Office Ladies
Office Ladies
Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
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Best Friendship
I love the podcast and its rhythm and humor, but the best part is their sweet friendship. I surely hope they continue with some type of pod after they finish all the Office episodes. I’ll listen to anything they produce!
Road trip entertainment
My husband and I like to listen to podcasts on long drives, and we found this on a 20+ hour car trip in may this year. We listened to a ton of it on that trip, and on our current trip to Disney 18+ hours. We love it! It helps keep us awake, and while my husband has never been a huge office fan, now he wants to rewatch it! Haha This podcast always has us laughing and we find the deep dives and fast facts super interesting.
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Office STAN
I’ve been obsessed with The Office forever but this podcast has been so awesome in getting behind the scenes knowledge. I actually met someone at a work function and we got to talking about this podcast!! It just adds another layer to love the Office with!
Fun podcast but the audio issues…
A podcast I look forward to every week - but the consistent issues with audio is problematic. I’m confused, aren’t the ladies aware that so many episodes skip around, backtrack, or just abruptly end? Other reviewers have mentioned it, it’s been an ongoing issue for a long time. Please pay more attention to the editing!
Love it!
Look, I just wanna say this right now, I think I like listening to the podcast more than I like listening to the actual show! 😂 It’s sooo funny and the deep dives make for great entertainment! My ONE (and only) complaint is that sometimes Jenna is a little mean to Angela, I love Jenna, don’t get me wrong, and I’m not trying to be rude about/to her (and I’m a woman for anyone who thinks I’m a boy), but I just think she could be a tad nicer. Dat all! Now also don’t read the hateful comments (unless you enjoy da tea ☕️ like ✨moí✨), because that’s just patriarchal. Those are boys who want to silence women by shutting them down, when they SHOULD be building them up. You’ll see that men like that usually either don’t have a wife/girlfriend, or their wife/girlfriend is trapped or just doesn’t love them. So to any patriarchal boy/man out there, think before you speak if you want a wife ( or if gay/queer a husband)! Because most people don’t like that. Overall, great podcast! 🥹 Edit as of 11/27: I was looking at the reviews and I saw one that had 1 star, so I clicked on it and read it, and I saw something that I think is horrible. This was probably some random dude, but still I must say WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BOY? This dude had the freaking nerve to say that the show sucked and how they go on tangents and deep dives, but then said, “ But you know women☕️.” Like dude.As I said in my first review, PATRIOTISM! You had the nerve to go THEIR SHOW, NOT YOURS, AND FRICKING SAY YOU KNOW WOMEN!?! This is why over 37% of men die alone. I mean like, I don’t even think yo mama like you. I hope you realize how sexist and patriarchal that was, but until you do, FRICK OFF BOY! Love the podcast, keep it going! 🥰 Also that boys name is Eldiezzz so go check out his (trash) review! 😇
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A fun podcast!
I’m a huge fan of The Office, so of course I had to listen to this podcast! I’ve been listening since the beginning and it has been so fun learning new things about a show I have watched so many times! I have read the negative reviews of people hating the deep dives, but I enjoy them! I’m okay with the ladies going off on tangents as it’s usually entertaining for me. I don’t think listeners realize how much work they do to put together for each episode. From watching the episode multiple times, contacting people and places, reading the flurries of mail, and organizing what they’re going to talk about in the studio, it’s a lot! And they’re mothers who also have other projects going on! That’s probably why they have those “look back” episodes; they may need more time to work on the episode. I will agree with other reviewers that Jenna steamrolls Angela, which is rather disappointing. I hate how she talks over Angela or exaggerates when she disagrees with something (I’m currently thinking of an episode where they talked about strange ice cream flavors and Jenna sounded like she was going to hurl at every one—like, girl, it’s not that crazy, calm down!) My one complaint is that the music in the beginning and especially the end of the podcast is too loud for me (were they trying to emulate The Office’s theme song’s decibel levels?). I like to listen to the podcast when I’m settling into bed and will often fall asleep with it still playing, but will be abruptly awoken when the closing/opening music starts playing. Other than that, I really enjoy this podcast. I hope once they’re done with all 9 seasons that they’ll go back and touch upon the Superfan episodes. One of the editors from the show said that the Superfan episodes have content that isn’t even on the DVDs, so I would love if the ladies went back and talked about some of those deleted scenes. Great job ladies and keep it up! You’ve spawned several Facebook groups that I’m happy to be a part of. It’s really a great community!
