Parenting Roundabout
Parenting Roundabout
Parenting Roundabout
Join parenting writers Terri Mauro, Catherine Holecko, and Nicole Eredics for a daily look at the things parents are talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about right now.
Speed-Round Sunday: Phone Case Preferences
Our case choices at the moment seem to be style over substance, but a big fat protective case can't fit in your pocket.
Jan 17
6 min
Second-Listen Saturday: What a Shame
We go beyond (Hey, that's Nicole's dog, Missy!) to put others on notice for their shameful behavior.
Jan 16
22 min
Roundabout Roundup: Jackbox Games, NordicTrack Studio Cycle, and The Bible in a Year Podcast
On this week’s Roundabout Roundup: Catherine discovered the new-to-her suite of Jackbox Games []. Nicole invested in a Nordic-Track exercise bike [], which she is using to cycle down memory lane. And Terri is virtuously listening to The Bible in a Year, in podcast form [].
Jan 14
8 min
Empty-Nest Careers
As our kids need less hands-on attention, we speculate about how we should adapt our work life. Should we lean in to more responsibility, or check out? Mentioned: A behind-the-scenes look at the Bridgerton costumes [].
Jan 13
11 min
Reserving Our Judgment
When it comes to parenting, judge not, lest ye be complained about on a podcast. An article ostensibly about being a strict parent, but really about scolding others for not being strict enough [], drew our ire this week.
Jan 12
13 min
What We’re Watching: ZEP “Zoey’s Extraordinary Return” and Veronica Mars “Welcome Wagon”
On this week's entertainment-themed Round 2, the return of two of our series watches: The new-right-now Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (season 2), and ​the throwing-it-back-to-2006 Veronica Mars (season 3). Zoey has lost her dad, although he still appears in videos recorded before his death; but she has not lost her power to hear "heart songs" from the people around her. Next week: "Zoey's Extraordinary Distraction."On Veronica Mars, Veronica and most of her friends, frenemies, and enemies have returned, and the action has moved from Neptune High School to Hearst College. Everything is still dark and confusing but at least we get a glimpse of Backup the dog. Mentioned: Veronica Mars Investigations podcast []. Next week: "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week," which we'll watch without listening to the accompanying podcast episode for now.
Jan 11
21 min
Family Shout-Outs
Given how often we complain about our husbands and kids here on the podcast, today we talked about some nice things they've done for us lately. Actually, our daughters got all the kudos this time around, so the boys are on notice for next time.
Jan 10
13 min
Speed-Round Sunday: How User-Friendly Is Your Alarm Clock?
Checking out the Kickstarter for the super-duper Sandman Doppler clock radio [] got Terri wondering why ordinary clock radios are so @#$%@ inscrutable.
Jan 10
5 min
Second-Listen Saturday: Mom Friendships
We turn to the one and only Ron Swanson (who inspired the phrase "child proximity associates") for a description of our current friendship life.
Jan 9
21 min
Roundabout Roundup: Zillow Gone Wild, Sandbox, and Fitbit Inspire 2
On this week’s Roundabout Roundup: Nicole's Instagram Minute returns with @ZillowGoneWild for a dose of real estate humor []. Terri has come up with an ingenious way to use the previously shouted-out coloring app Sandbox [] in a new way. And Catherine traded in her ancient Fitbit Flex for a Fitbit Inspire 2, which is, in fact, pretty inspirational [].
Jan 7
10 min
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