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The editors of PC Perspective discuss the latest in-house product reviews and news from around the world that pertains to technology and PC hardware.
Podcast #632 - Nvidia 3070Ti Review, Noctua Passive Cooler, Intel 12VO, Battlefield 2042 + MoRe!
We review the 3070Ti, discuss the almost released new passive Noctua cooler, what certain ramifications are for the Intel 12VO standard might be, how Amazon might be sharing your WiFi, RDNA 2 Pro GPUs, and Boutique builds for GPUs. Plus more. Like burgers and conflict.
Jun 10
1 hr 6 min
Podcast #631 - GeForce RTX 3080Ti Review, AMD COMPUTEX News and so much more!
Lengthy discussion on the 3080ti and the market in general. Plus plenty of talk on the latest AMD news from their COMPUTEX keynote.
Jun 4
1 hr 11 min
Podcast #630 - Zen4 Rumors, Ryzen 7 vs Core i7, Thermal Pad Gate, Win10 Best! + more!
ASUS does thermalpads in secret, Zen4 and socket AM5 discussion and rumors, Ryzen 7 vs Intel i7, the next Windows 10 will be awesome!, Biomutant is eh?, Nvidia Revenue is bonkers and much more.
May 28
1 hr 20 min
Podcast #629 - Nvidia LHR GPUs, Modular Laptop, Pure Rock Slim 2 Cooler, Cherry KB & Mouse + More!
Low Hash Rate GPUs, the cutest little CPU cooler, MSFS Audio Tours, AMD PCI Drive bad coding, the modular and upgradable laptop from Framework, the Intel 12VO standard and more!
May 21
1 hr 24 min
Podcast #628 - Intel Tiger Lake-H, RTX 3050 & 3050ti, SUGO 15 & Tower 100 Case Reviews +++
Jam packed show, with Intel 11th gen mobile, multiple ITX case reviews, AMD Fidelity FX, mobile RTX 3050's, SSD pricing with Chia, and IBM's 2nm process.
May 14
1 hr 31 min
Podcast #627! Intel Rumors, AMD says no Zen 3 on X370, Dishwasher DRM, RTX Games for Realz, and More!
Join us for a tech filled Cinco de Mayo non-spectacular show! Intel rumors we cannot talk about, AMD strong arms Asrock on Zen 3 support, do we own things we buy, ray-tracing finally means something?, Retro hardware - come on, this will be fun!
May 7
1 hr 12 min
Podcast #626 - RTX 3080ti and Zen 5 Rumors, ARM Tech Day, AMD is Thriving! Plus More!
Zen 5 Strix Point and 3080ti rumors, ARM Tech Day coverage, AMD financials and boards, and reviews!
Apr 29
1 hr 40 min
Podcast #625 - AMD Driver Update, Apple M1, Nvidia ARM, Fractal PSUs and Chia coin + more!
Apple M1's everything! AMD has got a nice driver update, Nvidia ARM acquisition in trouble, Fractal Ion Gold PSU review, Valve patches steam (finally) and even more!
Apr 22
1 hr 14 min
Podcast #624 - Ryzen 5000 APUs, NVIDIA GTC (etc.) SPECIAL GUEST Wendell of Level1Techs!
Nvidia GTC recap, re-testing 11th Gen Intel with updated BIOS, Ryzen 5000 APUs, Intel to make car chips, and special guest Wendell from Level1Techs!
Apr 16
1 hr 43 min
Podcast #623 - Bam! Burger! Zen3 Vulnerable? RTX Voice, Right to Repair, K55 Pro Review + MORE!!
It may have been a light news week, but we have plenty to talk about in this unrehearsed, totally unscripted episode which in no way typifies our usual output. Not at all. But far more importantly, after last week's omission we are happy to report that Josh returns with a rousing BURGER OF THE WEEK (tm).
Apr 8
1 hr 11 min
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