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Shout out that odesza hank!
Yay for fantasy baseball draft
Sounds like a dope episode
Can’t keep lebron out your mouths
Max is the worst
I can’t stand that guy.
Down voter gone viral
Put a shock collar on max, the guy is passionate but he easily gets out of hand… resulting in 30 second skips, till he’s not ranting anymore.
Too much nba for me lately write it down jake
There’s a low below rock bottom
PFT is the greatest podcaster of all time, Big cat Hank billy and jake are great but max was already unlookatable. The soul patch has somehow made max worse
Nice show
Love this stuff,!
Max is insufferable
Max and Hank beef makes this sadly unlistenable. It was good run lads.
3 straight episodes they couldn’t be bothered to watch the nuggets games, but keep including it in the detail like they will cover it.
Col. Rick Flagg
5/12/23 PMT belongs on Mount Rushmore
Todays episode is one of the best all time.
I could not hear the banging on the table
Also honk is a baby
Billy is gone
Fun Fact: Billy is not a Chicago resident
Furny Football
This show has really just devolved to big cat and pft covering up their own insecurities by bullying and ridiculing Hank and Max. Love the show most of the time.
Big long time fan. Hilarious and fun podcast
48. let it be known
My friend Ryan
Dear Hank,
27 has only hit once and it’s due again. I’m rooting for you
What’s Your Name
Thanks for not missing a show PFT, big cat couldn’t do it without you!
Schtick is old
Dudes are hitting 40 still doing this junk
Queue McDago
Hey Hank
Have you tried 64?
Weak Knees
It’s a shame this show is owned by a company that’s so scared of what 1,000 people on Twitter will whine about before moving on with their day.
Max is the worst thing to happen to pmt
I’d rather listen to billy every episode solo explaining why a football is football shaped then max anymore
Austin from Idaho
Still waiting for Hank to get the Lottery Ball
These guys are the best! I look forward to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings!
My favorite podcast
These guys do it right
That other kid or that hiy
Best sports podcast in the world
Great guys tons of laughs
The best
Thanks for all the laughs fellas, you are the best. Love you guys.
T Braids Agent
Blessings up PFT. Best Pod.
gator great
Best podcast out there
Dudes being dudes
5 Stars for the Goats
Been listening since 2018. Favorite sports podcast. Not quite as good as it used to be but still the best. Just wish BC and PFT would be nicer to Aaron Rodgers 🥺
God Bless PFT and his family!
Prayers 🙏
AWL gal
Much love to PFT re todays pod 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍love u guys
gratefully open
Haven’t missed an episode in 4 years
When I say PMT makes my life more complete, I think thats a bit of an understatement. Pardon my take is what I look forward to more than anything in my life. I live a very fun/happy/fulfilling life but without PMT it would all be worthless
kyle rig
Max and Hank
The best part of the podcast are seeing Max lose every bet and Hank never getting the lottery ball. Try #11 Hank
Most entertaining Pod out there
Big Cat & PFT are the best in the business.
Roast Fridays
Boom roasted. On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better-guaranteed, or your money back.
Staple of my week
These guys carry me though my work week. Love this pod
Best podcast
Best podcast out there. Been listening nonstop for the last 7 years
Best Podcast out there
These guys are hilarious… always have a great time listening to them
Best podcast ever
Have been listening since 2018 won’t stop. # I love you guys
Pretty good, pretty pretty good
Would listen again
Warmongering Weasel
Will hank win the lottery ball? Tune in this week to find out
Honk loses the lottery ball again this week
Pile of dust
They are obviously so burnt out and tired of doing this, so why should you still be listening? Put this thing down and remember the good times.
Billionaire theater kid from Newton MA sells gambling
A fat pretend Chicagoan theater kid from Newton, MA who made millions and his witty online squire who made hundreds of thousands exploit a sports world they know they’re too old to care about with the help of an illiterate producer. Long ad for gambling that, unfortunately for its listeners, works. Pardon My Cheesesteak and Stella Coffee are somehow both instant diarrhea.
Tom Craven
Even I won the lottery ball
Hank is a loser.
Lottery Ball Winner
Lottery Ball
42. Write it down and watch me win before Hank. It’s easy.
Jon Darnell
Has Hank ever gotten the lottery ball?
That guys on chicks on 3-22-23 had me dying!!! Keep up the good work boyz!!!
Guys on PMT
Over/under Big Cat and Jake have banged
Fun fun fun especially Billy !!🤩
bob69at GR
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