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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.
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Please stop with Dion Sanders
I downloaded the podcast app to ask for less Dion Sanders, he entire attitude is I’m better than u and this show is for the everyday person. If I wanted I’m better than u I’d go to ESPN
A Genuine & Thoughtful Podcast
Only thing more genuine and helpful than the topics are the hosts, easy 5 star podcast!
Take a Report
Billy Football bullied me
Slim Cat and a punny sidekick trade lukewarm takes while the kid who bullied me in middle school jumps in like the human version of a golden retriever he is
Deion isn’t good
Deion’s schtick has already gotten old, he’s really not funny
Billy and Deion STINK baby
We get it, Billy has a learning disability and lives in a barn. Deion, why are you yelling at me dude?
goat podcast
the greatest of all time
Stop dungeons and dragons talk
Only reason I don’t give it 5 is because every so often they have some nerd come on and talk about dungeons and dragons. One thing if it was for a few minutes, but a whole episode dedicated to it, terrible.
Honestly the show would be better if they took out pft and just made it big cat and hank
Used to be a great podcast
I used to enjoy this podcast then it started to become political. I’m fine with opposing political and social views. However, I don’t listen to a frat style podcast to hear about politics
Some how makes sports better
Big Cat and PFT are hilarious and are a great escape from the real world.
Velvet Jones81
Best Sports Pod out
I absolutely love these guys, saved my life from a void of boredom
Hey Guys SMD
Please drop illiterate Hank and Billy. Bubba and Jake should have mics. And when is Larry getting revived? Thanks I’ll hang up and listen to your answer
You’ve changed my life
I know that sounds dramatic, and not sure if you boys will read this, but your podcast has truly changed my life for the better. I’ve been going through a terrible breakup for a long time and you all have kept me smiling, laughing, and honestly something to look forward to every day. Keep up the amazing work—thank you.
Yabo makes no sense
So make yabo tshirts please
Pardon My Wokeness
Show has lost its way. Too bad they didn’t stay in their lane.
Billy rips
Love the addition of Billy. Also the Dungeons and Dragons segment is hilarious
stanley bubbletrousers
Stop with the D&D
Sports are back stop playing board games
Keep up the amazing work
Honestly bring a little bit of joy to my life everyday
Get Jake a Mic Already
Less Billy Football
Pardon my (equity) stake
The Chris Wallace and Brett Baer of Barstool Sports right here folks
Cousin Cliff
Boom roasted
One host is a bad weekend in Vegas away from being built like John Goodman or a wet bag of laundry and a mustache shave away from being a chaz bono look alike, the other host is a Tom cruise movie extra to make him look over 6 feet tall. Their producer Is the beta in his relationship and a shave away from being a muppet. Topped off by a intern who is hungry and starving for the spotlight but makes every AWL skip to the end of the podcast, he also makes hank sound like a speed reader..... more Jake “ CAKE” marsh and bubba
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Keep D&D Going
More D&D! So funny.
ESPN with politically correct curse words.
2016-2019 was great. They used to be edgy and funny. Now they’re grown ups. Thanks for the ride boys.
awardwinning boner
Proud AWL
Big cat please be nice to Aaron Rodgers plz. Pft is kinda never serious but at the same time it works. Squatober is coming up boys better get ready. Looking forward to fantasy fucbois and the fastest two minutes. 🏈🏈🏈🏈
Rodgers Mustache
Goddamnit Hank the yawning
Get Hank an end of show segment like Billy
Mays Hayes
L ok ok
calogero michaels
Best podcast
Lib Cat and MSPFT are the only liberals I like. MAGA Hank is the goat even tho he has no integrity for football by being a pats fan. Bubba is that one stoner friend everyone has. Billy is the strongest, therefore the alpha of the group. Cake > Rovell
Harry Lou Sassol
I’m just done with this
Can’t do it anymore. F you Portnoy
When did PMT become libcast jesus
I can’t stop yawning.
Hank’s yawning ass is making me go fully opened mouth, eyes closed tight and even tear up a little. The good yawns. BUT I CANT STOP.
PFT only scores well in Peloton because he skips the arm segments to spin full speed to get ahead. The rest of the crew is ok I guess.
Football guy
Sad day. PMT has officially run its course with me. AWL 2016-2020.
j-bone 68
Same stuff over and over
These guys had their moment and now it’s over. Sad!
Best sports pod
Spin 15
Once upon a time
I used to deliver packages for amazon listening to nothing. Miserable- confused on how my life got here. Once a miserable job. Turned into a fun job because of PMT. Now I deliver packages with a smile due to a group of guys who’s brains are fried like mines. Thank you for entertaining me while I deliver packages for the people of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
Stop yelling Big Cat
Stop yelling
Best podcast of all time.
Big Cat and pft are pure genius. Nobody better at making fun of sports/pop culture/the world than these dudes. Best interviews and best segments (mt Rushmore/flushmore, who’s back, hot seat cool throne etc.) the most relatable guys in all of sports media. They speak for all guy sports fans ages 20-40 in my opinion.
Best podcast in the world
I’m 25 and I love it, I introduced my 58 year old dad to it and he loves it too. Look forward to this every Monday Wednesday and Friday
A masked man on a life mission to avenge his great great grandfather against the elevator industry teams up with a genius that cannot be contained by the English language and a man whose superpower is seesawing weight like never seen before. This fall, PMT presents 2 interns who've stuck around too long and a mysterious man named bubba who has a side mission against the auto industry after a life changing injury. 10/10 Would recommend
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If you like sports and idiotic discussions
Best part of my Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’ve been listening since 2017 and I love this show so much. Gets you through work and car rides. Love laughing with the guys and all of the references and jokes.
Naming of the Pod
By far the best pod I've listened to. Big cat and PFT have a ridiculous chemistry. And I don't care what your family has to say, Pardon My Take is the most original name ever. There is no way you mashed together 2 ESPN show names. Keep the content flowing. Love you guys...(billy begins his outro)
Get rid of billy
Has gotten worse over the years
Billy football and Jake really need to go. PFT and Big Cat joke about Billy sucking but they should probably look at these reviews and realize the AWLs actually can’t stand him The only other thing that is annoying is that they’re constantly interrupting each other and talking at the same time so it’s hard to listen
Ryan Burnham
Billy Football is hilarious
Appeals to a younger generation, very relatable and gives some great dumb comedy
Shows come and go
PMT has reached the top of my list of favorites. Keep up the great work.
Liberal Cat
Winks 23
A brilliant writer and mind goes through each day trying to convince his illiterate mouth breathing producer and his straight to VHS Burt Reynolds co-host that he is Jeff Spicoli and not in fact a short virgin nerd.
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