Office Ladies
Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.
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Love The Office - Hate the Podcast
Gave it a try! Lasted 6 episodes, just couldn’t get through it. The two of them are always ‘on’, constantly calling each other LADY ... and their voices get so shrill it’s so hard to listen. Sorry to be so mean, but their antics are hard for me to handle and I’m a die-hard Office fan.
Love it!!!!!!
This is the only podcast I’ve ever really listened to!! It’s hilarious! I love all the fast facts and behind the scenes! I’ve listened to all of the episodes multiple times!! Especially now, it is calming, similar to rewatching the actual show The Office!! I just wish there were more new episodes per week!!!! Thank you!!
Bringing joy in 2020!
I can’t explain how much I look forward to this podcast every week. I’ve been watching The Office ever since it originally aired and return to the show for laughs and comfort all the time. Hearing Jenna and Angela share details of how the show was made and what it was like for them on the set has added a new layer of joy to my experience of this show. And they couldn’t be showing up at a better time-2020 has been a struggle for us all. Thank you so much, Office Ladies, for bringing some goodness to this never-ending mess of a year!
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Tamura in Seattle
Not going to let this ruin The Office for me. I’d really love to hear more about Jenna... NOT. Jenna is so mean to Angela. PLEASE more facts and behind the scene stuff and less side bar conversations and digs at each other.
bshausube r
You won’t get a more genuine behind the scenes
Love the podcast and how these women include crew members. I love how they include their real life experiences to each episode. It would be so easy to have an outsider do their research and relay information found but this podcast is about real people. They give credit where credit is due. These actresses and actors are real people and we get to peak behind the scenes and see a true craft at work. They have passions, lives and values away from the tv show and I love seeing it. I love seeing how committed they are, how much work goes into an episode, and a tv episode. You can tell how much the people that worked on The Office truly loved their time on the shown because they give you so much more than any other show can give. They literally read from their journals from time spent on the show. It can not get more intimate than that. I enjoy actresses/actors being treated as people and expressing their love for the craft and not dancing monkeys for out enjoyment.
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Lacks BTS Content and is hosted by Frenemies
This podcast could be so good, but unfortunately we have to suffer through irrelevant “celeb” stories, name dropping, and useless chatter to get to any interesting information about the episode. It doesn’t seem like Jenna and Angela even like each other and there is fully a frenemy vibe that sometimes makes it uncomfortable to listen to. Clearly from the first episode these two people have not planned out the podcast. Neither one knows what the other one is doing and it makes it seem like a weird competition. Plan out the episodes together and TALK ABOUT THE OFFICE BEHIND THE SCENES. This podcast is a summary about the episode and has like 30 minutes actual BTS in a 2 hour episode.
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Paper Great
A lovely time
Love The Office and this podcast is a great rewatch companion. Love hearing the behind the scenes action and these two ladies are just lovely. 10/10 recommend
Love it
I love the behind the scenes theses ladies do a fantastic job
Amm()n T
Kinda over it
Finally decided to spare my ears from listening to any more of this for awhile. The parts in the latest episode where they are arguing over who’s saying the word “plague” right (they both were saying it basically the same) and talking about Jacqueline Kennedy’s outfits kinda made me realize this podcast will never change. I hate to be too negative, because they do deliver on the promise sometimes that you’ll get some interesting inside information about The Office. The problem is, you have to sift through so much useless tangents and uninteresting topics to get to those little nuggets of info. I get some people who listen genuinely feel like they are getting to hang out with Jenna and Angela, and don’t mind the constant off-roading, but personally I find most all of it cringey and unneeded. I don’t think they fully understand why fans enjoy The Office, as they treat moments in the show as real life scenarios they need to comment on and put their personal opinions in to when in reality the show is just a well written, relatable, all time funny sitcom that pushed comedic boundaries. Notice how I say w e l l w r i t t e n, because for some reason Jenna and Angela constantly insist on pandering to every fan who asks “WAS THIS PART SCRIPTED OR IMPROV’D?”. Spoilers: 95 percent of the time they reveal the shocking news that the funny nuanced line is in fact professionally written. Why not just entertain these “scripted or improv’d?” questions when it’s actually an improv’d line? Then the question pays off, because we like to know when our favorite actors had a moment of brilliance. They constantly reuse weirdly annoying phrases (Lady, you guys, tickled, etc). On a positive note, a lot of the interviews are usually good and interesting (when there are good questions being asked and not just Jenna and Angela having a feelings party with their guests). I’ve read that some who share these same gripes about the show may just tune in every once in a while for their favorite all time episodes, which is what I’ll probably do too. As I said, you do get some interesting stuff here and there, but it’s just flooded in so much other fluff and it just seems somewhat egotistical that Jenna and Angela assume we want to hear about their tangents and personal lives just as much as we want to hear about behind the scenes Office bits. Hopefully over time it gets better, but for the time being, as an Office fan who’s watched the series many times, I’m very unsatisfied with this podcast. I’m happy for others who seem to enjoy it though, just not my thing.
