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On The Page
Pilar Alessandra
ON THE PAGE: Join professional script consultant Pilar Alessandra as she demystifies screenwriting and answers your questions about script craft and story.
845. Calling Himself A Writer
Last time writer/actor Michael-Leon Wooley was on the podcast his script Hey Wait A Minute had just gotten the attention of UTA. Two years later UTA is repping another script, Witch Please, and both have been optioned and packaged by major production companies. His ultimate goal? To write "everyone’s favorite movie."
Sep 22
44 min
844. Climate Screenwriting
Leigh Medeiros, co-founder and co-director of the Hollywood Climate Summit’s Pitchfest for Film and TV, talks about how climate screenwriting equals good storytelling and gives “ten reasons why the time is now for screenwriters to help save the planet."
Sep 15
43 min
843. The Augustin Empire
Daniel Augustin and Sh’Kia are actors, writers, musicians and spouses. Listen to how they learned production from music, acquired filmmaking skills from auditioning and started writing directing and starring in their own projects to keep it all alive.
Sep 8
53 min
842. Storytelling for Docuseries and Reality
Producers Trishtan Williams and KC Chan Haimes describe the storytelling process behind their new docuseries Why Not Us: Howard Golf and discuss their approach to finding narrative and character authenticity in all of their work.
Sep 1
38 min
841. "What Is The Truth?”
Whether it’s the factual truth for documentary or the emotional truth for her fictional narratives, writer/director Alicia Ontiveros believes in truth and fairness in her work. Here she talks about what she’s learned from her work in docs over the years and where she’s going next in her screenplays.
Aug 25
51 min
840. Metamodernism
What does Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Barbie have in common? They’re both examples of “Metamodernism." Writer M. Elizabeth Eller explains it all!
Aug 18
51 min
839. Are You Having Fun?
Writer Marc Haimes stresses the importance of creative collaborations and the need to have fun as he returns to the podcast to talk about his latest projects, Nimona, Ultraman and Lost Ollie.
Aug 11
48 min
838. Feeling “Luckey”
Rocky (RaKenna) Luckey talks about how she took the skills she learned from “pressure cooker" jobs in music, production and film festivals to write a spec and land a job in television!
Aug 4
51 min
837. Telling Positive Stories About Mental Health
Dr. Laura Erickson–Schroth, psychiatrist, writer and activist, discusses positive and negative portrayals of mental health issues in film and television.
Jul 28
37 min
836. Zack Facts
Managers versus agents, packaging deals versus spec sales. Zack Zucker from Bellevue Management breaks it all down for us.
Jul 21
50 min
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