Office Ladies
Office Ladies
Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
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Too many deep dives!
I love listening to the actual office related parts of this podcast but like others I don’t always love the deep dives on the random things that have basically nothing to do with the rest of the episode (just listened to “new boss” and could have done without the deep dive on bottled water) people complain about the ads but I just skip ahead. there are other podcasts I listen to that have way more ads and more periodically than this show so that doesn’t bother me. Overall I still listen, just usually skipping through deep dives.
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Do better, listeners! lol
I love this podcast but people…please stop asking if scenes or lines are improvised. Most scenes and lines are scripted in this show. They’ve said it multiple times. Full scenes are rarely improvised. In anything. If it’s a significant line, I’m sure they’ll tell you if it was improvised without listeners asking about every scene! End rant. xD
For the Ultimate “The Office” Fans
My dad used to record every episode on our old-school DVR and was mindful to lock them, so they wouldn’t be deleted by accident. That being said, I’ve been binging The Office since I was 9-years-old. I’ve seen every episode countless times, know the characters/storylines forward & back, and it has actually been a big part of growing up for me. Now, as an adult, I’m able to listen to this podcast and rewatch my absolute favorite show in a whole, new way. Thanks, Office Ladies, for reinventing my nostalgia, and giving me another excuse (not that I really needed it) to rewatch this series again, week by week.
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Anna Carv
Love you guys, but if I hear one more random tangent I’m gonna scream 😅
I have loved The Office since it first aired, listening to Jenna and Angela feels like listening to friends while I’m working or cooking for my family. I LOVE hearing Jennas take on sexism and female empowerment. Keep up the great work. When they finish the series, hope they start a new project together. Mom detectives please! I’m all in for the low stakes drama.
Happy Camper Jac
Office Fast Facts
Always one I listen to the moment it’s released
This pie is all crust!
Pros: lets you in on Angela & Jenna’s friendship. Cons: Never hits its stride; 95% filler at its best. Good actors/comedians just don’t always translate to good podcasting. (Maybe there’s a YouTube supercut of the rare insider story that emerges from the void?)
It’s ok
The deep dives are kind of annoying. Some that are relevant are great! But the ones like the deep dive on bottled water bottles because David Wallace had a fiji water bottle on his desk? Or the deep dive On the mr. peanut? No.
My therapy!
The office helped me through many hard times throughout my youth and even today. Listening to Jenna and Angela break down and bond over every episode has helped me tremendously, as I am grieving the loss of my fur baby. These ladies make you feel like you’re right there with them, they’re so funny and sweet!
Office super fan here!
Good, not great. Angela is obnoxious. She is so cheesy and cringy. I can’t listen to her.
Amazing, its really good!
I listen to you ladies everyday either when I’m going to work, working, or like right now listening during my free time. Ive basically memorized The Office in the back of my head because its more of a comfort show to watch when I’m upset and to just take a breather, I can just relate to all the characters in the show and when I sit here and listen to you ladies talk about the “deep dives” and “fast facts” the show still amazes me even though I’ve seen it a thousand times and can basically memorize every word in the show. The podcast is overall amazing and hope you ladies continue making more content in the future together 💕❤️
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Katiany (kat)
Four stars but a great podcast
A captivating podcast giving great behind the scenes from my favorite show! Not to mention I now have an array of fun facts or should I say fast facts! However there are a lot of unwanted ads. There tends to be around two minutes of ads. Part of me think this is because they don’t have enough content to fill out and hour long podcast and the constant “Is this improvised?” gets on my nerves. I would suggest instead of having fans ask just say it. Also the always “How did you guys get through that?” But I do applaud the fact that they do address womens rights issues.
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loving the ladies
Great, more than Great
bby jose
Weekly Bliss For Me
I LOVE waking up on Wednesdays now. I religiously listen to this podcast on my morning commute every Wednesday morning. I adore these ladies and their take on the show, the behind the scenes stories and how much The Office has changed their lives. Also I’m loving the guests they call or bring on the show :) This podcast is brilliant! And for those complaining about their tangents or deep dives… I am thankful for being a part of friendship and also learning new things. And lastly, this podcast is not half as*ed… it is constructed so well with 100% effort and love.
