Order 66 Podcast
Order 66 Podcast
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Quality stuff
These guys are great! There’s SO MUCH useful information in every freakin episode! Thanks for all you do, boyos!
Captain AmeriBrad
I Never Listen to the Order 66 Podcast
Still going strong after all these years, and a joy to listen to! Anyone who whines about “pandering” and “wokeness” is on the Empires side. Fly Casual!
The Fandom Menace
First RPG experience!
I just started playing the Edge of the Empire in late 2019 with a few friends and we love it! As a first time GM I struggled to find super useful tools to help improve our sessions until I found the Order 66 podcast! And in case you’re wondering I’m still in your 2013 episodes and oh man..... amazing! So helpful and fun! Keep up the great work. Hopefully I’ll catch up to current episodes in a few months :)
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Wuzer Bruzer
I do, an I don’t
I do like how knowledgeable you all are in Star Wars an enjoy the games. I don’t like how hard you all pander to the wokeness of what Star Wars has become. You are embracing what is killing this IP that we all love an have grown up with. I don’t know if you all feel this is good and enjoy the politics being infused into it and having the story suffer from it; or if you are just towing the line cause your afraid of losing access an guests from SW game creators\ story groups, and early access to books/games/etc. I miss good Star Wars
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Great podcast for FFG Star Wars RPG!
If you’re a GM and want to become better at SW RPG, or you’re a player that wants to learn more, this podcast is for you!
For the live play special
You guys are great at the live play! Great GMing! I've been listening for a while, off and on subscriber - after awhile the episodes become redundant. But that live play! Man I wish there was more of that! Have you guys thought about doing more prewritten adventures? Please say yes. Thanks
Always makes me want to play.
Even though I never listen to the order 66 podcast it constantly makes me want to play more star wars role-playing.
A Vital Guide to Understanding FFG Star Wars
I have an immense love for the FFG Star Wars system and it's strange but wonderful dice, but the way the rules are organized in the book made it a tremendously difficult task to wrap my head around the mechanics. I had to read and re-read sections time and again, and still I could not grasp how these parts worked as a whole. It wasn't long before I started searching forums for clarification, and time and again my dilemma would be solved with a quote from the Order 66 podcast. It sounded like they had regular segments dedicated solely to the mechanics, and even interviews with the people that worked on the game! It wasn't long before I'd binged the whole show. Anyone playing or thinking about playing the FFG Star Wars games would be doing themselves a disservice to not get a deeper understanding of the system and its interfunctionality from this wonderful D20 Radio show.
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An absolute must for my daily driver
My main source for Star Wars News, FFG Star Wars role-playing advice tips and hints. They give balanced and fair views, along with insights on how to be a better role-player and GM. Chris, Dave and Phil along with their many guest hosts (thanks to FFG, Sam Witwer to name just a few) have been a oasis from stress, as one of my family members died of cancer. Their consideration about keeping episodes real and keeping their content PG(13) makes this is a great podcast for even younger listeners.
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Prefect blend for Star Wars RPG
This show is a fantastic blend of serious discussion about mechanics and a fun conversation about Star Wars tabletop. They have entertaining, knowledgeable hosts and amazing guests from the industry. You can learn something about this awesome game and have fun while doing it.
Ross Protagonist
Thanks... Don't get cocky
Great show top to bottom.
Entertaining & PACKED with Info
This is truly my go-to place for all things FFG Star Wars rpg. Filled with great advice for GMs and Players alike. These podcasters really love what they’re talking about and more importantly they know what they’re talking about. Definitely check this out if you want to learn - perfect for commutes.
I have listened to almost every episode since they began covering Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG line, and have been addicted the whole time. The core crew are funny, very knowledgable, and are always willing to provide guidance and answers to those GMs and players willing to tune in! As new products come out, reviews are conducted so we can get a good overview of each new resource. .Additionally, there are amazing interviews with various FFG staff on the products, so we are also plugged into some of the creation aspect too! If that weren't enough, awesome segments are played which cover other aspects or facets of the game! LISTEN FROM EPISODE 1! (Dagrik on the forums)
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A great resource for the community
A very knowledgable trio of hosts that have a true love for the hobby & the community. Helpful advice and rules explanation. Along with interviews with all manner of contributors to the game this podcast goes above and beyond to give the listeners what they want. A Highly active web presense on Facebook and d20 forums always means they are available some how to lend their help.
Strategy and interviews galore
This podcast is great. They cover in depth discussions about the fantasy flight Star Wars RPG and also regularly have the designers on to talk about the game and how it's developing. They give good advice both for the tactical character building type of player and GM and the free wheeling by the seat of their pants type of gamer. A great addition took your podcast subscriptions!
Enjoyable Podcast
I stumbled upon The Order 66 Podcast just before EoTE came out and have listened to pretty much every episode since. The early episodes tended to ramble and wander quite a bit. It wasn't uncommon for me to skip the first half hour, but recently they've changed there format a bit and really tightened things up. The hosts keep me company on many Monday busrides to and from work. It's nice to have something to listen to and occasionally laugh along with, to help me get going on those difficult Monday mornings.
