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Office Ladies
Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
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What is going on.
How does this have 4.8 stars? The reviews are all in agreement that this podcast has gone off the rails. Jenna- what happened! Why are you enunciating your words so heavily? I listened to the first episodes and this wasn’t happening. Also, we want to hear about the whole show, not just you. You said that “Frame Toby” was an episode about a dirty microwave. No.. that was YOUR little storyline, but the actual episode spend very little time on that- hence the title. Aside from that, so many good things are ignored because the focus is always on Jim and Pam. Example- in the business trip episode Jim is whistling at the coffee maker and it’s a theme song to a popular show! This happens all the time with whistling at the coffee machine. People would rather hear that than how many potato chip types there are!
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Love it!
I really like this podcast a lot! I’ve been listening since the beginning & I often relisten. Angela’s stories in particular have really been cracking me up lately - especially the one about doing the survey over the phone with the repairman for 40+ minutes and then the note on her windshield. That note absolutely destroyed me - I don’t know how many times I’ve replayed it. I see from the other reviews that some people wish there were fewer side convos & tangents and more information but I think it’s a perfect balance as is. I can’t help but think that this podcast might have far fewer negative reviews if it was called Office Men instead. If you’re wondering whether or not to listen, just dive in & see what you think! I really like the episodes Framing Toby & Dinner Party the most.
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Sarah Lalee
Love it!
The Office was the first show I ever binge watched and it is awesome getting to hear Angela and Jenna break down these iconic episodes. Love this podcast!
Jace Lee 3
Hi guys! Love the pod. But I have to say that one of you should be watching Peacock. A lot of the deleted scenes are in the episodes, not to mention the Superfan seasons that have extended cut episodes. They just dropped Season 2 Superfan. Most of the deleted scenes that were referenced in today’s podcast as deleted scenes are all on the Peacock episodes and they are incorporated into the episodes so it is wonderful. I love all the new content!! Keep it going gals and someone tune into Peacock- it will be easier too since you won’t have to go to the deleted scenes - it will all be there! Thanks for doing this- glad it is working out for you as well!
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focus on the office
Overall I like this podcast and look forward to it coming out every week, but it can be hard to listen to at times. I’m sure Jenna and Angela are friends irl, but Jenna sometimes comes across kind of snooty and braggy and interrupts Angela. Also the tangents can get pretty long (GoT, deep dives, etc). But the BTS info is awesome! I love the fast facts and Angela’s notecards. I do wish they would stop breaking down episodes scene by scene though. Most office fans already know what happens in each one from watching it. Also, ease up on the ads a little, it can make the podcast seem like a cash grab, and maybe have a “what lines were improvised” section instead of answering every question individually, especially since they’re normally scripted. Just a suggestion. I really do like the podcast though, and I can’t wait to see it get better!
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Avid Listener
I have listened to this podcast since the beginning and am finally getting around to writing a review 😅 honestly, at first the tangents and asides drove me a little nuts, but then I started to look forward to them! It feels like I truly know Jenna and Angela just because I can hear them joke around each week. For the actual content, it is 💯You learn more than you could want to know about each episode and season. I love how deep they go in their deep dives and research. I highly recommend this to Office fans! If you are a new watcher, beware, they include some spoilers for the rest of the show.
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Used to love it
This used to be my favorite Wednesday morning ritual to listen to. I find 30% interesting, and the other 70% is rough. I now fast forward through the deep dives, turn down the volume when Jenna’s piercing shrill comes out, and roll my eyes each time Jenna brags about how she improvised one word that was probably only kept in because it was inconsequential. I appreciate that these ladies are besties and really cheer each other on but I urge you both to consider whether a podcast is the right forum to delve into these tangents or brag about yourselves. Maybe that should be done in your own time and filter down to more relevant office topics. Thanks!
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It feels like we’re hanging out watching together
Thanks, Angela and Jenna for your love of your work and for sharing it with us! I love all of the behind the scenes and talk about it anytime I get the chance!
Ms. Mindful
It’s just ok.
Love it but they go off on tangents wayyyyy too much so that gets super annoying. I also feel like because of these tangents they are missing out on a lot of good content. Also the information they give is basically stuff you can find in deleted scenes or just on fan pages.
I really truly think this is the best podcast ever
I listen to this podcast ALL THE TIME. It's so fun! Keep up the good work!
Fun podcast!
I’m really enjoying Office Ladies! I love the conversations Jenna and Angela have with their guests, and I love hearing their insider perspectives. Sometimes the tangents run too long but if it bothers you, skip them! Overall would recommend.
From Good To Ok To Bad
When this podcast first came out, I loved it. In the early episodes, it truly was ‘exclusive stories that only two people, who were there, can tell you’. Example: The Basketball episode, where they talked about John getting hit, was one of my favorites. Interesting stuff I hadn’t known before. Now, it seems as if Jenna and Angela have completely lost the focus of the podcast. Most of us don’t care about the plans by Pam’s desk. We don’t need to know about the different types of potato chips or how UTIs work. We want to know what stories inspired the writers to come up with the episodes. They need a better editor that will condense the episodes and write a script that actually covers the episode, with no off-topic deep dives courtesy of Jenna and instead leans more into the fun facts that were promised. I am giving it two stars because I think that there is still potential, especially since they do have at least a little bit of inside info. But they need to stop relying on DVD commentaries and Jenna’s too-frequent soapbox moments to keep viewers. I am no longer interested.