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Love Angela and Jenna
Love this podcast have listened to every episode
Lady you got to listen
The office is one of my fav things and the fact that you two are going through each episode makes my heart warm ! Thank you and love you guys keep doing what you are doing !!!
Mar-Mar 12345678910
If you don’t like it don’t listen. SIMPLE
Best office podcast
Love this podcast
Mostly like!
I loooove this pod! I just don’t like when the sound engineer comes on to talk (sorry Sam!) a little mansplainy. And he is not even famous JK. Otherwise it is such an oasis of feminine energy. You know - ladies! :D my fav my fav
Someone please get Jenna’s deep dives under control
I try to fast forward through them and am always shocked that it’s STILL GOING ON even after I’ve skipped ahead several minutes. I love the Office and generally enjoy the podcast but the deep dives into things like the history of knock knock jokes & blood drives are awful.
Modor All I have to say is Modor
Best podcast
This is sooooo good every office fan needs to listen this! Me and my husband LOVE this podcast!
This is the best office poscast ever!
goerge cddddddd
so insightful, true office fans appreciate all of the fast facts!!!!
Skip to last 20 mins to even hear about the office.
It’s getting ridiculous. More than half the episode is filled with the most ridiculous long “deep dives” and “fast facts” about the dumbest topics. THEN when it’s finally about The Office, they just basically read the script. Angela and Jenna really thought because they’re stars of the show, they could just show up, talk about nothing, and make us happy. Step it up ladies! Too much fluff!!
People are bullies and I and I don’t like it
Jenna Angela you need to stand up for you self because those people are so mean saying that Jenna is a bully or Angela is not helping it’s just so not nice so you stand up for what you believe in OK and I love this podcast so much so much so much that I wish that you could just be here in my room with me by me!
in love
funny. entertaining. can’t get enough
Hi ladies! Just stopped by to say I have been a fan since day one, I have listened to every episode at least twice and I realized I never left a review. After listening to Rob Lowe’s podcast on Parks and Rec (another show I love) I have newfound appreciation for your professionalism, punctuality, the hard work you put in every week to make the show interesting and also to provide as much of insightful details as possible. Pretty much everything that’s lacking from Rob Lowe’s podcast. Thank you very much and I wish you even more success in the future! You’re doing amazing!
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I’m a piesees.....I think that’s how u spell it🥴🥴
I’m a pisces my birthday is March 5th!!!!! I’m with u Jenna!!!🎂🎂🥳🥳
Fantastic duo
I love the office and this podcast makes it so much more enjoyable. Jenna and Angela are wonderful together.
Simply the Best
In my humble opinion, Office Ladies is the best podcast of all the podcasts. I love the banter between Angela and Jenna and draw just as much comfort listening to them as I do watching the show. Their exchanges remind me of my own conversations with my BFF’s. That type of authenticity is really hard to convey across a podcast platform but it comes across as deeply genuine. As a huge fan of both the UK and American Offices from their beginnings, it’s so novel to know that real friendships were formed among these beloved actors. Great job Ladies!!
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i’m afraid of how much i love this podcast
i listen and relisten to this podcast over and over again! some people are so negative about these ladies; their relationship, the topics they speak on, ads, etc. Al i have to say is that this is just a lovely podcast about the office that two BEST FRIENDS, their memories behind the scenes, having fun, and making money while doing it. 😊💖
Ignore mean reviews
I just want to say to you guys if you see this, ignore all those mean reviews. Truth is everyone has their own opinion. But also the truth is no one hast to listen to the podcast they just enjoy hating on you. The true fans are people who gives us five star review! And stop sharing their rude opinions! I absolutely love you guys a show keep doing what you’re doing!
These two are a joy to listen to.
Love everything about it!