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Neesha ^_^
i know some of the reviews don’t like the deep dives, but i’m a massive office fan and i love hearing these ladies take on things and little factoids. the stories are like gold to those of us that have been attached to the characters and show for a long time, finding out new things has been so freaking cool. i’m not a podcast person, but this is the single podcast i keep up with. ❤️
Haters, Back Off!
I love this podcast, I listen to it every week with my family. And I just want to say that anyone who is considering listening to this podcast should not listen to the mean comments about Jenna, these ladies are wonderful and I give this pod 5 stars!
Office Ladies Fanatic
Pretty okay
I look forward to the show every week and really enjoy it for the most part. I don’t mind the “ladies” or the deep dives, my only complaint is Jenna.
It’s cool I guess, but there is this one thing….
Whoever is your podcast editor does a terrible job:/ your podcast jumps all over the place or it has story cuts, it gets annoying. But you know women☕️. It honestly makes me want to quit listening. I gave it a one star just because it’s the office
Lady I love this podcast
My Wednesday are forever changed. every Wednesday morning I look forward to listening to this podcast and feel like i am having a conversation with the ladies about the office!
Audio issues
Whenever I hear an episode it starts to jump all over a if I’m rewinding or fast forwarding. Content is great though
Love love love
Love the office and love the office ladies podcast!! I enjoy listening to this podcast on my way to work. It puts me in a good mood to start my day. I even got my husband to listen to the podcast! He is not a podcast person, but loves the office and we are obsessed 😍
Amazing podcast
I love this podcast so much! It’s gotten me through the pandemic and a lot of boredom at home. The deep dives can be a little irksome at first, but I’ve gotten used to them and have even started to look forward for the extra factual input added to my day. They’re very thorough in their work, and I now know about every minor detail and tidbit about the show. This is unrelated to the podcast itself but instead is referring to the reviews. I simply don’t understand why people complain about Jenna so often and venomously. She’s a generally kind person, in no noticeable way a snob on the air, she doesn’t appear aloof, ungrateful, or stuck up; enthusiastically participating in whatever activity they happen to be discussing on the podcast that day.
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ta mère 12345678910
Mason Robbins
This is what the world needs!
this podcast is what the world needs right now! My favorite podcast!!!! Even though 2 people are talking they never interrupt or talk over each other like some multi person podcasts. I love all the new info and how we organized and polished it is! Loved episode 2 at the end when they talked about the butterfly on Jim’s shoulder- def cried at this point. Please do 2 a week and dedicate one just to listener questions I want more of you guys in my ears! I’ve also noticed that some reviews are critical of Jenna and Angela- this just represents a history of the patriarchy trying to silence women by critiquing their voices- there’s a lot of research on how men complain about the sound of women’s voices in order to silence them- haters gonna hate. Love both of you so much and your friendship is so precious!!! So excited for your new book too!
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Brooke Jones-Henderson
Can’t miss podcast!
Love my Wednesday dates with Angela and Jenna. Favorite podcast of my favorite show
Sheila 491
Stick to the Office
I don’t even mind the deep dives so many complain about. I love random facts and the Ladies seem like fun people. But man (or should I say woman? If we even know what those are anymore), the political and feminist rants are so predictable. I listen because I love the Office, but truly don’t care to hear CNN 2.0.
