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Pilar Alessandra
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Fabulous podcast full of insight!
What can I say. Pillar has amazing guests, asks insightful questions about them and their craft that we all want to know. She brings her thirst for writing and learning to each interview and gets to the core of what her guests are about. Absolutely one of the best podcasts on writing for television and the big screen... which as we speak doesn’t exist. But we can hope that one day we’ll see features in a large dark enclosed room with 500 other strangers and watch in glean the writing of amazing screenwriters and directors!!
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Watch How Stealing is Discussed
If it is okay for artists to be inspired by and use ideas from others, it has to be okay to recognize when your idea has been used. Constant attempts to say there's no way that's hapened fells disingenuous to me. I've written about a very personal experience and then seen that same experience played out in stories I had never heard of, that came out before my time. But there's a limit. You may not have legal recorse, but we should encourage artists to tell the truth about where there inspiration came from.
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Worth more than Fort Knox!
I am writing this review because of my frustration! I can ONLY give this podcast five stars out of five. I wish that I could give it ten stars out of five because it’s sooo incredibly helpful and worthy!
Andrew Suing
Love Pilar’s take on writing for the industry. She’s a very informative and real host.
Tessa Lauren
I’m new to LA and screenwriting. I just recently discovered On The Page podcast... I’m gobbling up the episodes and plan to take some of these classes. This is a terrific resource. Thanks so much!
A pillar of the film community
Pilar is a charming knowledgeable smart screenwriting coach and interlocutor, who invites smart creative insightful professional writers and hyphenates onto her show, to elucidate the nitty gritty and macro levels of scriptwriting. Did I use too many adjectives jsut now?
Writing Vitamins!
This is such a treasure of information and inspiration! As an aspiring screenwriter/director this is my go to to keep me accountable and to keep writing when I’m lazy or overwhelmed and feeling insecure. The amount of successful professional guests on this show makes this podcast top notch!
I like this podcast, although there are times when techniques simply don’t work for me. The one example I can remember was the recent episode on “lazy storytelling.” The method of brainstorming, outlining — I couldn’t get anything going even though it was designed to be easy. Honestly, my favorite part of the podcast is the theme song. So if it’s a topic that piques my interest even a little, I’ll download and listen at least for the music. :)
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What happened???
I'm a long time listener to OTP this podcast isn't as good as it once was and the intro song is annoying as hell I hope you guys turn it around.
Finding a career by living a life.
Great Podcast. I was in the U.S. Army as an intelligence officer just as Darren O’Hare. It is good to hear his story.
Everything you need to know about Screenwriting!
Pilar Alessandra is very knowledgeable from years of reading and consulting on scripts. She also teaches workshops on the craft of writing for features and TV. Pilar hosts a variety of Guests who are working in the industry. Their casual conversations with behind the scene insights are entertaining and useful. Weekly podcast to enjoy!
Gina's Favorite Podcasts
Host and guests are good, audio quality is bad.
Pilar is entertaining, so are the guests, the information given is the same I hear on other shows but that’s not a problem. Audio quality and production value is why I only give it three stars. The intro song screams into your ears, yet the talking is about 20bd’s quieter. For this reason I won’t keep listening. It’s 2018 and there is a much higher standard for podcast production. Highly suggest Pilar invest in some better equipment and/or hire a post sound engineer to edit.
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Must-listen for aspiring screenwriters!
Pilar does such a good job of keeping the conversations deeply informative AND highly entertaining. And you can tell she loves what she does, which is awesome!
Great show, horrible theme song.
My apologies to the musician, but this song makes me want to strangle someone. Great advice and analysis, though – thanks!
Love this Podcast! Informative, great information and insights for writers desiring to write for the screen or transition into writing scripts.
I don’t even write movies and I learn things.
I love podcasts about storytelling that aren’t pedantic and that are FUN. Pilar hits on both counts. Subscribe and listen every week, even if the topic isn’t one you’d normally like. You’ll learn something.
Plastic Santa
Make it a part of your writing routine.
I've been listening to this podcast for years, and even though the advice given has become pretty familiar, the show has never gotten old or boring. Pilar is a delightful host and she finds some of the most engaging, insightful guests the industry has to offer. Even when she interviews students and clients, it always results in a fun conversation. The craft and business of screenwriting will never sound more accessable than it does On the Page.
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D. Stein
Great Advice, Great Host, Great Show!
