Organize Your Stuff
Organize Your Stuff
Welcome to Organize Your Stuff I am Maria White, Professional Organizer and owner of Enuff With The Stuff. I will share tips on getting organized in all areas of your life. Listen for simple tips or interviews with industry experts sharing their unique methods and Insights for getting your home and life organized once and for all! This podcast will provide support, encouragement and no judgment! By no means do I expect anyone listening to be perfectly organized or aspire to be perfectly organized, just more organized than they are today! Just listen and if the inspiration hits you, Organize Your Stuff! After listening to this podcast, I hope you have some useful takeaways and feel super motivated to get organized. But, maybe you are at a loss with how to start or where to go next in your organizing journey. So, guess what friends? I offer virtual organizing! How cool is that? Reach out to me through my website linked below and we can schedule your first session today! Reach out to me on social media with comments about an episode or a topic you would like covered in a future podcast. FaceBook Instagram
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Quick and easy advice.
Maria gives quick and easy to follow advice with action steps. I have been much more productive since listening to her podcast.
Great tips!
I always walk away with at least one great idea I can use right away! Thank you Maria!
Great, practical tips
This is a great podcast. Maria has so many practical tips about how to organize your stuff and time. She breaks it down into super manageable parts that make you feel like you can do whatever you put your mind to. I highly recommend!
Motivating and Smart
Maria's podcast is wise and calm, but it's not boring. As a professional organizer, she knows her stuff (heh, no pun intended), and as a host, she has a relaxed, nonjudgmental style that makes you feel like you're part of a warm conversation over coffee. I also love that these episodes are the perfect length -- neither too long nor too short -- for listening during lunch or during a walk or commute.
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This Podcast has great information about organizing!
As a professional organizer, I enjoy regularly listening to Maria’s helpful tips on organizing homes, offices, and time. Her interviews with other organizing & productivity professionals are also very interesting. I’ve found helpful advice in every episode. Whether you’re someone feeling disorganized, or a professional organizer, I highly recommend you listen to this podcast.
Nancy Haworth
Great podcast!
I have the motivation to organize, but my problem is being easily distracted. I love the tips, especially from her episode about organizing with ADD!
Very cool
Super creative and cool podcast!
i730 james
Episode 2
I just listened to this snack-sizes podcast and while it was quick it was chock full of helpful tips!