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Isaac Bats
Great podcast!
This podcast is great for anyone who wants to relive the office. Angela and Jenna have great banter and they do a good job of providing BTS info mixed in with personal anecdotes. My only major complaints are 1) they could do some editing on listener questions. Just because several people ask the same question, doesn’t mean it’s a good question/worth sharing on the show (Most of us don’t care whether a line was scripted or improv, unless it’s one of the shows most famous lines and it was improved) 2) lately they insist on pointing out every time there’s a joke that “wouldn’t fly” today. Guess what? Those jokes are what made the office what it is and are the reason why it’s still so funny/beloved today. In other words, those lines are what made your career, so enough with the woke-policing. 3) they could cut down on the side tangents. I’m here for Office info, not facts about Pavlov theory or what Jackie Kennedy wore on Inauguration Day! Other than that love the chill nature of the pod! Oh and to the people saying Jenna is mean to Angela- have you had a BFF before?! Making fun of each other is what bffs do- lighten up!
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Almost perfect
I wish you released More than one episode a week and I also think you have to many adds otherwise it’s awesome and whoever says Jenna is mean to Angela... they are best friends so Angela doesn’t care. So what, they causally make fun of each other why do you care?
This is the best podcast ever!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It it so much fun to listen to!!! Thanks for giving The Office a whole new life!! I also think that it is so cool that they are so connected with fans and that you can send in fan mail! And the character sass is amazing 😂 Wednesday is my new favorite day! Whenever I’m feeling down, this podcast cheers me up! Jenna and Angela, you guys are the best!!! They have been adapting really well to all of their critics, and it’s amazing that they are doing so well even though they aren’t together! Great job!!
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The Happy Hedgehog
Curious about an episode...
I just saw something recent you guys talked about on the podcast, about the word “pungent “ & how it would make Steve Carell break & just lose it. Well I’m curious about the episode “Women’s Appreciation”, I just felt that I saw so many of you trying to hold it together when Steve was mimicking the flasher!! So I guess I’m just wanting to know was that a hard scene to get through because of how hilarious it was??
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Brutal Jenn
The Office!!
I’m a Freshman in high school and my friends all watched The Office so I wanted to see what it was like. During this whole quarantine I have been watching it and it is probably the one show that has brought so much light and fun in my life during this whole pandemic! Listening to the behind the scenes for it is so cool and Pam is my favorite character so it’s like a dream come true podcast!!
LOVE! But small criticism...
I’m obsessed with this podcast! I spent lots of hours in my car each day and this is a podcast that always hold my attention. However, do we have to always read all of the names (especially last names) of those who wrote in to ask questions? It just seems so unnecessary - those who asked know you’re answering their question so I don’t really care to know who specifically asked it, takes up too much time and takes away from the content of the show
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Yes yes yes
If you love the Office, you will love this podcast! Angela and Jenna are so fun and great at going back and giving you deep dives and tidbits on each episode! I love reliving my favorite episodes with them every week!
