Off The Charts Football Podcast
Off The Charts Football Podcast
Matt Manocherian and Mark Simon
Matt Manocherian and Mark Simon of Sports Info Solutions discuss the analytical side of the NFL.
12-5 Eagles, Dolphins Win The East? How it Happens
On this week's show, Nathan Cooper and Alex Vigderman look back at Week 1 - surprises and overreactions for everything from Rodgers and the Packers to Taylor and the Texans (1:38). Then, we dive in on the 3 most intriguing matchups of Week 2: Chiefs-Ravens (8:13), Bills Dolphins (12:26), and 49ers-Eagles (18:34), plus a bonus look at Cowboys-Chargers and Rams-Colts (22:49). We close with Scouts & Stats featuring Matt Manocherian, picking the potential surprises (and other stuff) in Week 2. (24:47).
Sep 16
32 min
NFL Week 1 Preview: Welcome Back Top Quarterbacks
On this episode of the Off the Charts Podcast, Matt Manocherian and Nathan Cooper look at Week 1 in the NFL. Their focus is on the top 6 quarterbacks in our World's No. 1 Quarterback Rankings and the games they're playing this week (1:01) Among the highlights: How Patrick Mahomes will mesh with a new center (8:54), how Aaron Rodgers will do the same (12:52), have we seen peak Josh Allen yet? (22:25) and does Derek Carr deserve this high of a ranking? (26:26) We close with a Stats & Scouts segment. (32:10)
Sep 9
37 min
3 Mics and 10 Questions About the 2021 NFL Season
Mark Simon is joined by Matt Manocherian, Alex Vigderman, and Nathan Cooper to answer 10 questions about the upcoming NFL season, with the statistical and scouting perspectives given equal time. Questions include: Who will win the Super Bowl? (0:58) Who is the breakout QB and pass rusher for this season? (7:48) Which team has the greatest variance in performance? (16:24) Who will win Offensive & Defensive Rookie of the Year? (19:17) Which player will be drafted No. 1 next year – and by whom? (29:41)
Sep 2
34 min
An Analytics-Focused Fantasy Preview
On this episode of the Off The Charts Football Podcast, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) is joined by SIS Head of Business Development Corey March (@corey_march1) to do a fantasy preview for the 2021 NFL season. Matt and Corey open with a discussion of players who are getting too much hype due to their preseason performances (1:46) before moving on to some ADP misreads (13:52). The show closes with a breakdown of advanced stats that should be considered before drafting your fantasy team (26:20).
Aug 20
42 min
2021 SIS Football Analytics Challenge Finals
On this episode of the Off The Charts Football Podcast, we bring you the finals of the 2021 SIS Football Analytics Challenge that aired live on YouTube on Wednesday, 8/4. You can find the full video on the SIS YouTube channel.  You can email the show with feedback at and don't forget to follow on Twitter @SportsInfo_SIS and Instagram @sportsinfosolutions. For more, check out:
Aug 5
1 hr 47 min
2021 SIS Analytics Challenge Preview
On today's show, SIS VP of Football Matt Manocherian (@MattMano) is joined by Alex Vigderman (@VigManonCampus) and Cameron Harrigan (@NotTheFakeCamH) from our R&D department  to preview The 2021 SIS Football Analytics Challenge. The 3 of them went through the 3 entries in the Football track, reviewing the different approaches that the entrants took. The competition will be broadcast live on YouTube next Wednesday, Aug. 4, at 8 PM ET. Check here for the link to the broadcast.
Jul 30
23 min
The 2021 Football Outsiders Almanac with Aaron Schatz
Matt Manocherian is joined by former OTC co-host Aaron Schatz to discuss the 2021 Football Outsiders Almanac. Matt and Aaron open with a look at "This Year in Quotes" (2:23) before moving to team projections, starting with the Bucs, Ravens, and Chiefs (4:34), some interesting totals for the Patriots and Steelers (12:43), questions for the Cowboys and 49ers (18:05), the Packers, Saints, and Broncos (21:08), the bottom teams (26:39), the Chargers (33:48), and teams who could outperform projections (38:52).
Jul 15
48 min
Announcing the 2021 SIS Analytics Challenge
Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) and Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) announce the details for the SIS Analytics Challenge 2021 (0:26). Matt and Mark are joined by 2020 Challenge finalist Zach Feldman, who discusses his role with Next Gen (1:51), his reaction to this year's Challenge topics (3:40), his experience with last year's competition (10:46), and advice he has for this year's competitors (13:10). For further details, visit,, and
Jun 28
16 min
In Support of Carl Nassib
On this special episode of the Off The Charts Football Podcast, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) shows his support for Carl Nassib after the Raiders defensive end came out as the first openly gay active NFL player. Stay tuned for a special episode and announcement coming on Monday.
Jun 25
4 min
Michael Lopez on the Future of Football Data
On this episode of Off The Charts, Matt Manocherian and Mark Simon are joined by Michael Lopez, Director of Football Data and Analytics for the NFL. Michael discusses his role with the NFL and what he's working on now (0:47), gives an overview of Next Gen's evolution (6:07), talks about using data to evaluate football (7:24), gives the stat he likes the most (17:06), talks about the process of presenting data (26:16), and mentions the Big Data Bowl (29:14). Alex Vigderman then joins Matt to react (30:58).
Jun 10
40 min
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