in the tank for solid state, and we discuss how to do the Newegg Shuffle
Mar 4
1 hr 12 min
Podcast #617 - RTX 3060, Fractal Meshify 2 Compact, AMD USB Issues and More!
Our review of the RTX 3060, Corsair big mouse mat and new Katar Pro XT mouse, and the Fractal Meshify 2 Compact plus much more.
Feb 26
1 hr 33 min
Podcast 616: Undervolted and Overclocked
Clock Tuner for Ryzen, and a discussion on their reliability which is going around. Ray tracing enhanced version of Metro Exodus, and Spygate part deux from Supermicro. Oh, did you know that bit coin mining uses more power then some countries? Oh, and the RTX 3060 is coming!
Feb 19
1 hr 7 min
Podcast #614 - More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine
Intel Xe again, Synology drives, Cyberpunk, Laptop GPUs, Tesla Recall, DIY Keyboard again too! Plus special guests!
Feb 5
2 hr 7 min
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