Love it
I love the dynamic between Angela and Jenna. I love all the stories I feel like I’m part of a conversation with friends. Along with fun behind the scenes facts. Also guest speakers from the show are a great treat! Keep it going ladies!
It’s all scripted!!!
Please stop answering the question “was that scripted” so many times each episode!
Funny and interesting
I know people who don’t like it because it sounds scripted. I personally love it! It’s so funny and I love hearing about the cast.
It's good but
I love the office and I really like the podcast but I'd like a guest every episode. They just bring a different perspective to the Show. Angela and Jenna are good but it's even better with a guest.
One the not podcasts I’ll listen to! These lady’s are amazing! 😁
Fun Recollections of a GREAT Show
I thoroughly enjoy rewatching one my favorite series of all time. These two do a great job of recalling things about the show that I had no idea. It sounds like everyone got along great while filming. Thanks for doing this.
Tim P H
This podcast always brightens my day and you can tell Angela and Jenna have such a fun time making these together. I just love their friendship- they’re the perfect duo and always have good energy! It’s really fun to listen to the podcast and then go watch the episode after I know all the behind the scenes tea of that episode 😊
Such a relaxing and fun listen!
This is such a fun podcast- I just started watching The Office (late to the party) so this is the perfect podcast for me. You guys have such great energy and I love all the background info! I’m listening while I’m working from home, and it’s helping me feel less isolated (I miss my work convos). Great job you guys!!
I like it
I like the interviews and behind the scenes; however, the mindless chatter, “deep dives”, and tangents get really old. I find myself skipping forward frequently. I prefer An Oral History of the Office on Spotify. It’s produced really well and gives a lot of interesting behind the scenes info.
Y’all. Stop asking if something is scripted. You’re ruining this podcast. Huge Office fan and I do love the behind the scenes info but there’s so much chit chat that could be cut out to actually make this a podcast about the Office. Sometimes it just feels needy for attention when the hosts pile on with their “this is how I felt, too!” About something irrelevant.
Personal & Enjoyable
I feel like I’m sitting and hanging out with Jenna and Angela! They are super entertaining to listen to & I love that they treat their viewers as if we are friends with them! Such fun insight to the show and now I feel like I know secrets of the Office that no one else knows!
perfect for office fans
i just adore this podcast. it’s a part of my nightly routine! as a die hard office fan, it’s just so fun to hear Angela and Jenna talking about their experiences on the show. it’s calming, yet very interesting! it really helps me distract from all of the stress in the world (aka quarantine) and honestly, i don’t mind the ads too much. this is great content with a lot of cool office facts, as well as some funny personal stories from J and A. also they have AMAZING guests!! 😊 overall, i’m addicted to this podcast. makes my tuesdays so much better! LOVE U OFFICE LADIES!!!
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Starting to get political
Love this podcast, but Jenna and Angela are starting to preach politics to their listeners. Please stick to breaking down the episodes of The Office, which is the whole purpose of this podcast!! We come here to hear funny stories about the show - we don’t need a lecture on politics.
