Office Ladies
Office Ladies
Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.
Costume Contest
This week we’re breaking down “Costume Contest”. The office competes in a costume contest to win a questionably impressive coupon book. Meanwhile Michael discovers Darryl went behind his back to give corporate an idea and Jim helps Pam figure out why Danny didn’t ask Pam for another date. The ladies share their appreciation to fans after spending 2 days going through physical Fan Mail, which includes sharing some specialty potato chips with Phil Rosenthal (Everybody Loves Raymond, Naked Lunch). Angela points out all the costume changes, including a certain recycled nurse costume, and inspired by Dwight, Jenna researches if women seek mates who smell like their fathers. We hope you enjoy this episode, and remember, Halloween should be a day in which we honor monsters and not be mad at each other.   Check out “Naked Lunch with Phil Rosenthal and David Wild”:
Sep 27
1 hr 9 min
The Sting with Craig Robinson
This week we’re breaking down “The Sting” and the ladies are joined by the one and only Craig Robinson! To take down the rival paper salesman Danny Cordray (played by Timothy Olyphant), Michael puts together a sting operation. Meanwhile, Andy forms a band with Darryl and Kevin. Craig shares how he got his job on “The Office” and what it was like to play Darryl, including how his musical skills were often incorporated into episodes. Angela reveals that Michael recognizes Danny Cordray as a former JanSport backpack model and Jenna points out why Standards & Practices is all about the lip flap. So Office Ladies Van Helsing at your service. You smell like a Scorpio which means you’re gonna love this episode.    Check out Craig Robinson’s website for upcoming shows:
Sep 20
1 hr 18 min
Sex Ed with Nancy Walls Carell
This week we’re breaking down “Sex Ed” and we are joined by Nancy Walls Carell! The office convinces Michael that he has herpes so he does the “right thing” and contacts all his past girlfriends to inform them of his newly discovered STD. Nancy discusses with the ladies what it was like to play Carol Stills, including how Nancy justified why Carol would even date Michael in the first place. Jenna shares how actor Mark Proksch came to play Nate Nickerson on “The Office,” Angela shares a deleted scene where Gabe calls out Andy for not being ok with Gabe dating Erin and the ladies point out the very first time Oscar Nuñez ever got caught breaking on “The Office.” Enjoy!
Sep 13
1 hr 9 min
Andy's Play with Ed Helms
This week we’re breaking down “Andy’s Play” and the ladies are joined by Ed Helms! Michael becomes jealous when he discovers his “Law and Order” audition didn’t get him a part in the local production of “Sweeney Todd” but Andy did. Ed Helms shares what it was like to prep for this episode, Angela reveals why Angela Martin looks so cute and Jenna makes orange juice and Baileys for everyone to try inspired by Jim and Pam. Plus there’s a special treat at the end of this episode that will make your heart go on. Enjoy!
Sep 6
1 hr 25 min
This week we’re breaking down “Counseling.” After spanking his nephew at work, Michael undergoes counseling with Toby. Meanwhile, Dwight attempts to get his “Pretty Woman” revenge at a Steamtown Mall shop and Pam gives herself a promotion. We hear an original “Whispers in the Breakroom” by musician Elyse Myers. Jenna reveals the backstory behind how Michael came to hate Toby, Angela shares why Dwight wanted that wizard statue so bad, and we get a fun audio clip from actress, Kate Walsh! If you don’t listen to this episode, Big mistake, HUGE!    Follow Elyse Myers on Instagram - @elyse_myers  Follow Micka on Instagram - @ultramike Follow Kate Walsh on Instagram - @katewalsh
Aug 30
1 hr 3 min
A Look Back on Beach Games
It’s the end of summer break so why not take one more trip to the beach with “Beach Games”?! Relisten to writer Jen Celotta sharing her memories from this episode. From the 'Survivor' theme to the challenges that went into shooting Andy floating away in the Sumo suit, we get all of the behind the scenes details! Then, we dive into the hilarious hot dog eating contest and Angela schools us with her basketball knowledge. Finally, we answer fan questions about the hot coal walking scene, and discuss Pam's new found courage to tell Jim the truth.
Aug 23
1 hr 30 min
This week we’re breaking down “Nepotism.” And holy smokes, it’s Season 7! Michael got his nephew, played by Evan Peters, a job at Dunder Mifflin and he’s terrible. Like soy ice cream and bagel chips terrible. The ladies tell you everything you want to know about the lip dub opening, and Kate Flannery sends in a clip about her experience being strapped to Brian Baumgartner’s back. Then Angela shares a story full of twists and turns about trying to find a Blu-ray player in her hometown so she could research this episode, Jenna explains a seemingly strange reaction Pam has in a conference room scene and the ladies wonder about being able to pee in the ocean. So bust out those dance moves, guitar riffs and magic tricks, and enjoy “Nepotism”!
Aug 16
1 hr 22 min
This week we’re breaking down the finale of Season Six, “Whistleblower”! When the news gets out that Sabre’s printers catch on fire, Jo Bennett returns to the Scranton branch to find out who the whistleblower is. Nelson Franklin sends in clips to share what it was like to play not one, but two characters on “The Office”! The ladies share how the crew shot on a real private plane, Angela points out a Kathy Bates moment in this episode that made it into the “Office BFFs” book and Jenna breaks down how Toby was able to get stuck holding the vending machine. So everyone, we are at a DEFCON 5! You need to listen to and enjoy this episode now.   Listen to “Old Mr Bernard” song:
Aug 9
1 hr 16 min
The Chump
This week we’re breaking down “The Chump.” Michael and Andy go spy on Donna’s husband while he coaches a high school baseball game. Meanwhile Dwight and Angela Martin sit down with a lawyer to dispute their childbearing contract. Writer Aaron Schure sends in a clip about a memory he had involving the negotiation scenes for this episode. Jenna shares a fan theory involving radon poisoning, Angela shares some strange ice cream flavors and of course, the ladies talk about the famous Dwanglea rendezvous in the warehouse that Jim and Pam overhear. So let your bed stay lumpy with cats and enjoy this episode!
Aug 2
1 hr 7 min
The Cover-Up
This week we’re breaking down “The Cover-Up.” The office convinces Michael that Donna is cheating so Michael hires the best private detective he knows to find out! (It’s Dwight.) Rainn Wilson sends in clips sharing what it was like to both act and direct this episode. Jenna does a deep dive on signs someone may be cheating, Angela shares a deleted runner that adds another layer to Ryan and Kelly’s relationship and the ladies come to terms with the fact that their friendship entails many things, but not exercising together. So trust us, enjoy this episode and do not take Dwight’s spin class.
Jul 26
1 hr 7 min
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