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Welcome to Organize Your Stuff I am Maria White, Professional Organizer and owner of Enuff With The Stuff. I will share tips on getting organized in all areas of your life. Listen for simple tips or interviews with industry experts sharing their unique methods and Insights for getting your home and life organized once and for all! This podcast will provide support, encouragement and no judgment! By no means do I expect anyone listening to be perfectly organized or aspire to be perfectly organized, just more organized than they are today! Just listen and if the inspiration hits you, Organize Your Stuff! After listening to this podcast, I hope you have some useful takeaways and feel super motivated to get organized. But, maybe you are at a loss with how to start or where to go next in your organizing journey. So, guess what friends? I offer virtual organizing! How cool is that? Reach out to me through my website linked below and we can schedule your first session today! Reach out to me on social media with comments about an episode or a topic you would like covered in a future podcast. FaceBook Instagram
Why Use Evernote?
Evernote is a very powerful productivity tool that is either underutilized by many users or simply a mystery to others.
Aug 8
43 min
Getting Things Done, Finally! #26
Through her digital guides and training programs, Stacey shows busy people how to take back control of their digital lives to give them the freedom, space, and time they crave
Jul 25
35 min
Are Your Photos In Order? #25
So many pictures but how are you enjoying them, if at all? Learn to orgnaize them once and for all.
Jul 11
40 min
Your Personality, Color Coded #24
Do yo know what makes you, your spouse or your kids tick?
Jun 27
38 min
Money Talk 💰💸💳 #23
We get real about the money we spend and how to get a handle on it so we aren't stressed about not having enough!
Jun 13
32 min
Expert Room Design Tips #22
My guest, Soraya Tamaddon has been an expert designer for 25 years and is accredited by United State Green Building Council as a LEED professional which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.She is dedicated to bringing sustainable...
May 30
30 min
Drastic Downsizing for Tiny Living  #21
In this episode you will hear how and why Shari Snyder and her family downsized from their 2,200 square foot home to a Tiny Home on Wheels(THOW) and started a tiny home building company. If you are thinking of downsizing you will be inspired to hear how...
May 16
31 min
😱Why Your Brain Doesn't Like Change #20
Find out why the current pandemic is causing people to be sooo tired!
May 2
29 min
Juggling Working at Home With Kids  #19
Learn strategies for working at home with kids.
Apr 18
12 min
Bullseye Organizing Trick  #18
Learn how to use a bullseye to think about how best to organize a space. *Shelf Liner mentioned in episodeConnect with Maria on:FacebookInstagramWebsitePinterestEmail me with questions or topic ideas for future episodes you would like to hear about:...
Apr 4
17 min
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