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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now* PMT.
Julian Edelman, Greg Maddux, Phil Rivers Retires And Championship Weekend
Phil Rivers has retired and we're very sad about it. We talk about his career and Hall of Fame candidacy.(2:16-12:35) The Lions hire Dan Campbell and he's the greatest Football guy of all time.(12:36-21:40) Championship Weekend Preview and Cant Lose Parlay. (23:01-40:22) Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman joins the show to talk about Championship Weekend, Tom vs Time, and his favorite football game memories. (42:00-1:14:00) Hall of Famer Greg Maddux joins the show to talk about classic Mad Dog stories, how he was so good, and being the prank God.(1:15:46-1:56:02) We finish with Fyre Fest of the Week. (1:56:51-2:08:54)
Jan 21
2 hr 10 min
Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson, Mahomes Injury, 62 Text Messages, And Guys On Chicks
Happy Marcus Mariota Day, a day we should never forget but totally forgot. (2:09-7:06) Mets fire their GM after story breaks of his 62 unresponded text messages and unsolicited dick pick.(7:07-16:32) Mahomes injury update. (16:33-20:48) Hot Seat Cool Throne including NCAA tourney changes. (22:32-37:03) Miami Heat Guard/SF Duncan Robinson joins the show to talk about his new podcast, the bubble run, making it to the NBA from Division 3 to Division 1, media, and Jimmy Butler. (38:44-1:19:00) We finish with guys on chicks (1:19:50-1:32:28)
Jan 19
1 hr 34 min
NFL Divisional Round Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes, Mahomes Concussion, And Brees' Last Ride
Fastest 2 Minutes (2:01 - 5:31). We recap every game from the weekend starting with Brees vs Brady and the last game of Drew Brees HoF career (5:31 - 19:34). Packers vs Rams and Aaron Rodgers possibly cheating because it doesnt make sense how good he is (19:34 - 33:30). Ravens vs Bills in a rock fight and the correct Lamar Jackson take (33:30 - 53:18). Browns vs Chiefs and the NFL is already working to make sure Mahomes plays in the AFC Championship Game (53:18 - 73:23). Coaching Carousel and Urban Meyer is back. Football guy of the week and who's back of the week including skinny James Harden
Jan 17
1 hr 44 min
Andrew Hawkins & Warren Sharp Preview NFL Super Divisional Round and James Harden is a Chonk King
James Harden “The Brooklyn Fridge” has eaten his way out of Houston and deserves all of the accolades in the world for making this season interesting. (2:02-15:50) We break down Super Divisional Playoff Weekend (17:38-31:32) and are joined by Andrew Hawkins (33:50-1:08:14) and Warren Sharp (1:10:01-1:46:11) to help us preview. Fyre Fest of the week is back- Hank is upset, Billy is turning into a weapon, and our darling Jake got served (1:48:16-1:59:08)
Jan 14
2 hr 1 min
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bama Natty + Billy vs Jose Canseco Is Officially On
Alabama wins another National Title and we break down Saban being the unassailable GOAT.(2:25-17:45) Billy Vs Jose Canseco is officially set for Rough and Rowdy February 5th. (18:50-26:37) Hot Seat Cool Throne and Doug Pederson is fired. (28:01-42:34) Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the show to talk about his TV Show being back for season 2, Vince McMahon and how we’re basically best friends now.(43:44-1:05:00) We finish with guys on chicks (1:08:12-1:16:38)
Jan 12
1 hr 19 min
Super Wild Card Weekend Recap + Kirk Herbstreit On CFB National Title Game
Fastest 2 Minutes for Super Wild Card Weekend. We break down every game from an awesome weekend of Football.  (2:33 - 7:19) Browns/Steelers (7:19 - 24:49) Colts/Bills (24:49 - 36:21) Rams/Seahawks (36:21 - 51:22) Bucs/WFT (51:22 - 62:02) Ravens/Titans (62:02 - 70:50) Bears/Saints (70:50 - 86:49) We welcome on Kirk Herbstreit to break down the College Football National Title game, working on Gameday and where CFB is headed (86:49 - 122:16). We finish with Football guy of the week and who's back of the week.