Great information, hard to listen
I am an office super fan and have watched the series through sooooo many times! So hearing Angela and Jenna were making their own podcast I was beyond excited about! The facts and insight behind scenes is always amazing, I love hearing it. And I really appreciate they (for the most part) keep the podcast clean. But there’s two main things that bugged me in the beginning and just seem to be getting worse to the point where I can’t even listen to the podcast anymore. 1. Their fake giddy attitudes. That sounds incredibly blunt, and I apologize for that, but it really comes across like they’re forcing a happy-go-lucky glee about the podcast. I wish they’d relax and let it come natural, because hearing fakesy giggles and “omg no way lady!” is like scratching nails on a chalkboard. I super wish they’d chill, and I thought they would as the podcasts have progressed, but they haven’t and it feels like it’s getting worse. PLEASE let your guys real selves come out, it would feel far more authentic - and I’m not sure if it’s just from them needing to heavily plan these podcasts? Which would be understandable, but you don’t need to fake your reactions. You’re amazing actors on screen, not on podcast form. 2. They’re odd.. humor? I guess? I don’t know what else to call it. I guess this kind of goes along with the first point, because they put on the cutesy act but then randomly throw in like surprisingly crude jokes randomly. It’s only happened a few times, but it’s wicked embarrassing to be playing this at work and have them blurt something stupid out that they bleep and get EVERYONE’s attention around me focused on what my podcast is saying. Please decide if it’s going to be relaxed or if it’s going to be wild, don’t try to be cutesy and then randomly crude? I’m aware this is probably a total personal opinion because most people don’t mind this, I guess that goes hand-in-hand with the fact that you can tell their overly giddiness is a total actors thing. I appreciate the podcast and what they’re trying to do, I really just wish it would come from a more authentic place. I guess that’s my biggest complaint with it.
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Alex Gaskarth 182
Getting obnoxious, Lady!
I used to look forward to these podcasts each week but the last few episodes starting with “The Convict” Jenna in particular has been using it for her own little soap box for her political view. In a climate where we are constantly surrounded by this type of thing it’s quite discouraging when she forces it into an outlet that many people use to escape from it in the first place. I never leave reviews on things and this has been bothering me for several weeks. I thought eh it’ll just blow over and we can ignore it. Until the Ben Franklin episode...I could not hold it in any longer. Jenna talking about her happy ending massage, which is completely and utterly unrelated to the plot was just inappropriate and cringeworthy to say the least. People are here for Office content and tidbits not inappropriate sexual content or to hear Jenna get on her soapbox. If you want to talk about that stuff please start a different podcast and shorten these up a bit. Over an hour and a half to talk about a less than 30 minute show is simply too long. P.S. It wouldn’t hurt if Jenna was nicer to Angela. And please please stop saying Lady every other word!
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Valeryian Steelers
it’s really good and interesting, but they stray off topic and end talking/wasting a lot of time talking about things other than the office. There are also a lot of ads, but that’s what you get with an ear wolf podcast. the beginning is an ad for ear wolf premium so you can listen without ads, then there’s like 2 mins of ads spread throughout each episode
Yes, but -
I really enjoy getting the background of The Office episodes. They have some great guests. It’s the banter I can’t stand. They need an editor, or need to learn to stay on topic. Roughly a third of the show is just these 2 people talking about - their kids, homes, mundane - less interesting than a paper company. Also - I hate that they constantly misgender half the population by calling every living person “Guys”. I’m going to unsubscribe and come back in a couple of years and listen to the shows about episodes I liked most, but- life is short, no time for other people’s nonsense banter.
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David Gibbs Portland 4444
Love it!!
This is the only podcast that I listen to and want to listen to I like how they get a little “off topic” because I like hearing about there personal life’s. I love all the behind the scenes stuff especially griff counseling I like to see what’s improvised and what’s scripted. I totally 10/10 recommended!
Amazing podcast
I know everybody says this but I am one of the biggest off as friends ever I’ve seen theEntire series 11 times I own tons of office stuff I always have it playing I’m from a true office fan. This podcast is great. They really do such an amazing TV show justice. But Jenna and Angela seem kind of fake which is kind of annoying
My favorite podcast ever!!
I listen to this podcast EVERY DAY. I normally hate Wednesday’s but now I look forward to Wednesday because I know there is a new episode waiting for me. I love the friendship between Jenna and Angela, and I love that they call each other lady all the time (forget all the reviews nitpicking on this). The behind the scenes info, the fast facts, the breakdown, the notecards... I love it all and it brings me so much joy. I’ve watched The Office at least 30 times start to finish, it’s the only show I will always turn to at least once a day for a break from work. And Jenna: your soapboxes give me life. It’s so refreshing to hear how much of the content is interpreted today, and yeah MISOGYNY IS REAL! Racism is real. Say it loud and educate the masses. Thank you for bringing joy to my life. I find myself listening to new episodes on drives to my mom’s looking like a wacko just laughing it up all alone. Appreciate you ladies (and kentipedia, the guest stars, and the writers).