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Great, fantastic, informative and hilarious. Love these ladies so much. When I get into my car for a long drive I put on all my back log episodes and makes the road trip fly by. Someone said in a 1 star review you barley talk about the show…that person must not be listening very hard. Also how much do you need to talk about individual details that happen on episodes. We have all seen it a million times. You ladies do a fantastic job at compiling relevant information and stories about each episode. The guest stars are always amazing and audio clips from people you don’t need to have an entire conversation with is such a great add in. Couldn’t be happier with the podcast!
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Lit L Smokie
Rewatching done right!
Your show is one of my favorites! Love the background info and just listening to y’all chat!
They barely even talk about the episodes, they are always going off on tangents and giving deep dives about random things not even related to the show. And most of the facts they tell you are just on the dvd commentary of the episodes they rarely give any new information we don’t already know. Very disappointing podcast.
Jenna is…
Jenna is so hot.
Economan 3000
I was really looking forward to this series because I am such a huge fan of the show. It seems though all we here about is Jenna Fisher. I was hoping to hear more about the office.
Office ladies
I really look forward to listen to you ladies! Just my opinion but can you ladies please talk more detail about the show and characters their reaction thank
Waste of time.
For being a very scripted podcast there’s so much WASTED TIME. How bout a list of what was improv? How bout fast facts that are interesting?? Half the time they just repeat funny scenes word for word and laugh. Reading off boring questions just to say some fans names.....why?? The deleted scenes on the dvds are far more interesting.
Love Angela
I love Angela so I gave this 3 stars. Please get a different show Angela! 💜 Jenna please stop with the narcissism and putting Angela down. It makes me like you even less than I liked Pam. Both bullies. I unsubscribed because Jenna reminds me of how mean girls can be so cruel.
It’s okay
I was so excited to get to find out all the behind the scenes of my favorite show, the office!! It’s been a let down. Each episode is giving one behind the scenes, then they just describe the episode or just talk about their personal stories? Like I want to know all about the office, I don’t care if Jenna wore a juicy tracksuit to her wedding? Wish it was more in detail about the actual show
just wrote this to bring the 5 star rating down.
You ladies are so delightful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, comments, and stories! I love this podcast.
1Section leader1
The office has always been a favorite of mine and breaking down the episodes helps me understand them more! Thanks so much!!! (Your characters were 2 of my favorites!)
This podcast certainly has its moments, but overall it’s poorly executed. This is simply two women trying to transition from acting to podcasting to make an easy dollar from the cash cow tv series they were in. I’d rather have professional podcasters break down The Office episodes and interview cast members.
So Great!
This is hands down my favorite podcast I listen to! I have been an Office fan for a while so I was excited from the beginning but, Angela and Jenna have far exceeded any expectation I had about this podcast! The time and effort they put in to this podcast is unlike any other. I feel like I’ve gained so much insight and behind the scenes information from each episode. They really walk you through each episode and they share every single bit and you honestly feel like you were there—it has been awesome! Thank you, Office Ladies, for making this such an awesome podcast! Y’all are simply the best there is!
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I enjoy listening to the ladies on this show. I listen on my way to work on Wednesday mornings. I love how different their personalities are, yet they still vibe so well together. I look forward to Wednesday’s!!
Absolutely love!!
I was never really the type to listen to podcasts at all, but I love The Office so much that I just would be so upset with myself if I never got to listen to these two ladies walkthrough each episode. I know most of us have seen the office at least 100 times, so now having this gem of a podcast hearing all the details and behind the scenes stuff from these two ladies is the best thing we could’ve ever asked for other than a reunion! I’m always looking forward to the next podcast each week. Best podcast hands down! If you’re a huge fan of the show, I highly recommend!!!
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Good, not great
I love the office and this podcast has been awesome but i find it lacking some things. The office has been one of my favorite comedy series for a while, when the podcast first came out i thought it was amazing and had great behind the scenes info and it still does i am not taking anything away from it, i started listening to the scrubs re-watch podcast “fake doctors, real friends” scrubs being one of my other favorite comedy series. I found this podcast to be above all the rest, the actual comedy on the podcast itself and hilarious behind the scenes info, it is just a much bigger and epic podcast, the guests are usually on for the whole episode and not just a few minutes to talk which is another issue i have with this rewatch podcast, not to mention the annoying “tracking of mindy” and other tracking of hair or clothing, i feel these segments can be spent better. I will continue to listen and enjoy the podcast but i would suggest taking notes from Zach and Donald and their epic scrubs rewatch podcast!
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Love this!!!!