Jan 10
2 hr 31 min
Chris Long, Jeff Fisher, And Super Wild Card Weekend Preview
Super Wild Card Weekend is here. We break down every game, pick winners and the Cant Lose Parlay.(2:26-39:30) 2X Super Bowl Champ Chris Long joins the show to catch up, talk Wild Card Weekend, and draft Quarterbacks we trust the most in the playoffs.(41:14-1:21:00) Coach Jeff Fisher joins the show to talk fishing, football, Dr Heat, and getting back into coaching. (1:23:07-1:45:41) We wrap up with Fyre Fest of the week (1:46:22-2:02:11)`
Jan 7
2 hr 4 min
Matt Schaub, John Kuhn And Browns Are Getting Screwed
The greatest college football award was decided...the 2020-21 Lowman Trophy for the Nation's greatest Fullback, also the Heisman. (2:05-7:44)The Browns are getting absolutely fucked over and we have a solution. (7:45-16:15) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Tua coming back and Justin Fields ribs. (16:18-38:34) NFL Legend and future Hall of Famer Matt Schaub joins the show to talk about retiring (sort of), his career in the league, the pick 6 record, losing an ear in a game and tons more. (40:00-1:14:25) Former Packers fullback John Kuhn joins the show to talk about the upcoming playoffs, fullbacks, and why the Packers are the team to beat.(1:17:20-1:37:38) We finish the show with guys on chicks. (1:39:26-1:49:29)
Jan 5
1 hr 52 min
NFL Week 17, Fastest 2 Minutes, CFP Recap, And We're Not Apologizing For Making The Playoffs
Week 17 Fastest 2 minutes. We recap every game from Week 17.  (2:20 - 9:04) WFT vs Eagles  (10:01 - 21:30) Ravens vs Bengals  (21:30 - 26:53) Steelers vs Browns (26:53 - 36:50) Dolphins vs Bills (36:50 - 46:55) Vikings vs Lions (46:55 - 52:07) Jets vs Patriots (52:07 - 53:55) Falcons vs Bucs (53:55 - 60:20) Cowboys vs Giants  (60:20 - 65:31) Packers vs Bears (65:31 - 76:48) Raiders vs Broncos (76:48 - 78:28) Colts vs Jaguars (78:28 - 82:29) Chargers vs Chiefs  (82:29 - 83:32) Rams vs Cardinals (83:32 - 87:20) Seahawks vs 49ers (87:20 - 88:07) Saints vs Panthers (88:07 - 94:20) Titans vs Texans (94:20 - 97:15) Football guy of the week. Baby Bron of the week. Recapping bowl season and the College Football Playoff and who's back of the week (97:15 - 120:13).
Jan 3
2 hr 13 min
MNF, TimTheTatman And Best of 2020 feat. Matthew McConaughey, Joe Burrow, Coach O, Blake Griffin And More
We are back in studio to recap MNF and asking if Cam Newton needs to retire and if the Bills can actually beat the Chiefs. (2:25-15:28) A brand new interview with twitch sensation TimtheTatMan talking how he started on twitch, Jeeps vs. Teslas, and skill vs. personality when it comes to streaming.(22:23-58:19) Getting into the best of 2020, we recap the top moments in chronological order. National Championship -Joe Burrow and Coach O (1:02:22-1:13:08) -Jay Cutler (1:13:12-1:22:06) Super Bowl Week -George Kittle (1:23:26-1:29:10) -David Baker (1:29:12-1:40:58) -Baker Mayfield (1:41:02-1:43:08) NFL Combine -Adam Schefter (1:46:06-1:52:38) -Mike Vrabel (1:52:40-1:58:07) After Sports Stopped -Dungeons & Dragons (2:01:58-2:18:41) -Love is Blind Recap (2:18:41-2:25:44) -Horace Grant (2:25:50-2:33:21) -Barbara Corcoran (2:33:25-2:36:33) -Blake Griffin BOTY (2:36:34-2:39:51) -Matt Ryan (2:42:17-2:48:26) -Kevin Love (2:48:33-2:59:56) -Ryen Russillo (3:02:10-3:8:46) -Matthew McConaughey (3:08:50-3:17:58) See you in 2021. Love you guys.
Dec 29, 2020
3 hr 19 min
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