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Good, well-connected podcast
Focusing on Star Wars roleplaying, the hosts are good at getting a variety of special guests to come talk about their favorite subject. With the shift to put the meat of the show earlier, the organization has really improved.
Great show!
I'm not sure why I'm reviewing this since I never listen... ;)
Brian Slaby
Do you play tabletop RPG's?
If you play SW:EOTE, it's almost mandatory that you listen to this podacst. If you don't pay the game, but like RPG's these guys will have you running out to buy it. As far as podcast quality goes, these guys seem to have their stuff together. The sound is good compared with a lot of other shows of this type and the hosts seem genuinely excited to be doing it. A great bonus is that they frequently have devs from Fantasy Flight on the show, just to talk or clarify player questions. It's a good show.
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I love order 66 podcast
"I never listen to the order 66 podcast" Best Star Wars EotE podcast!!!
Rekindled my love of Star Wars RPGs
Just before the release of Fantasy Flight Games' Edge of the Empire, I went back and listened to the Saga edition podcasts. They consistantly brought great gaming commentary as well as general Star Wars goodness and have continued to into the next iteration of Star Wars Tabletop Gaming. These guys have been doing this for a long time so their GMing suggestions and insight are extremely valuable for anyone interested in playing Edge of the Empire and the rest of FFG's games, which Order 66 will keep you updated on as they are released.
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You won't find a better gaming podcast
Simply excellent. Two great hosts and star guests make for an irresistible experience.
Nathan Hansen
Changes in Format, Still Great
YO! Changed over to EotE and podcst still rocks! Even old Dave is getting more knowledgable and is making a significant contribution. Your reviews are awesome and well deserved. With the exception of the clueless guy that has an axe to grind with GM Dave and the idiot with the 1 star, you guys have made me a better GM and let my game group really make the transition well! We never listen.
New listener!!
Just discovered this podcast. Sorry, I didn't listen to the old Saga version... Love this pod cast, and getting ready to run a new Edge campaign for the first time. A ton of great ideas and info, and great interviews!!! Thanks for the great podcast you "wacky radio guys" :) I never listen to the Order 66 podcast because you are black listed by the Gungan Defamation League!
Geralt 75
new with Edge
I have been listening to podcasts since my first iPod several years ago. Favorites come and go as tastes change. This is one of the best Star Wars podcasts around, and it’s THE best Star Wars RPG podcast I’ve found. I started listening and loved it so much - and got so much FROM it - that I’ve gone back and started from Episode 1 of the Edge of the Empire reboot. I’m up to Episode 11 now and I feel like a MUCH better GM because of it. Keep up the great work guys!!!
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Jimmy & Vanessa
Great show, invaluable resource
This is my first iTunes podcast review…ever. But first, I have to say...I never listen to the Order 66 podcast, because its hosted by a couple of scruffy looking nerf herders! This show is helpful and funny, guest hosts are relevant and suitable A-list, serial material (storm trooper poetry/haiku, skill monkey, messages/transmissions from the rim, watto's black market, etc) is all top notch. If you are a fan of, or have any questions about FFG's Star Wars RPG system, do yourself a favor and go check it out.
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Absolutely love this
It's awesome to listen to you guys play. Especially now with EoE. But you know what would be more awesome? If you stopped eating during the podcast, i know snacks are part of gaming, but listening to the grunting and crunching for 20 minutes right in my ear is really annoying the hell out of me.
Best Podcast!
It's my new favorite podcast!
GM Holocron and the List
You guys do a really great job of helping GMs with ideas that could really apply to any type of roleplaying game. I just love this podcast.
Entertaining and informative!
Not only do segements like "Storm Trooper Poetry" make this an entertaining podcast, the enthusiasm in which both hosts and guests alike present themselves makes it all the more enjoyable. Having the developers of the game as special guests on a recurring basis not only to talk about their product but to answer fan questions should be enough to explain why this is informative. GM's Chris and Dave also present information about other podcasts and websites that make both GMing and playing EotE all the more fun.
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Omega 3.6
Best star wars gaming podcast out there!
the order 66 podcast is single handidly the best podcast out there for star wars gaming. there insightful viewpoint expertly straddles the line between crunch and flavor. all the while being funny and informative. give it a listen and you will understand why all it's fans continualy utter the phrase "i never listen to the order 66 podcast"
I'm late, but it's still great!
Found this podcast years late, but love it!
Too much info
I never listen because there is way too much information and knowledge being dropped. Edge is my first RPG and this podcast has helped fuel an addiction I never knew existed. Now if only I could find people to play with! Thanks GMs and contributors keep up all the amazing work.
New listener
Love your podcast! All of your GM advice & segments are exactly what I needed to break out of my comfort zone and GM. Keep up the good work.
