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Great show for monetary issues
I found this while looking for a couple specific interviewees, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite podcasts for the guests and topics covered. If the hosts are reading this, you should try to bring on Harvard Law’s Christine Desan for the legal structure and history of money. She’d go great with some of your other guests!
Swing and Miss with Virtu
First and foremost I love the hosts, Tracy and Joe, and realize that they probably don’t have control over their guests most of the time due to it being on the Bloomberg network. However, giving the Virtu CEO a platform to shill absolutely false information about Payment For Order Flow (PFOF) is despicable given how market makers are currently blatantly manipulating the markets with synthetic shares. If they gave someone such as Dave Lauer who is incredibly knowledgeable about market maker activities (including PFOF) a platform as well it would offset the one sided shill aspect and actually be responsible journalism. Please consider not taking the CEO at face value either, he clearly has a vested interest in making Virtu (the ONLY publicly traded market maker) appear fair, balanced and somehow overly fair to retail investors when they’re actively subverting retail traders by front running via pfof as well as channelling flow in various ways.
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Love your show but this guy needs a translator. His Slavic accent is too thick to be understood!
new x user
Great show, but I can hear you typing
Please be mindful of your typing, I can hear it in the audio. Keep up the great work, love the show!
Macro context needed to understand UST gyrations
Prof Yesha Yadav provided a case for more coordinated regulation in the treasury market. Please consider having Luke Gromen on to offer a macro context for why the treasury market has become increasingly unstable. Enjoy the show. Thanks
...Eric W....
Great Show
Really enjoy the show. Always interesting, timely and down to earth. How about having Mark Dow on to go through macro / behavioral topics from a policy and practitioner perspective? Always learn a lot from him
I hear typing - poor audio
Please edit the typing or background noise out. Could be more concise and shorter.
Get to the Point
Way too much setting up the show and questions. Not captivating because of those set ups.
Beantown Billy Goat
Blockchain fixes Aussie bank issue
Any chance you guys could cover this story from a week ago: "Aussie big bank-backed IBM blockchain platform Lygon mints first guarantee" ? Seems pretty interesting and not being covered in financial press that I've seen
Tracey go buy a decent microphone
Hi guys, I love your show. Tracey, would you mind buying a decent microphone so we don’t have the feeling that you’re recording from your bathtub ? Best, Thomas
A great diversity of guests
This show isn’t just about financial markets.
junchen yu
A wide array of complex topics explained so simply!
The hosts are amazing in that they chose great guests, a wide array of topics and ask the right questions. I learned a bunch.
I am a regular listener. Been for a while. There have been some really good episodes; this one was very helpful. Keep up the good work
Lovely pod
Informative and relevant. Thanks for the content. This is my laziest review. Sorry
Highsociety johnson
A very interesting discussion on very complex issues.
Love Odd Lots
Enthusiasts of Bloomberg’s various podcasts (think Masters in Business or Surveillance) will likely already know and love Odd Lots. Spanning the gamut of lay person armchair finance talk to technical Market and Econ analysis this podcast is great. For the dedicated listener you will be able to deduce overarching themes such as Modern Monetary Theory (still waiting for them to have Ice Cube on to speak about that) and Stock Market stuff I care less about. The two presenters interweave their questions with a great level of expertise and naïveté. Perfect for a novice listener like me and hopefully for experts as well. Also the sound quality is fine, I don’t know what all these reviewers are complaining about. Maybe they can start a go fund me for a new microphone for the presenters but I don’t see the need. The pod cast is great!
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Quality podcast
Impressive guests week after week. Topics are complex but generally easy to digest. Joe needs a new microphone though :/
Excellent show
Love Tracy and Joe. Wide range of topics that reflect current developments within the global financial system.
Love it
Both quirky and comprehensive, Odd Lots is a great listen. I appreciate Joe and Tracy’s discourse. Deep dives on all things macro and micro investing with some historical and “other”. A weekly listen for me!
Great Listen - Every Episode
One of my favorite Podcasts. Great range of guests that explore a variety of topics. Led by the angelic voices of Tracy and Joe hard hitting questions about Bitcoin and MMT always quicken my commutes.
You’ll learn stuff that makes you smarter - in a timely matter
Both hosts’ voices are just fine.
Interesting Finance Podcast
Good for those interested in markets/finance, would like to see the views of guests challenged more
Great show
The best finance podcast out there, really interesting topics and guests, also Joe’s voice is super soothing
Frugal asssasin
Great Podcast
Interesting, insightful, and fun! Wide ranging topics that relate back to investing.
Great show
Great guests and themes. One of the top finance podcasts out there.
It’s Good!
The podcast is good. Wide variety of view points, the hosts are smart enough to ask questions that aren’t being covered elsewhere, and the content isn’t dumbed down enough to feel infantilizing while still being accessible to most lay people. Give it a listen!