I love everything about this podcast. The deep dives, the rants, and most of all, the ladies. They really draw you in and make you feel apart of the conversation somehow. Each episode is as great as the last. I love the way it’s set up, as far as an analysis of every episode. It makes it a lot of fun to watch along and take note of everything we just heard. My favorite podcast. Don’t change a thing!
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Just Skip Ahead
I’ve been binging the podcast while doing an Office rewatch and listening to a lot of episodes in a row really makes it clear how much the podcast has declined in quality of content. But the it’s still easy to enjoy if you simply use the skip button. I skip about half of the podcast since I’m not interested in hearing what the hosts googled that week and I can still enjoy the part where they talk about the episodes.
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They’re just so nasally I can’t listen, so cringey.
Saying this out of love
Guys, I love this podcast so much, but the audio kills me! Either 1. The audio levels need to be adjusted or 2. You guys have got to stop shrieking/yelling/raising voices so much. It’s truly jarring going from loud talking/laughing back to a normal tone and back and forth. I’m only saying because I love the content and wonder if other people experience this too!
Brag Sesh
I love reliving every episode and getting solid background info, but they are CONSTANTLY talking about themselves and cutting each other off while doing so. I have to listen on my headphones because I’m the only one in my family who will wade through all their passive-aggression towards each other and one-upping to get to the interesting stories that actually relate to the show. Maybe most actors are this narcissistic because that’s the biz, but it’s really sad when you love the show and the character but are disappointed in the “real” person behind it.
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I have been a major fan of the office and doing this rewatch has brought me so much joy. I absolutely love the mini deep dives Angela and Jenna do. I also love getting all the behind the scenes info and how their friendship shines through!
Luv u!
You guys are so funny and I am a office fan I love the morracan Christmas prank deep dive!
Listen to The Office Deep Dive instead
I love The Office. I love podcasts. I don’t love The Office Ladies Podcast. This is less a show about “behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you,” than it is a show in which two people read from Google about topics thinly-related to an episode of The Office. If you want to learn more about what actually went into making your favorite TV show, listen to Brian Baumgartner’s “The Office Deep Dive,” for thoughtful, insightful interviews and behind the scenes stories from many more than two people who were actually there.
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I listen to the podcast as much as I can!! I can’t get enough! Love you two together!
Jenna is a bully!
Jenna if you’re reading this stop being so mean to Angela!!! You are a problem
For Cleaning and Insomnia
Love this podcast so much! When my brain just won’t stop when I’m trying to fall asleep, I play this podcast and I always fall asleep easier!
Wish I could
I used to look forward to this podcast every week but I have to agree with the other reviews…between the long, drawn out ads and the “deep dives” on tangent subject matter, it’s become less about the insight to the show and more like a brag session. The constant one-upping between hosts Jenna and Angela combined with overly-planned deep dives that do not resonate with the listener and have made this show unbearable to listen to.
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I don’t know if Jenna or Angela even reads their reviews but PLEASE stop the 15 minute long rants of pointless deep dives that has NOTHING to do with the actual show. Today’s episode Blood Drive Jenna rambled on about the history of blood drives for 15 minutes which was so stupid and pointless. Stick to talking about the actual show, if you want to say a fun fact about blood drives or something fine but keep it brief because people want to hear about the actual show and all the “behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you”. I enjoy this podcast but when Jenna or Angela spends over 10 minutes talking about something that has nothing to do with the sho it’s incredibly frustrating. I really hope you guys read these reviews because looking at them I’m not the only one that feels this way.
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Too much fluff
Tired of the random deep dives on the history of random things. Like I enjoy history of the show, I do like the behind the scene stories, interviews, and movie/tv magic moments. I don’t like Jenna’s holier than thou tone of voice she often has. It feels like she judged Angela a lot and gets awkward at times.
One of my favorite podcast!!
I love the office and I absolutely love office ladies And the fast facts that end up being educational fast facts are my favorite Love you ladies
A lot of fun
I’m watching the uk office and just noticed that Dawn’s fiancé’s name is Lee. Weird, wacky stuff.😁
Baron Von Fartpants
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