OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time
OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time
Brian Johnson
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Optimal Living: More Wisdom in Less Time
I’m a paid monthly OL subscriber and I listen to the the nutrient-rich short daily lessons every morning as I get ready for the day. Brian Johnson is making a better man out of me.
NorCal Hippie Zen Ben
Thank you (especially for the philosophers notes)
Hi my name is Kreston Woods. I’m still trying to figure out how to get on my feet in the coaching/fitness training buisness and you have found a way for me to read all the essential books and get the key concepts from them in much less time and more refined way. I will eventually go back and read each of them when I can afford to buy them all. But the philosophers notes truly are my new favorite listens. Keep them coming. I love to learn how to be my most optimal self
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Great Podcast
I just started listening to this podcast. I really enjoy the small quick messages that come from a different point of view when looking at things. :)
El Coach FL
Love the plus ones!
I love how quick and powerful each episode is! The bite sized bits of information that I can immediately apply make me excited for each segment. Thank you for your constant example and inspiration, Brian!
Too much upselling
I like Brian but there’s way too much up-selling For how long the segments are.
Happy Learner
BJ is an excellent teacher and understands, as well, as respects our time. If you want value for your time listen to Briam and optimize key areas of your life with his support.
Think of this podcast like Cliff's Notes. Brian gives bullet points from virtually every piece of inspirational or self-improvement literature from the past two or three decades. If you're looking to improve yourself, listening to his podcast can be a shortcut to help you decide where to look for further reading. It's a valuable resource. However, don't go looking to Brian as a brilliant guru to follow. He's what Ayn Rand would call a "second hander". He has almost no original content of his own. He just relays what others have said, and he relays it uncritically pretty much every time. Every single book he reviews, he basically says "this is a great book!", even books that contradict each other. So if you're looking for someone to help you sort the good from the bad, Brian is no help. To him, it's all good. You'll have to do the critical thinking for yourself. On those few occasions that Brian actually ventures an opinion, it's pretty dismaying...he seems to follow whatever is hip at the moment. So when it comes to nutrition, of course he's paleo. After reading N.N. Taleb's book "Antifragile", Brian advises people to "be antifragile!", as if that's something you can just decide to do on a whim. (And Brian didn't think about this particular point too deeply...something antifragile is vulnerable to degradation in a peaceful/tranquil environment low on stressors). All in all, this podcast is a valuable resource, as long as you retain your skepticism.
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TX Jackal
The best
Brian is my hero because he is so clear and he is all about service to self and others.
Great resource!
Life changing material
Amazing material and truly life changing.
Trust me, Seriously
Happy to find this podcast
Just found this podcast. Haven't listened to any episodes yet, but I have been a big fan of Brian's for a couple of years via his YouTube channel. I have read several of the books he recommends through Philosopher's Notes and they have all been excellent. Looking forward to more wisdom and great tips from this podcast.
Too much great info!
i can’t keep it with brian and the great information he provides through his podcast. keep up the wonderful work.
A. Griilo
Devoted to Helping You Become Your Best Version of YOU
An incredible collection of wisdom is an understatement. If you were to just get a list of the books he's read it would be huge. But, Brian breaks them down to useable daily wisdom that can easily be incorporated. His motivation is to help, to educate, to improve, and to top it all off, to be a legacy of wisdom he can leave not just his children, but the world. Kudos Brian! Thank you for your work. As a husband, father, grandfather, and pastor, I can confidently point people to this as an indispensable resource for relationships, team building, leadership training, and self-improvement. God bless you bro for taking this monumental task on for the betterment of humanity.
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Brian Johnson's podcasts are very inspirational and motivational, great wisdom, and he respects his listeners' time by concisely conveying his philosophers notes. I highly recommend this podcast!
I’ve been really impressed with a lot of Brian’s philosophy from the emails I’ve been getting daily…..I love the idea of listening to this wisdom while I’m driving around in the car, too! Thanks for your wisdom, Brian!
Optimize with Brian Johnson
i LOVE this guy. Have been following him for several years now. Bought Philosophers notes when it was a few sheets of brilliance. Now I watch his videos and listen to audios. The top ideas is brilliant. I get the information I need without having to read the whole book. Def follow this guy.!!
Deborah OR
Brian is awesome
Can’t recommend him enough! Love him and all his wisdom. Truly inspiring. Thanks for all you do, Brian! You rock!
Inspiring and motivating
I usually don't take the time to write reviews however, I am so grateful to have access to this information that I am motivated to write this. The information I have learned from Brian and his condensed wisdom from so many great writers has been a big part of my mornings. I have been able to make small steps to get motivated and make positive changes in my life. I am so grateful for all this wisdom and that Brian shares it. 👍🏼😊
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This is incredible information. Very scientific and practical at the same time. I am a father of 4 and view this as my laboratory. I consume this all day long and my life and my family’s life is BETTER for it. Thank you Brian.
Treasure Trove of Ideas
Brian has a great energy and genuineness that really speaks to me. He isn't in your face about anything but gives just enough of a push ("how about you?" or "would now be a good time to do that?") that brings the theme or idea back to our own journey. It's never really about him - he seems to truly care about his listeners. I've been listening to Brian for several years now and I think he's really hitting his sweet spot these days and producing really valuable, life-changing material. He's linking so many disparate thinkers and themes in each note and class that it's as if he's building bridges to link previously isolated islands in an archipelago. I can't recommend it more!
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This is easily the best resource I have for learning how to live the best life. Get it and grow!
The amount of free & focused knowledge you can gain from Brian is incredible. I suggest listening to it at 2X.
I wish I could rate it more than 5
Thanks for all the efforts and goodness shared.