Five stars
Great guests every time, love that both hosts have their own interests and specialities but have good rapport with eachother and can always ask good questions.
Knowledgable and Well Constructed Show
The hosts and guests always present interesting, engaging, and informative information. Always worth listening.
Outstanding guests, timely and interesting topics, well-prepared and affable hosts and probably some very good editing make this a fantastic podcast. Any slander about a face for radio/voice for twitter is likely just fud from some vengeful bitcoinista ...
Great daily listen
One of those podcasts I look forward to listening to every day.
Great show. Terrible music
This show is excellent. Informative and entertaining. Worth listening despite the music
PLJ 2021
Macro Year Ahead Episode
Hi guys - the Macro Picture heading into 2021 was fantastic. I have not heard these 2 guests before but they were great and I’ll follow them going forward. You guys do a great podcast - thanks for all the content in 2020 and all the best for 2021..!
Derivatives Trader
Part of why this pod is great
Note to podcast producers: One sponsor! Short, simple ads! PGIM, I don’t know who you are but because your ads are short and non intrusive, I will remember you! Also, the best finance podcast out there. Succinct, thoughtful, skeptical, open minded.
Economist Michael Hudson show!
The Greek debt crisis originated from heavy government spending and problems escalated over the years due to slowdown in global economic growth. When Greece became the 10th member of the European Union on Jan. 1, 1981, the country's economy and finances were in good shape, with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 28% and a budget deficit below 3% of GDP. But the situation deteriorated dramatically over the next 30 years because fiscal profligacy, which is defined as wasteful and excessive expenditure, caused deficits and debt levels to explode.
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Great show
Topics are usually pretty good for lay people that find this subject interesting. As stated in so many previous reviews but clearly nothing done about it is the audio quality of both hosts but especially Joe’s. Weird hill to die on
Trendy, superficial, ignorant
Not worth the time. Acquiescent, pedestrian questions from hosts who seem wholly ignorant of methods, validity, generalizability, etc. Guests are usually founts of buzzwords, neologisms, and euphemisms employed to mask their own poor reasoning and lack of value-addition in financial systems. Discussions are cursory and simplistic to the point of being irritatingly misleading. As is seemingly required of most podcast hosts, a great deal of vocal fry, up-talk, and "listing" are used... which I would tolerate if the content were worthwhile.
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Sidney Hart
I’m impressed with their guest list—or at least the ease with which they snare them— but not with the hosts. The chemistry between the two cohosts is often awkward but that’s a small irritant. The bigger problem is that they spout fountains of conventional wisdom and so their questions rarely put their guests on the spot. Clarification rather than challenge is the name of the game here. Tracy Alloway has a particularly gushing manner sometimes at the guest but usually to the “importance” of the subject at hand.
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Joe needs a better mic
Great show, however, Joe really needs a better microphone. The sound quality is pretty bad when he talks.
the financial world explained
The hosts explore a variety of topics from markets to economics. The guests typically explain complex issues in easy to understand ways.
Enjoyable podcast
Takes somewhat dry material and makes it more accessible with interesting speakers
A grouper user
Favorite economic podcast
Fair and balanced. Always interesting guests. Great questions to elicit thoughtful answers. Keynes would be proud!
Zach Carter
The Zack Carter interview was inspiring and terrifying, and spot on. I am choosing to be hopeful.
Great podcast
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast. They’ve been extremely insightful and timely. I would like to see more more balanced economic perspectives, such as Austrian economics, versus the heavy focus on Keynes and MMT recently.
danneskjold, r
Fantastic Podcast!
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I stumbled on it a few months ago. It’s very informative—I feel like I’m learning a lot about economic issues. I think Tracy and Joe are great too! I like their style. I think it used to have one commercial in the middle of the podcast a few months ago, but now it’s two. My one request would be the to limit the podcast to one commercial in the middle and include any other ads at the beginning and/or end.
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Poor audio quality and unnecessarily long
The audio is not up to par with that of peer podcasts. Please help your guests in particular calibrate their setups before recording. You can and should reduce the length of your episodes by 1/3. Few podcasts run for 45+ minutes. For starters, you can introduce the topic sooner in the episode.
Odd, Yes. Insightful, Yes.
Designed for true macro economists and global business investors. Very unique topics with deep dives, using historical information and topical guests. The hosts interact well together, and provide valuable summary thoughts at the end of each show.
Great info, poor audio quality
I enjoy the podcast...but the audio quality really needs help!!
Audio quality is terrible
Good topics and guests but audio quality is so bad it’s not worth listening to
Ducks billson
Great Pod!
Great pod, great hosts and great guests!!
Why are the mics bad?
Great podcast, but really strange that the mics of the hosts are so bad.
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