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I LOVE 💕 the Office love this podcast love the behind the scenes tidbits and all the fast facts deep dive, etc. only 2 complaints: 1. To many adds 2. 1 a week is not enough your not making a show you should at least make 2 a week
Love this podcast!!
Thank you, Jenna and Angela, for giving us this fabulous podcast! I love all of your insights into my favorite show, and I love the way you two are best friends!
This is an amazing podcast! I love hearing all the behind the scenes facts. My only qualm is that Jenna and Angela tend to go off on random tangents that are irrelevant to the Office.
wilbur wilton
It is so great 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰the only thing that I don’t like is that have only one episode a week. I wish there were MMMMMOOOOOORRRRREEE 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 But if you are not like me and don’t keep exiting the app and going back in to make sure that it hasn’t come out yet (the new episode) on the day when they release the episode then it will be a great podcast for you to listen to without getting stressed about when the newest episode will come out. I love the Office so much. I know you will love it but be careful!!! There are some spoilers!
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Nothing like the tv show
Ugh these two. Fast facts are not so fast. They go way off into tangents that have nothing to do with the show. And omg some of the listeners! They write in asking “was that improv or was it in the script?” What?? It’s a scripted show!! And sorry but Jenna Fishers kind of mean. She takes every opportunity to make fun of Angela Kinsey’s accent or her way of saying something.
Hilarious and Amazing
Each episode gives amazing detail and great behind the scene stories. I find myself cracking up just thinking of the scenes they’re discussing and have to pause so I don’t miss anything. You can definitely tell they’re BFFs and this makes me even happier. My husband gets annoyed with me because he hasn’t listened yet and I tell him almost everything in detail because it’s so funny to me. I honestly wish the episodes were longer LOL! Lady, I love you guys!!!!!
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Subscribe if you love The Office!!
You need to listen to this podcast if you love The Office!! Also subscribe on Instagram, to both ladies and the podcast Instagram!
Got too political in #38 The Convict
In episode #38, the podcast tried too get too political with the Black Lives Matter “movement”. I listen to this podcast for the information and comments about the SHOW not the them trying to pander to some of the audience that is misinformed and ignorant to facts and the truth. Most people that are apart of that “movement” aren’t peaceful and try to make everyone bend the knee to them. If you don’t, then they label as you a “racist” and/or a “fascist”. I am tired of people making regular subjects that have nothing to do with politics all about politics and race. It’s a shame that this podcast fell to the same low as many other spineless shows and podcasts that can’t either not mention it or stand for the truth. Also, no one, including African Americans, gets arrested for “anything”. 99% of the people get arrested for a crime or suspicion of a crime.
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Pretty good
I have listened to every episode of Office Ladies so far and It’s really good. It’s great to be able to hear Jenna and Angela’s behind the scenes story’s and learn more about The Office. I would definitely recommend it!
Love it!
These ladies are so fun to listen to and really give the inside scoop on the Office! Love all the laughs and inside secrets. Love spending time with these lovely ladies and this show.💖
Perfect for office fans
While I don’t love all the excess banter I do love this podcast. It’s every Office fans behind the scenes dream
Cute but could be edited better
I love Jenna and Angela! They are adorable. However I am not really interested in a lot of their background tracking (i.e. plants) and deep dives about things that are not related to the Office. I do love their summaries of each episode and when they have guests come onto the show. Overall they have a lot of good content to work with, and just need to try to cut out the parts that are not funny or important to the show! (Also, Brian Baumgartner’s podcast on Spotify is extremely well done - I highly recommend if you’re not thrilled with this one.)
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Guys good job this a amazing and funny and don’t listen to all the people who are hating on this it’s really good
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