Organize Your Stuff
Organize Your Stuff
Welcome to Organize Your Stuff I am Maria White, Professional Organizer and owner of Enuff With The Stuff. I will share tips on getting organized in all areas of your life. Listen for simple tips or interviews with industry experts sharing their unique methods and Insights for getting your home and life organized once and for all! This podcast will provide support, encouragement and no judgment! By no means do I expect anyone listening to be perfectly organized or aspire to be perfectly organized, just more organized than they are today! Just listen and if the inspiration hits you, Organize Your Stuff! After listening to this podcast, I hope you have some useful takeaways and feel super motivated to get organized. But, maybe you are at a loss with how to start or where to go next in your organizing journey. So, guess what friends? I offer virtual organizing! How cool is that? Reach out to me through my website linked below and we can schedule your first session today! Reach out to me on social media with comments about an episode or a topic you would like covered in a future podcast. FaceBook Instagram
Replay Ep. #9- Conscious Consumerism for the Holidays and All Year #35
Do you walk into the dollar bin section of Target "just to browse" and end up with $25 dollars worth of stuff you never intended to buy? Have you ever gone into an Aldie's, Lidle's or Costco for milk and come out with a yoga mat, area rug, and jumper...
Nov 30, 2020
19 min
๐Ÿ  WHY You Should Downsize Before You Have To #34
Many people wait until they are in their golden years to think about downsizing. Others end up being forced to downsize unexpectedly due to a health issue or accidents. Most people don't even think about it until they are ready to put their house on the...
Nov 15, 2020
9 min
Can Your Task Manager Do This? #33
We will cover the 7 things to look for in a task manger and which one Frank uses to keep himself from ever missing a meeting, losing a note, forgetting to make a call, or forgetting who borrowed a book from him.
Oct 31, 2020
40 min
Why You ABSOLUTELY Should Have a Home Inventory!๐Ÿ   #32
Find out the devastating reason why you ABSOLUTELY should have a home inventory!
Oct 7, 2020
40 min
Productively Working from Home with Kids Learning Online #31 โœ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ’ป
Oh man, so many of us are in the thick of things working from home while also managing kids attending school online! It's enough to make us all crazy and feeling completely overwhelmed and like we're failing at it all! During my interview with Valerie...
Oct 3, 2020
43 min
What Makes Organizing & Letting Go So Difficultโ“ #30
What makes organizing and letting go of our stuff so difficult?
Sep 20, 2020
38 min
Curious About Feng Shui? #29
Using Feng Shui can alter those impacts for better flow of the right energy to enhance every area of your life.
Sep 5, 2020
34 min
Mindfulness, Meditation & Time Blocking = Productivity? #28
Find out what mindfulness, meditation and time blocking have to do with productivity?
Aug 22, 2020
35 min
Why Use Evernote? #27
Evernote is a very powerful productivity tool that is either underutilized by many users or simply a mystery to others.
Aug 8, 2020
43 min
Getting Things Done, Finally! #26
Through her digital guides and training programs, Stacey shows busy people how to take back control of their digital lives to give them the freedom, space, and time they crave
Jul 25, 2020
35 min
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