Life Changing in Bite size nuggets
Incredibly grateful for the inspiration and resources. I’ve been following entheos, Brian, and philosophers notes for years.. Finally a way to make it more accessible. Thank You! :)
Magical White Chocolate
To live at your best everyday and find out your potential? This guy breaks it down from the best of the best in books! Solid podcast!
An inexhaustible resource
Once you’ve read all his pieces, which even on a daily basis can easily take you a couple of years, it is just as rich an experience to go back through them again and to re-apply their insights to where you are in your life now.
Holistic Optimal Living
Very engaging, entertaining, and useful. The principles Brian discusses both from his own research and guests are applicable to personal life, inner growth, business success, and relationships - a tall order to cover all these bases he accomplishes extremely well.
Want a better life? A better brain? A better outlook? A better attitude? A better energy level?... Ok well you get the idea... If you are looking to improve ANY portion of your mind/body/spirit...Brian is there to help by digesting the Millions of pages of noteworthy books on any subject related to increasing your ________(fill in the blank) AND he does it with a lovely bit of wit and wisdom that he has gained from reading all this stuff!!! Short & sweet (but not too short & not too sweet) ... This is the Cliff Notes For Life!! Thank You Brian for your Amazing dedication !!!! I LOVE your work!!!
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Coach PJS
Such great content
Every episode is so helpful. Brian is the real deal!
Christine HM
Brian deliver daily motivation that made me a better man
I am committed to listen to Brian every day. It has already made me develop habit to lose weight
Really great show!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Brian.
James Carbary
Excellent Teacher
Brian is like my big brother I never had. He is constantly making me a better person everyday with his teachings. Highly recommend his podcasts to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks Brian for all your work/play.
Awesome wisdom
I have been following Brian's work for a number of years. His iTunes program is an extension of his body of work that provides easy and usable access to "more wisdom in less time" . Phenomenal work .
Consistently Superior Goodness
Brian is a staple in my life and a constant reminder to "stay the course" if I want to be the best I can be. I've been following Brian and listening to Philosophers Notes for years now. Just like you need a shower you also need to renew your motivation and Brian has the secret sauce for me. And I am rocking it in the motivation department! Showers are important too.
Tremendous value, great usable info.
I love Brian Johnson's work! He artfully presents such wonderful ideas and practices to optimize and more fully enjoy your life! Highly recommended!
The wierdolol
Ridiculously Awesome
I don’t believe there is anyone on the planet sharing SO MUCH awesome info for free. Brian is the man and this podcast is incredible.
Love Brian's work!!!
Someone said it already but you can tell Brian has a kind heart, a bright spirit and a healthy mind!!! I absolutely love his summaries!!! I read him often as I receive his mails every other day or so! Happy to check out the podcast now! Thank you Brian!!
Life changing!
The more you read for this guy the more wisdom you have to live by!
Great content!
Brian provides quick access to amazing content. I love it!
Found this podcast through “My Pal Hal.” (Ok he’s not really my pal, but that’s what he calls himself…) I actually really enjoyed the interview here. Great stuff. I stuck around to listen to his other philosopher notes and now I’m hooked!
Kirk Barbera
Best in Show
This is the best fulfill your life,find your purpose, stretch your dreams podcast I have seen. It hits on a number of levels and Brian and his team are genuinely dedicated to you. Listen lots listen now .
MT Trail runner
Generous and Enjoyable
Brian's work is intelligent and insightful. He is generous with his information and leaves me a little better, a little smarter for having listened to him, each and every time, from both his podcast and in his Philosopher's Notes series.
Can't say enough
Love love love it. Thank you!
Consistent goodness
Brian adds value every single time.
Life-Changing Content, Fun Style!
I have been a huge fan of Brian Johnson's work for close to a decade now, both because of his passion for accumulating brilliant life wisdom and sharing it with others AND because he has such a clear, concise, fun style of delivery. For years now, Brian has contributed a terrific column to Experience Life (an award-winning healthy-happy-living magazine I edit), and our readers often write in about how much difference his condensed-wisdom bits have made in their busy lives. Having all this incredibly rich material available in podcast form just makes it that much more accessible — whether you are looking for a quick hit of insight, or you want to sit back for a long drive and soak in some life-changing goodness. Subscribe now, I say: Get it all, share it with friends! Start listening to Brian Johnson, and you'll never want to stop.
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Pilar Gerasimo
Awesome material and experience!
Having Brian's work available now on iTunes makes for an awesome experience. The material is deep and at the sametime very useable! Mahalo to Brian and staff for keeping the love light shining on creating a beautiful lfe.
Love it!
I love Brian Johnson's mission to help everyone get & make the most of their time. Concrete steps, empowering messages, never heard anything negative! This podcast is definitely worth the while. Enjoy it!
I've been listening to Brian daily for about 6 months now. I've listened everyday while I commute since I discovered him on YouTube. I have always been into personal growth and I feel his insights and the knowledge he shares from what he learns is by far the best. He is a gifted and blessed teacher. He also seems to encompass the whole of all the virtues especially humility. I look forward to gleaning from his work for years to come. Joe
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Joe Neighbor
Brian walks the talk
Brian delivers! You can tell he walks his talk and is passionate about the material.
Wonderful Content - Brian Johnson changes lives
I’ve been a paying member of Brian’s Optimal Living Program for several months. I love the content. It gives easy access to so much wisdom and knowledge. And if I want to delve deeper, then I know where to go. Optimize (the podcast) is no different. I’ve listened to a few podcasts and they are informative and easy to listen to. I bought a book from the guest on the first one I listened to. Keep ‘em comin’ Brian.
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Dr Chris Frykman
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