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Pardon My Take
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Jerry is Awesome
Love anytime he’s on the phone. Classic every time
gator great
Billy must know somebody
5 stars and everything but honestly how the cluck did Billy get hired at Barstool???
Best podcast of all time.....
chonk jr
Pardon My Review
Overly-commercialized with D+ content.
Boom roasted
27 year old conspiracy theorist with dyslexia and producer who defies lottery mathematics are forced to move to Chicago because coffee mogul’s spanx can’t make him look “New York enough”
Great show but rough guests lately
MJF and Taylor Twellman were both so bad I had to skip over their segments, but thankfully the show still has plenty of great content even if you skip the interviews.
Say less
Mays Hayes
Pardon my take review
I like listening to pardon my take
Nick Coakley
Not good
Same jokes, same content. Rinse repeat. Airplane tracking season, Buffalo wings, knee jerk reactions, betting advertisements 24/7. It’s nauseating and not very good. They cater well to a middle school audience. Not sure why they needed to add another person (Max) just so that we have more homers, as if Chicago and Boston wasn’t enough.
Caps year
Purple Swag 💜💜
Shout out the Vikings and TCU Frogs
Big J’s Talk FTX
“Check cleared”
Faze Hank
Hank wants to be a streamer so bad but isn’t entertaining. Stick to meetings bud.
Overtime missed call
Wait until they see the 12 men on the field in overtime
about billy
lots of ppl seem to think billy’s a jackass, i agree but i think that’s what makes him valuable to the show
Silly sports talk
It’s too silly to take seriously. They get stuck on topics too long then end up rambling. They’re not good interviewers because they ask random silly questions half the time. They definitely don’t provide any meaningful analysis, just hot takes and spit balling crazy theories. 5 hrs a week of useless sports talk is too much. Also the p popping is really bad, Hank is by far the worst offender.
Fire Billy
How do you make a podcast worse… have Beta Billy on it.
i hate tap baseball
Please get rid of Billy
He just makes up stuff and lies all the time. I fast forward through his parts.
el eye ee
Get rid of Billy
Let him speak less. No longer than 30 seconds a pop so when I press fast forward I don’t have to miss more
Still Great Despite it’s Flaws
It’s flaws all have to do with Billy. On his good days he’s quite and irrelevant and his bad days he’s loud, idiotic, unfunny, and unbearable. Hope they leave him in New York when they move to Chicago. Other than that, Big Cat and PFT are still the best duo in podcasting and are a must listen three times per week.
Pop Punk/ Hardcore
Long time listener
I think I’ve listened to every episode since 2017/18. These guys are so clever with their jokes I often find myself laughing out loud. Love you guys.
This is why this show is the best
The pmt gang makes me laugh 3 days a week. & Wednesday show was the epitome of that! Between playmaker, guys on chicks, & the lottery ball It was just perfection. Had me busting out laughing the entire drive to work ! Thanks dudes Ps . You’ll get It one day hank
Love it! Makes up my free time
Best few hours of my week
This podcast is the best. #1. The only podcast I listen to every time. Boom!!
Hank, Take a Break
Love the podcast, but Hank needs a vacation. He’s been so pissy and butt hurt the last few episodes it’s painful to listen to.
Good Stuff
Good Stuff
Fire Billy
I used to love this show, then Billy got hired back on. Ever since then, he ruins episodes, has the intelligence of a 12 year old, and complains when he has to do something, like he doesn’t already have the easiest job in the world. I hope Big Cat and PFT come to their senses for the AWLs. Billy is brutal, get him off PMT
Fire Billy
#1 Listen to this and then listen to Macrodosing, the only podcast on the internet.
Love the show
Billy was so annoying yesterday I had to skip forward 10:00
Commandant hash
Ugh! Billy…
For the love of God, please get rid of Billy. He’s the only downside of this amazing pod. He provides no value whatsoever. I used to think he was funny, playing the “young bro” football guy role but now it’s pretty unbearable.
