Parenting Roundabout
Parenting Roundabout
Parenting Roundabout
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Target ROCKS!
Funny & Target needs a shout out!! lol
Lights Zeron
Love this! Cant wait to hear more!!
Great information provided
Best Advice with Friends!!
Thanks to these four ladies, my commute is fun. I love how they share their thoughts about parenting and aren't afraid to get into the reality of life. It's like having coffee with a group of great friends! They keep it relavant, fun, and real. This is the only podcast I listen to daily.
Fun Podcast
I like listening in on their conversations.
fun and informative
This is one of the few podcasts that I listen to daily. The daily segments are short and easy to fit in to my routine, plus the 2 longer segments are worth making time for. I find myself talking to Terry, Amanda, Catherine, and Nicole and then am surprised when they don’t answer back. It’s like having a group of friends chatting with me every day.
Great Information…and Great Guests
It’s true, there is no manual for a parent…BUT, there is a podcast now! As a podcaster myself, I enjoy checking out the work of other podcasters and the hosts here are doing a great job. I’m very impressed with the guests they brought in too…highly recommended!