It's hard to tell what's best about On The Page--the information, the variety of guests, or the fact that you can really tell that host Pilar knows and deeply cares about screenwriting and the people she invites on to talk about screenwriting. The show is great at covering both basics of the biz and advanced subjects in an easy, approachable manner. It's fun, funny, and informative. If you want to learn more about how break into the business, move up the ladder, or just write well, do yourself a favor and subscribe!
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If You're Interested in Screenwriting...
...or even writing in general, this is a fantastic podcast. Pilar conducts fantastic interviews with her accomplished students. It's obvious that Pilar knows her stuff because the men and women in her workshops are insanely talented!
What a show!!!
Pilar is an amazing perosn to listen to. A perfect balance of infomration, internviews, and real person talking on the podcast. And that opening song? I find myself singing it to myself even when I'm not listening to a podcast. Would love to be on the show as a film Director, Writer, Editor, and Cinematographer. It's important to know all the techniques to get the best of the story. Keep on listening!
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Fun, Educational, and Inspiring
I've been listening since the beginning, and it's still as great as ever. Fun interviews with fascinating writers, director, producers. Their career paths are always fascinating and frequently inspiring and the writing and career advice keeps me going. Pilar is a fantastic tour guide through the entertainment industry.
One of the Best Writing Podcasts
I’ve been listening to On The Page for several years now and aside from great topics and guests, Pilar is an exceptional host who asks the questions I would want to ask, but never would have thought of. I have yet to hear an episode that doesn’t leave me eager to hit the keyboard and get writing, which is exactly what all writers need in a podcast.
Britt Michaelian
Pilar Rocks!
As a former student of Pilar as well as a fan of the podcast and entertainment professional I can say that this podcast gives the best advice on "the biz" around.
Plz make it longer, at least an hour. This is absolutely the real deal, so true to its core, pillar gets brilliant each episode
Son of KLA
A Difference Maker
OTP is the real deal on every aspect of writing in Hollywood. Pilar has fascinating guests - writers, producers, directors, agents, managers, and studio executives. The magic of these conversations is how much useful information comes from the interplay between her nimble, inquisitive style and the way she gets whoever she’s talking to to speak frankly and entertainingly about the business. Worth more than any book on writing for film or television. Turn it up!
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Don’t leave home w/o it!
Any script writer looking to get into the movie or TV business needs to be tuning into this podcast each and every week. Of all the industry podcast out there, this is the only one that not only offers great advise on the does, and more importantly, the don’ts of the industry writing, but includes those all important little tid bits that will make your script stand out above all the rest. Enjoy.
Hit and miss but mostly hits :)
Every now and then there are guests that really imparts some great advice and I like the way Pilar asks questions that a budding screewirter would ask. On the recent Oscar episode Pilar was dead on about Night Crawler, great film and inovative writing. Final note, the guy Pat was annoying and brought his politics into the show, there are many writers from both political sides so don't alienate your listeners with whiney guests.
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More Like Talk Radio
As someone who works in the Film and Television industry, I had high hopes for this podcast. I gave it an honest try, but unfortunately I just don’t have patience for it. The structure is a lot more like talk radio than a podcast, the latter of the two tends to keep the listener more in mind. I find myself annoyed by too many of the episodes to continue listening. It feels pretentious. It seems like I have to sit around for 50 minutes of babble just for just 10 minutes of really interesting information or storytelling. Dear reader (screenwriter), do yourself a favor and check out Scriptnotes!
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I learn something useful every week
Great information every week and the tips always make my next writing session better. (Or make me go back and rewrite a scene that was wrong in such an obvious way—after the podcast!)
The Oct. 3 episode
I just wanted to say.... they were talking about a script that's about a bacherlorette party where they accidentally kill the stripper... and I immediately thought of the movie "Very Bad Things" where its about a bachelor party where they accidentally kill the stripper and deal the with aftermath. Its a good dark comedy. Just saying.
It grows on you
Like someone else pointed out, the earlier podcast are full of drunken tangents, but they seem to have sobered up and more recent episodes are much more professional. Pilar is quite charismatic on the "radio" and she gets a lot of interesting guests from different areas of screenwriting, from animation to features. She does tend to espouse the usual textbook formulas on how to write a screenplay, but if you can look past that, there's a lot to be learned from her guests who are, for the most part, working writers. Worth subscribing to, but skip ahead to the more recent episodes.