If it wasn’t for this podcast I don’t know how I’d get through the 3rd shift 😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Love it
I love listening to both of these ladies so much it’s like a form of self care. They’re informational, funny, and a giant mood booster. I love Angela’s energy and I love that Jenna says what’s on her mind always. I’ll listen to the episodes multiple times <3
I love you both!
The Office has always been a show that has gotten me through my roughest times. When I felt alone I always had this show. And getting to learn even more about the show I love from these two absolutely inspiring amazing women is a gift I can’t even begin to thank them for. This is a great podcast. The best podcast.
Angela’s fake southern accent
I’m from Alabama and can easily say normal words. Hand tilled?? She’s an actor but can’t get rid of a southern accent. Seems so fake just to have some type of interesting personality trait.
Favorite Podcast
I wanted to start by saying I for one love Jenna’s deep dives! Y’all are my favorite ladies to listen to and pretty much the only thing I play in my car at this point. My little sister always asks if we can listen to Office Ladies, we love you guys!
Huge The Office fan! Angela and Jenna clearly devote a significant amount of time preparing content for each episode. The downside to the amount of preparation is a lack of spontaneity in their discussions. One would assume that BFF’s would ooze spontaneous banter. Example from the Stephen Merchant episode: Angela: “and I have what I like to call a new catch phrase alert” and Jenna “spontaneously says” “what is it?”. Clearly Jenna knew in advance what the phrase was, yet pretended to not know. It’s annoying. You’re both great actors so either make it truly seem spontaneous by using your acting chops OR banter like true BFF’s and come off more natural and spontaneous!
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Gladys Wilson
Love listening to this podcast!! It’s funny, sweet and i look forward to listening to it 😁
apple bunny-00
Emotional Support Animals
I think Jenna and Angela might be my emotional support animals. I listen to this pod every week and usually just have it playing even if I’ve already listened to that ep. These women are so beautiful and celebrate the spirit of the show so well. Their love for The Office is so inspiring that I actually started studying script writing. Thank you so much for making this in a time that so many of us need comfort and hope. Listen when you need to be reminded there is always beauty in the mundane. Thank you Lady and Lady for a stunning podcast and a peek into your delightful friendship. You are both what the world needs more of. ❤️
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I really love this podcast and the office! Sometimes there’s tangents, but I don’t mind, just skip 15 seconds if you get annoyed. One thing though, try to keep tangents PG! Also, reviews is for constructive criticism and compliments for podcasts, not people, and criticizing Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Kinsey is uncalled for and rude.
Best podcast of all time
For the best show of all time
Office ladies is a great podcast!
My favorite podcast experience
I’ve recently started a weight loss journey and I don’t love listening to music like most of the population. I go for 8 mile walks everyday with my 2 babies and I listen to this podcast the whole time I’m out. Sometimes I will be laughing out loud. Alone. Walking. In public. I’m sure people see me and think I’m crazy but I don’t even care. This podcast makes me learn something new everyday and I love it so much. I actually ended up naming my daughter Jenna because of Jenna Fischer!! Keep up the good work ladies! This podcast is amazing and keeps me motivated to keep walking my walk everyday!
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Longtime pokefan
Love the office and this is amazing thank you 5stars
danny Verdugo2008
Love it ladies❤️
I didn’t understand when I read the bad comments from some people, this podcast is literally the best❤️it’s what this world needed!
Move on if you don’t like it
This review is for the people that feel compelled to leave a bad review. Why are you wasting your time? You realize you can just not listen, right? Is this your one time to feel heard in life? Just move along and stop bringing their 5 star rating down.
Love it buuuut....
Even though I love this entire podcast, I do feel like they talk about a lot of unrelated topics for a good amount of the episode. I don’t usually mind, because they’re funny! But when they do talk about the episode itself, there’s usually facts about that episode that I didn’t know before. So I do wish they stayed on track a little more. I’ll continue to listen though, I love these two!
Thanks for the company
Hi im a long time fan. I have seen the series so many times I know it by memory. I’m grateful to learn the background of all these cherished moments you ladies experienced. Y’all keep me company on the rural roads of North Carolina as an Amazon driver. Thank you for sharing it all.
Joel Marty
Great one
Love the office and this show
So much fun, still so much potential!
Thank you, Jenna and Angela! I consider both of you my “friends” because when I need a pick me up, you’re there! I love the high energy. You’re both two very caring people, doing a tough job. I wish you would call out and address some of the racist and sexist story lines though. I’m also wondering why you don’t have Leslie Baker on, or talk about his crowd funding project for a Stanley spin-off. Highlights are the writers room guests, please have more writers on! I LOVED BJ Novak and Mindy. Please have them on more! Thanks again, ladies!! Overall super fun!!
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So impressed with “Employee Transfer” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
All positive and fun!!!!!
My favorite podcast! No negativity, fun, insightful, informative, and.....did I say fun? It’s incredibly hard to find light, fun podcasts these days. Seincast was great too but that one is finished now. The Office Ladies make my days so much better. Please never stop. Maybe do another podcast after this. I’ll listen
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