I will admit, I listen to this every week.. but it can be really tough. The hosts go on way too many “deep dives” that do nothing for the listener, who, BY THE WAY, is listening because they are fans and want to hear more about the show THE Office. What is with these revisited and part 1/part 2 episodes? Is it because you are trying to drag this podcast out for as long as possible? It is hurting the quality of what’s left. Also: Jenna: stop being such a snob! No one likes that. No one cares about your training or basically anything you humble brag about (who you text regarding facts of the show.) everyone go to find Brian’s office podcast on Spotify. He can actually get the guests to come and talk about the show with him which is immensely better than forever long audio clips. This podcast would have been so much better if the hosts were more involved with the writing of the Office. Mindy, BJ, Paul? PHIL SHEA? Edit: Angela, when this is over (if it’s ever over) you should do your own interview type of Podcast (like SmartLess Which is REALLY good) I enjoy you and your humor. Jenna is a real drag. NEW Edit: during the episode of Gossip, Angela shared two things that Jenna more or less ignores. The fact that Angela went to the Hangover DVD release party and her information about Tinks. The more I listen to this show, the less I can handle Jenna. Angela, after this is done, ditch Jenna and do your own show! Talk about whatever you wish. I enjoy you so much. Also, edit as of 6/23/2022: Jenna.. we don’t care what celebrities you knew/know. Stop the obvious name dropping. It’s happened more than once, and it comes off so incredibly try-hard and cringey. Stop interrupting Angela and let her talk. She is nicer to listen to and WAY more relatable. Edit: as of 11/19, Jenna: say THANK YOU! Angela and Sam both gifted you stuff and neither times did you thank them. Angela said thank you to Sam. Everyone in the room said thank you to Angela. I truly find myself loathing Jenna more and more.
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So much fun!!
I love this podcast! It’s definitely one that I look forward to coming out every week! I love the deep dives and how much fun they have retelling the stories! They also have some amazing guests!! It’s a must listen in my opinion. You can tell the show brought them so much joy!! Ignore the haters and keep doing what you do Office Ladies!
Love this podcast!!!
You guys are great! I’ve been listening every day and love the fact that you guys are so passionate about the office and what you do! I learn so much from this podcast and appreciate that you share lots tidbits and deep dives! Keep up the great work!!!
Should Be 5 Star
Great info when they do record, but have always been disappointed when they don’t post a new episode. By Jenna’s own admission on the podcast, they spend just 20 to 25 hours a week to record and edit an episode. So if the week before a holiday like Thanksgiving they recorded two episodes one for the holiday week, they would only work the same amount of hours as those of us who work at LEAST 40 hours a week and that would only be a couple times a year. But they’re clearly okay with capping their effort at half the what most everyone else does every week, usually at jobs we don’t love like the ladies love doing the podcast.
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Heart My Heart
All my podcasts are politics - hardcore. But this sweet cloud? Transcends that type of friction and frustration and fury. With y’all I literally trip back into ❤️ TheOffice, immerse my mind into the stories you share - like only insiders can. I appreciate your love and dedication. The respect for craft. The creativity of everyone involved. Highlight of my week! ❤️❤️
Love this!!
This is great I love listen to them!
The definitive pandemic podcast
I don’t remember Sam Kieffer ever being on “The Office” so maybe we could ditch his constant input at this point
A$A Phelps
Don’t listen to the 1-4 star reviews
Don’t read the hateful comments keep doing what you are doing I love you guys so much I have your autographed book I love it keep doing deep dives I love them 😍 my dream is to become an actor too and both of you have inspired and taught me things through listening to you. I love you so much and don’t read the hurtful comments those idiots are either drunk or brainless Shout me out if you read this Mick rotch
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About to give this show up
Please please stop with the suuuuper boring deep dives. I skip over ten minutes each episode, and it keeps getting worse. I promise you I am not here to “learn” the minutiae of cocktail ingredients, I’ve got google too. If not for the deep dives this would be a solid 4 star show with interesting commentary, interviews, and behind the scenes stories of the Office.
RC Hamburgers
Great tidbits
Really enjoy learning about behind the scenes tidbits. Often listen on long road trips with my family bc we all love the show. One request for Ang - please stop yelling when you get excited. We get that it’s exciting to reminisce but you’re screaming into a microphone so it can be unpleasant for the listener. You guys are awesome!
!!Love this game!!
High standards
You two have set the bar high for recap podcasts. Your deep dives and various facts about the show have become the gold standard. I appreciate all of your hard work ❤️
Psychonan Doyle
Love it!
Fantastic podcast rewatch love hearing the ladies chat about the episodes and behind the scenes Info. It’s like hanging out with my BFFs and chatting together! Amazing job ladies 💓
Warm and Fuzzy
This podcast just makes me happy. Jenna and Angela are so passionate about The Office and every topic they dive into. I feel so happy and comfortable when I listen to their podcast. It’s like listening to friends. Thank you, ladies, for pouring yourselves into this show. You create joy!
Stay on track!
Pleeeaase stop with so many deep dives into random topics. Going off on tangents way too much!