Star Wars Roleplaying Goodness
The hosts of this show do such a great job of entertaining and educating fans of Star Wars roleplaying. For the new FFG system, they've had awesome guests and had such great content, and the game isn't even out yet. Feels almost like they could be your friends, sharing inside information with you. Love listening to this. Great job GMs Dave and Chris!
Amazing Podcast
This, simply put, is an awesome podcast. GM Dave and GM Chris plus a bevy of guest hosts like Sam Witwer and Christ West give people great advice and running and playing a Saga Edition game. Even if you are not a fan of the system, you can still use a lot of the advice for other game systems. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.
For any Star Wars and RPG fans
I am a GM who runs a number of Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying games and hope to continue making new adventures in the future. Ever since I picked up this podcast, my abilities as a GM, and alos a player, have become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. With advice for GMs, players, and even onlookers, this podcast has the know-how to get you informed, the energy to get you pumped, and the humor to leave you on the floor in tears. Anyone who plays Star Wars Saga Edition and does not listen to this cast is missing out. Anyone who plays RPGs and likes Star Wars, I hpe you have the money for a Core book, because you'll probably want one after a few episodes.
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Kot the Protector
Love It!!!!!
I love this podcast and I don't even play Star Wars Saga Edition! (I wish I did though) Despite the fact that I don't play I learn a lot about the Star Wars Universe through it. When will the next podcast come out? Its been forever!!!!!
Thanks guys!
Listening to your show is awesome. Thank you for the long hour shows that helped me stay awake in the car for my long drives home at night. Must be funny watching me listen, as I am always laughing so hard. Hope I dont crash!
John The Roger
Informative and Fun
Both GM Chris and GM Dave know what they're talking about, and make it fun to listen to. Well put together, edited, and executed. Not like some other podcasts where the hosts just throw a low-quality microphone in the middle and leave it at that.
Beyond the stars
Still Great
After several years, this podcast is still going strong. I have enjoyed every episode, even the first one that the hosts lament a lot. I found this when I first started playing SW: Saga Edition and it really helped me learn how to improve my gaming, both as a GM and player. Even though I rarely get a chance to play Saga anymore, this is still a highly entertaining podcast. I'm left cracking up at some point in every episode. Oh and I never listen to the Order 66 Podcast.
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great listen
This podcast has two great hosts that are excited about the game and it shows in the podcast. I enjoy listening to it all the time.
I just discovered this podcast, and it's awesome!!!!
The Overlord of Awesomeness
Order66 Rocks
GMChris & GMDave are awesome. Their podcasts are very entertaining, informative, and have stimulated me not only to GM Saga edition Star Wars to a higher level, but to listen to other podcasts they have reviewed. We are lucky to have two gamers that bring in top people in the industry and important in the creation of the game to their podcasts as friends. I hope the Force will be with them always. I also have to thank Vaderson who has guided me to the podcast
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Well-balanced and Helpful!
Although this podcast is geared towards Star Wars Saga Edition, it should be required listening for anyone who indulges in role-playing games. From episode one to present, the GM Dave and GM Chris do a great job of bringing listeners rules clarifications, game mechanic walkthroughs, as well as soft stuff like role-playing and how to create a great story (Star Wars or no). Check it out, you will not be disappointed.
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This podcast rocks
In a word: awesome. This podcast is informative and entertaining. It's for new and experienced gamers alike. If you play SWSE then this podcast is a MUST!
A very informational and fun podcast for anyone who wants to learn about the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition.
These guys are great! I love this podcast, I cannot stop listening to these guys. I listen to them when i go running and when I'm @ work , they are so fun! Thanks alot! Keep it up guys!
Very informative and well put together!
This podcast is just great. They have numerous segments focused on different aspects of the Star Wars Saga Edition role playing game. GM Dave and GM Chris do a great job of timing the show and presenting the material. It always seems fresh and new, even if the material is older. The guest hosts like Chris West and Sam Witwer always make a show extra entertaining. I don't know how I'd get my yardwork done without this podcast!
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Showing genuine passion for Star Wars gaming!
Our hosts, GM Chris and GM Dave, show a sincere and thoroughly inspiring fondness for Star Wars roleplaying with each and every episode of this skillfully-produced podcast. In addition to answering listener questions and engaging in robust discussion of the game system and the nuances of Star Wars roleplaying, they regularly bring in well-recognized industry names as guests--including the Saga Edition game's developers and celebrities like actor Sam Witwer (Vader's apprentice from The Force Unleashed). An abundance of useful and informative segments on various topics keep each episode moving along at a comfortable pace without ever becoming dull or overly frantic. The show even evokes feelings of belonging: after a while you feel like you're a part of the hosts' gaming group, and you can relate to their in-depth conversations about the gaming hobby in general, and the Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying game in particular. Do yourself a favor and give Order 66 a listen! But beware: you'll probably be inspired to start a Star Wars RPG campaign of your own, if you don't already have one. They had that effect on me.
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