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Podcast #580 - DLSS 2.0, Shadow Rock 3
1 hour 43 minutes Posted Mar 26, 2020 at 1:00 am.
Computex 2020 Rescheduled
AMD Graphics IP Theft
HP Enterprise SSD Doomsday
DOOM Eternal GPU Benchmarks
Half-Life: Alyx
Quarantine Relief
be quiet! Shadow Rock 3
Picks of the Week
Impromptu Game Discussion
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Show notes
Note: Jim's audio feed had some level issues that weren't discovered until after the recording was completed. We've done our best to correct the issues but you may notice some distortion and noise in Jim's audio feed. Our apologies!Show Topics
00:08:27 - Computex 2020 Rescheduled
00:11:07 - NVIDIA DLSS 2.0
00:26:59 - AMD Graphics IP Theft
00:34:25 - HP Enterprise SSD Doomsday
00:36:38 - DOOM Eternal GPU Benchmarks
00:43:07 - Half-Life: Alyx
00:54:43 - Quarantine Relief
01:07:31 - be quiet! Shadow Rock 3
Picks of the Week
Jim: Folding@Home
Sebastian: *8Bitdo SN30 Pro
Josh: *Logitech G610
Brett: NASCAR Virtual Race Series
Jeremy: MSI Alpha 15
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