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The Annoyed Editor
Required listening for aspiring screenwriters
I have been listening to On the Page for a couple of weeks now and I don't think I could love it any more. The guests Pilar has on and topics she covers are absolutely what all of us writers need, and her kind personality and light, humorous tone coalesce into an extremely pleasant educational experience. I will be a listener as long as she keeps recording episodes. I'm ashamed of anyone snooty and uptight enough to give this podcast anything but 5 stars and a glowing review.
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Informative and entertaining
I recently found the On The Page podcast. I listen to it on my commute home through the rough streets of NJ and it makes the commute so much more bearable. I find it not only informative but entertaining and inspiring! If your an aspiring screenwriter, I highly recommend it!
Helpful podcast. I listen to it on my commute to work. It's a nice way to stay focused on the art of writing when you are not actually writing.
Required listening for today's writer/director
This is my favorite podcast. It's been huge help for me to actually start writing. Listen to 3 and you'll be hooked
Secret Tool
Doesn't matter if you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, the information you gain from this podcast is amazing! The insights given are understandable, humorous and actionable. I've learned so much from this podcast. Pilar and her guests are a secret tool that every writer should have!
Ms. Nubian
re: Love it!
This show keeps me feeling positive about writing and not giving up. Useful information with a variety of guests. I really appreciate this podcast. Thank you.
Glad I found this
Love the podcast. Great information, helpful
I like the show, but...
the chit-chat is a bit annoying.
A Must for Screenwriters/Filmmakers! Fun for Everyone!
As a filmmaker and screenwriter, I am always looking for ways to learn and grow. On The Page is the perfect place for me because it's informative about the craft of screenwriting as well as the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. I have listened to episodes that were so intriguing, I bought the books that were advertised on the show which have helped my work and career tremendously. I love the guests on the show because they're people working in the business who aren't celebrities making millions of dollars. Even better! They're real people who are successful with multiple projects in development. And the best part is the host of On The Page, Pilar Alessandra! A smart, charming woman who asks the right questions and keeps the mood light which is always entertaining. Her sidekicks, usually Pat and Aadip, are also fun to listen to and always blend well. The podcast visits so many different realms of screenwriting that it gives you a taste of the profession and all the opportunities that are out there. It's not just about selling that big screenplay. There are so many ways to break in the business and Pilar tells you all about them.
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Jadey Elle
My school and top inspiration
This podcast is part of me. And together with Pilar's book, The Coffe Break Screenwriter, they are my school and top inspiration. Incredibly practical and inspiring. "Get it out of your head..."
Jordi Ortega (TORO BRAVO)
Good stuff
Love this! So much useful information.
Great Show
So very insightful!
Nikki Brand
Love this podcast!
I consistently get so much great advice from this show. Love it!
Thanks for the list!
Just enjoyed your rom-com structure show. It's the first one I've heard. Very entertaining, loose, funny and fun. A good list of variations. My rom-com screenplay straddles a few of those types, but will help (I think) me to hurdle some obstacles in the plot. Thanks.
Got the brilliant idea to search for "screenwriting" in the iTunes store and this is the first podcast I found. I haven't even bothered looking elsewhere because this is exactly what I was hoping to find. It's interesting, informative, relevant, and entertaining. An hour of talking that doesn't bore me is freaking amazing. I listen to this during my mindless errands at work and find myself receiving weird looks when I whip out my phone to jot down notes, or randomly burst into laughter. Great podcast...I'm currently working on getting caught up...I'm taking my time though. I don't want to have to wait for a new weekly episode(? That what you call them).
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I have learned much from Pilar and her guests. I discovered this podcast a short while ago and listened to multiple shows every day, and now that I am caught up, I go through withdrawal waiting for the next episode. Break-a-Leg On-the-Page..... Cliff Garstka, Sr. Cliff Garstka, Sr.
Frugal Productions
As necessary as brushing my teeth
I can't go a week without listening to On The Page. I almost always enjoy the show even when the subject isn't something I'm interested in. Very informative. I do wish there were more shows focused on writing tips and genre specific conversation. The guests are always great. I'll be a listener as long as its around.
As they get inundated with amateur entries, the affable hosts give a master class in how to write a logline in - Episode 225!
Empowering creativity
There are many aspects to writing scripts. This podcast covers them all in friendly conversations with writers, actors, producers, professors, readers, and everyone in between. I feel I've got a sense of the broad range of the industry from independents to mega hits - from the inside. What I enjoy most is Pilar's casual and straight forward approach which demystifies and empowers the creative process. She offers options and opportunities instead of dry deadly definition. Although she is also quite clear about best practices. I really like her balanced presentation and upbeat attitude.
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Elaine Greywalker
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