Off The Charts Football Podcast
Off The Charts Football Podcast
Matt Manocherian and Aaron Schatz
Matt Manocherian of Sports Info Solutions and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders discuss the analytical side of the NFL.
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Great insight beyond the conventional statistics
Key information for all football fans
Seeker of Lost Cards
Good show
The show is good. Very Good in fact.
Tries to listen to this podcast today
They seem to have opinions which is great but obviously a lot of the info is wrong, need to do better research before coming on the show and talking about a team. Parker is also on the raiders 2nd year guy. Trent is moving to right, Milton killing is staying at left tackle. So get your info right before doing a show.... and trying to analyze a team!
The best
One of the most informative podcasts on football out there! Great way to be smarter than your friends.
Greg M
Do more
My favorite football podcast that I feel like is never on.
Great Pod
Love hearing your brand of football talk, especially when you bring in researched topics like you did with that Keegan Abdoo guy
Teddy Bruce Ski
Great info
Great informational podcast
The Football Junkie's Podcast
If you know football and are looking for thought-provoking analysis, then this is the podcast for you. Then new co-host, Matt, is certainly promising. Already enjoying listening to him!
smartest football podcast
the best, and smartest football podcast, from football outsiders (former home of bill barnwell) great show
ally moe
Outstanding Perspective on Football
I always enjoyed Aaron Schatz when he appeared on the BS Report and am his analytical perspective on football now has a weekly show.
Best football podcast in the world
This is the best football podcast in the world