Great except for the drinking
This podcast is cute and I love listening to it each week. However, the amount of alcohol consumption on this show really bothers me. As someone who is trying to have a more healthy relationship with alcohol in a world obsessed with drinking, sometimes the hosts’ laissez-faire attitude can be triggering for me. It’s one thing to talk about rose, but it another thing entirely to display a compulsive need to drink every time The Office mentions a cocktail. The latest episode, in which the hosts start drinking hard liquor at 10:15am, was particularly hard for me to hear. I would love to see more healthy and responsible role-modeling from these two ladies, whom I enjoy and admire.
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This podcast gives me such joy and comfort. I love the friendship between Jenna and Angela and it’s so much fun to revisit my favorite show.
Could be better
If you fast forward through the tangents, deep dives, and ads, you can finish every episode in about 20 minutes.
i love grey's
This podcast is awesome!
I love listening to this podcast so much. The behind the scenes stories, the incredible way scenes were set, how many things were just simply created or built, when there was improvisation, who broke at what points, and of course who the guest stars have been. On top of that, the two of you are so great together. Your friendship only makes it that much more special. The Office is one of the all time great sitcoms, and it hasn't diminished with time, though the old-tech alerts are always fun. I miss all the characters, and as an HR professional in real life, I truly cringe at the Michale moments during almost every episode and feel a bit sorry for Toby. Thank you for keeping the show alive for us listeners. I love it and always look forward to the next episode.
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BFFs listen to the BFFs!
My BFF Amy turned me on to The Office Ladies. I love it! My only complaint is to myself for not always knowing which of you is speaking. I love how excited you get when you discover you’re both thinking the same thing, say the same thing at the same time and all of the other very sweet best friend moments. Thank you for making my day with your contagious energy and laughter. P.S. Indoor voices are highly overrated.
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Dona in Durham, Me.
The office QUEEN!!
I love you guys a lot. I think you guys are very hilarious. I loved the episode that Steve walk across hot coals and never made it to the end, then Jenna was like “Hey I can do that,” so you walk across them and you were so happy. And Angela I love your character on the office and I loved when you played on Tall Girl.
Love the Office!!!!
I love this podcast soooooooooooooooooooooo much! I talk about the Office so much my mom gets mad at me!🤣 and this podcast is so fun to listen to, keep up the good work!
And yet I listen to every episode
A few things that would make it a more enjoyable listen: 1) Use your inside voices 2) Dissociate yourself from your character (this is especially true of Jenna who seems to take even minor condemnation of Pam as a personal affront) 3) Be respectful to each other (again, this is especially true of Jenna who is often rather condescending to Angela)
How could you not love this podcast?
These ladies are living the dream and sharing their joy. Please don’t stop after the last episode. A travel podcast is needed.
Elsa's zoombini squad
Amazing, perfect, … Amazing!!
Amazing amazing! I like to listen to this all the time and it’s really interesting and cool to learn how the office was made and behind the scenes and funny story's, fast facts, it’s all great!
Your New Binge!
As a die-hard The Office fan, this podcast is for you! Not only do you get a recap of every story, you also get little stories of the cast and crew that created the show. This was my first non-true crime pod and I’m hooked!
I have watched the office for years and love each character I’m just so glad that they have a great friendship it’s really beautiful 💕🫶🏽luv y’all
The best
Hi I’m only nine years old but I can say this Me and my mom we started listening at the very beginning they are the funniest me and my mom love the office Love Harper Ps Love you ladies
wer grat
Look more unfunny women
Hey its a top comedy show except it isnt funny. Why? To promote some agenda lol
Critic Jew
Entertaining & positive podcast
Love this podcast! Obviously I love The Office and I appreciate being able to consume more Office content without staring at a screen. It’s fun to get to know Jenna and Angela (and Sam and Cassie) and learn about their friendship and personal lives. The podcast is mainly about the show but I love (most) all the little things sprinkled in between. Overall it’s something positive, relaxing & entertaining to listen to. Thanks, Ladies!
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Good but it keeps me awake:(
Kendall Simeone
You won’t be disappointed!
I picked up watching The Office in 2022 and it’s now one of my all-time favorite shows. I absolutely love this podcast and hearing Jenna and Angela recount all their memories and give us inside scoop from behind the scenes. These ladies have such an amazing friendship, and it totally shows in the podcast. They are an amazing duo and I’m so glad to find this podcast.
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