Wild stat
Big cat looks slimmer than beta chin Hank
Are the take on me remix’s at the end supposed to make my ears bleed? I’ve never listened to one the entire way through and I’ve listened to every episode. I wait for PFT to tell me he loves me and then I turn it off
Ryan Granlund
PFT fights off a mid-life crisis with long hair and punk music. He lives in the Twilight Zone between cliché, parody, and irrelevance. Honk vacations like he’s rich but dresses like he’s homeless. He must be humble because he could edit the podcast to make himself sound smart and chooses not to. A failed quarterback and aspiring teacher will relate well with elementary school kids. He has the interests of a 2nd grader, the math skills of a 3rd grader, and the fighting skills of a 4th grader. Bubba’s only contribution is being called Bubba. Jake is the best thing to come out of Vermont since Ben and Jerry’s which isn’t saying much. Looks like he handles bras as well as he handles handshakes from Musselman. Father of two uses all his dad strength to go 0.500 on picks. Worries about the numbers on ping pong balls when he should be worried about the numbers on his scale. Could probably wear some C-cups to help Jake practice. Chaps doesn’t know how windows work. Love you guys.
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Good & great show
Billy (balance between smart & dumb enough to be one step away from going all in on a fringe conspiracy theory) football, Jake (nothing bad to say) Cake, Hank (big little brother energy refusing to admit wrongs) Lockwood, PFT (unable to back down from a take even when it’s so bad) and Big (self-deprecates so much to “protect” himself from haters) Cat toe the line between being “relatable” yet throwing down casual bets that are bigger than as an average listener’s paycheck in this thrice weekly show/bit.
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Another Case Corporate Exploitation
Listen along to a constantly complaining executive producer crippled by corporate greed as he exploits fat father of 2 and brotherless blind boy by locking them in a room with the casting couch 3 nights a week to record content and profit off their collective pain.
Rosie O’Donnell’s long lost son and a guy who REALLY wants you to know he plays guitar read ads with their part-time producer who hasn’t watched a sports game since 2004 and doesn’t try to hide it. Jake is the man though. Love u chaps
Rob and Big if they never left their moms basement. And Billy is somehow Chanel West Coast. 10/10 would recommend
Uncle Chaps getting shot was his career equivalent to the Kim Kardashian sex tape.
Mobile builder
Please don’t let chaps on again
Crayon eating, Beto loving, soulless ginger with a voice that sounds like a prepubescent child.
car ramrod 2.0
Two of the greatest podcasters and maybe overall media personalities of all time, who continue to take an already extremely successful podcast to new heights each and every week… are consistently sidelined for a fat boomer, some old guy with long hair, and suit from the C-suite.
Gandee Man
Flamin Hot Takes
The actor who played Brandon Burlsworth and some freak-eyed guy who sounds like Sarah McLachlan corrupt a pure hearted kid with a lisp that’s trying to achieve his dream of becoming a big game broadcaster all while trying to not have their livers eaten by a monster of their own creation.
D Schwaggins
If the odd couple was on spike tv
An odd couple of an overweight has been living back his college football glory days and a lesbian that just discovered contacts, helped their illiterate son get a corporate job, and now raise a jock with the premature CTE who they hate and a son that won’t play sports or eat burgers. Their new producer looks like the kind of guy that wiggles all ten fingers when his mom cooks the chicken tendies just right.
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AWL Roasts
Billy reminds me of the kid in elementary school that would eat the chalk. -Big Time Tommy #OS4L
Let Jake Cook
Two overgrown man children get away with grooming under the guise of “ketosis”
the way PFT says “shoulder”
Real life Bevis and Butt head
This show is kind of like Bevis and Butt head in real life, but instead of music videos, they just watch football all day.
The male version of Roseanne Barr and Walmart kid Rock talk sports, and bully their interns. One for being too much of a good boy and the other for being too much of a chad. They also bully their producer for not being able to read and his inability of getting boners. The chad is stuck in his high school school football glory days and the good boy’s worst part of his week is running out of tissues when he has a runny noise. The producer has become a suit and is now everyone won the podcasts boss.
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5 Stars (-1 for Billy)
That’s it.
Only review is that you don’t make the episodes more often. Roll tide
Joe T with a Goatee
Billy Eichner 🤢
More like a clown 🤡 show sports Podcast.
I love you Billy
Everyone hating on Billy I hope you die in a hole all alone. Billy I love you
Dalton Bess
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