Your Own Thing
Your Own Thing
Alex Cespedes
How to start and grow your own business, on YOUR terms. Each week, entrepreneurs will share their stories on how they built a business using THEIR OWN unique approach, so you can be inspired to have YOUR OWN THING. You'll hear advice on things like: how to identify your best idea, when to launch your marketing campaign, building powerful connections, and how to make more sales. Hosted by Alex Cespedes, a consultant on web strategy to small businesses in New York City.
How to build a brand that sells at Sephora and QVC with Angelique Velez
Angelique Velez woke up one night with an idea for an accessories line of products. This was the genesis of Breakups To Makeup, a brand that now has nationwide distribution through Sephora, Walmart, and QVC.  Angelique didn't know it at the time, but she took some important steps to make her brand a strong candidate for major partnerships. In this episode she shares her business' story and lessons learned. Lessons you can also use to find success and get noticed by the major players in your industry.  Find out more about Breakups to Makeup at and follow Angelique on Instagram at 
Sep 22, 2020
36 min
Find Your Special Thing Or Fail - with Steve Lucin
Steve Lucin is a creative entrepreneur in NYC who transitioned from freelance graphic designer to agency owner, philanthropist, and VJ. In this episode he shares with us his story and advice on how to build a successful client roster. His secret is to stop the vicious cycle of "compare and despair" that plagues us all, and focus on finding your "Special Thing."  In business, this is our only hope for finding an edge. We dive deep into how to find your thing, and how to apply it. Find out more about Steve's marketing agency at   Steve also runs a spectacular non-profit giving out scholarships to art students, learn more or donate at 
Sep 14, 2020
27 min
How To Profit From Your Problems
In magazines and TV we constantly see stories of individuals going from rags to riches. Regardless of whether you want to get rich or not, there is a lesson hidden inside these stories of triumph. Today we look at artists and entrepreneurs that have laid out the formula of how we too can profit from our pain.  
May 29, 2019
21 min
Why Goals Are Best Accomplished Indirectly
Andy Warhol and Bill Murray were right all along. They practiced a certain strategy that is easy to comprehend, but tough to master. They understood human nature and that our goals are best accomplished indirectly.  In this episode we hear examples from business, art, acting, and martial arts about the real reason why we often fail to reach our goals-- and how to flip this equation in our favor.
May 8, 2019
28 min
Lil Wayne & Stephen King on Work Ethic
Stephen King knows a thing or two about writing. And about discipline. And about pretty much anything that has to do with being successful with your art. Well guess what, Lil Wayne knows a thing or two as well.  These are the reasons why he can serve as a role model for any artist, creator, or entrepreneur.   Music by Ben Murray-Smith  
Jun 28, 2017
12 min
The Lives Of Men: A Modern Startup
Jason Rosario and Claudio Cabrera have accomplished a lot in their young lives, but this endeavor they've just leapt into is not about accomplishment, it's about honoring their worldview. In this episode I speak to Jason, founder of The Lives of Men--and Claudio, its lead content specialist--who through their stories show us that it's possible to DO GOOD, and LOOK GOOD in the process.  Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith
Jun 19, 2017
23 min
Master Your Writing with Ed Sheeran's FAUCET Approach
Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful songwriters over the past five years. While I was listening to an interview Ed gave in front of young musicians, there was a one minute portion where he revealed his mental process for mastering his craft. In this episode we discuss this approach which we'll call "FAUCET," along with other methods described by Ira Glass, and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn.  Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith
Jun 4, 2017
13 min
Quality and Popularity Are Not Connected w Adam Westbrook
A must listen for Vloggers and Youtubers! Adam was living the dream: He was making a good living as a freelance video journalist, something he had been working towards since childhood. But then his view of the world got flipped upside down. He learned that quality and popularity aren't directly related. This is depressing, but there is a silver lining.  In this episode we talk to Adam Westbrook, creator behind the exceptional The Long Game 3-part video essay. He shares all he's learned, and where he sees the industry of video creation going. 
Apr 30, 2017
31 min
Your Ideal Self Is Closer Than You Think w Miss Nu
People are always staring at her. "Can I touch your stomach?" is the question that they always ask first. Miss Nu is someone who's gone from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs when it comes to personal acceptance, you'll see what I mean. She currently competes in national bodybuilding competitions, coaches others, inspires 10 thousand fans over Instagram, and does all this while maintaining a position as Director at a major Pharma corporation. In this episode we go deep, I mean DEEEEP, on what she has done to climb out of depression and into her best self. These are things we should all implement into our lives IMMEDIATELY.  Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith
Apr 17, 2017
24 min
Adam Gilbert on the Magic of Starting Small
Adam Gilbert is a tech entrepreneur who started a business from his passion. His company is called My Body Tutor, where he and his staff help folks nationwide reach their health goals.  He is the perfect person to share some wisdom with us on what he's learned about the two areas we quit at most often: fitness and business. He shares some findings on how social media has more of an impact on our goal-setting than we think--or dare to admit. Adam also has great advice on how to pick what to start on, and how to get ready for action. Let's go! Or should I say "Let's grow!" Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith
Jan 11, 2017
24 min
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