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Economist Michael Hudson show!
The Greek debt crisis originated from heavy government spending and problems escalated over the years due to slowdown in global economic growth. When Greece became the 10th member of the European Union on Jan. 1, 1981, the country's economy and finances were in good shape, with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 28% and a budget deficit below 3% of GDP. But the situation deteriorated dramatically over the next 30 years because fiscal profligacy, which is defined as wasteful and excessive expenditure, caused deficits and debt levels to explode.
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Great show
Topics are usually pretty good for lay people that find this subject interesting. As stated in so many previous reviews but clearly nothing done about it is the audio quality of both hosts but especially Joe’s. Weird hill to die on
Trendy, superficial, ignorant
Not worth the time. Acquiescent, pedestrian questions from hosts who seem wholly ignorant of methods, validity, generalizability, etc. Guests are usually founts of buzzwords, neologisms, and euphemisms employed to mask their own poor reasoning and lack of value-addition in financial systems. Discussions are cursory and simplistic to the point of being irritatingly misleading. As is seemingly required of most podcast hosts, a great deal of vocal fry, up-talk, and "listing" are used... which I would tolerate if the content were worthwhile.
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Sidney Hart
I’m impressed with their guest list—or at least the ease with which they snare them— but not with the hosts. The chemistry between the two cohosts is often awkward but that’s a small irritant. The bigger problem is that they spout fountains of conventional wisdom and so their questions rarely put their guests on the spot. Clarification rather than challenge is the name of the game here. Tracy Alloway has a particularly gushing manner sometimes at the guest but usually to the “importance” of the subject at hand.
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Joe needs a better mic
Great show, however, Joe really needs a better microphone. The sound quality is pretty bad when he talks.
the financial world explained
The hosts explore a variety of topics from markets to economics. The guests typically explain complex issues in easy to understand ways.
Enjoyable podcast
Takes somewhat dry material and makes it more accessible with interesting speakers
A grouper user
Please provide a sound money, Austrian contrarian view
Will you please invite Peter Schiff on to offer some balance on to the “World is Angrier” episode content and to the MMT discussion? Please avoid confirmation bias and have a true sound money thinker provide some meaningful debate. Rep Pressley is clearly clueless on economics. Balance your content with a libertarian, sound money voice once in a while. Listening to Ayanna Pressley is infuriating. Same liberal message- more government, more spending fixes everything. And the economy wasn’t good before COVID. We are on the precipice and interviews like this one obscure the bigger problems that face all Americans and will affect the poor and middle class the most. Straightening the pictures while the house is burning down. Enjoy the show. Thanks
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...Eric W....
Favorite economic podcast
Fair and balanced. Always interesting guests. Great questions to elicit thoughtful answers. Keynes would be proud!
Zach Carter
The Zack Carter interview was inspiring and terrifying, and spot on. I am choosing to be hopeful.
Great podcast
I’ve really enjoyed this podcast. They’ve been extremely insightful and timely. I would like to see more more balanced economic perspectives, such as Austrian economics, versus the heavy focus on Keynes and MMT recently.
danneskjold, r
Fantastic Podcast!
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I stumbled on it a few months ago. It’s very informative—I feel like I’m learning a lot about economic issues. I think Tracy and Joe are great too! I like their style. I think it used to have one commercial in the middle of the podcast a few months ago, but now it’s two. My one request would be the to limit the podcast to one commercial in the middle and include any other ads at the beginning and/or end.
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Poor audio quality and unnecessarily long
The audio is not up to par with that of peer podcasts. Please help your guests in particular calibrate their setups before recording. You can and should reduce the length of your episodes by 1/3. Few podcasts run for 45+ minutes. For starters, you can introduce the topic sooner in the episode.
Odd, Yes. Insightful, Yes.
Designed for true macro economists and global business investors. Very unique topics with deep dives, using historical information and topical guests. The hosts interact well together, and provide valuable summary thoughts at the end of each show.
Great info, poor audio quality
I enjoy the podcast...but the audio quality really needs help!!
Audio quality is terrible
Good topics and guests but audio quality is so bad it’s not worth listening to
Ducks billson
Great Pod!
Great pod, great hosts and great guests!!
Why are the mics bad?
Great podcast, but really strange that the mics of the hosts are so bad.
The best
If you can get past the corny humor and the less-than-professional audio quality this is the best podcast on finance and the economy. Joe and Tracy have the most interesting and insightful guests and they both ask penetrating questions. I look forward to new podcasts every week.
Detailed and accessible
The content: detailed and nuanced but accessible. While it can wander into the weeds at times, it always makes it way back with a good explanation of where it went. Topics and guests are timely yet varied. The presenters: good chemistry and use of contrasting styles. Together, they hit all the right notes/questions and make sure to bring the audience along through heady material. Joel can ask a question in three ways before allowing a response but it is more irritant rather than impediment. Enjoy!
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Heartbreaking to hear this
CV19 discussions... “...more direct cash grants to larger corps that are currently getting help through the Fed programs, through PERSUASION or FORCE, have them keep more people on the payroll.” Implied gov. Force? Persuasion? Really? Going full gov takeover? More cash to fix a more cash problem? Would love to debate this kid. ”Widespread view that this(crisis) is nobody’s fault.” That view is held on CNBC, Cramer, and this guy. It’s not the people’s view. It’s a further wealth dividing view. Not the forum to go on a long winded rebuttal to everything said, long story short, please avoid the this sheep feed for all of our good.
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How is this guy on tv/radio with that voice?
Most informative financial podcast
The hosts Joe and Tracy have created a show that informs the listener on the most interesting and less discussed topics. I come away having gained knowledge on a topic I never would have understood on my own. I feel I have gained some secrect information that none of My work colleagues know. The guest are incredibly knowledgeable and perfectly chosen to help explain the chosen topic.
Rd rd
Great podcast
Host sounds like his face is stuck in the Blue Steel pose.
Awesome Podcast!!!
Joe and Tracy, hosts of the Odd Lots podcast, highlight all aspects of business, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Good stuff
Great show but less poker would be great
Great Pod!
Joe and a Tracy are great and I love the “odd lots” topics that they cover which usually relate back to a relevant topic in the global news cycle. Currently a weekly pod but would love to see it twice a week!
‘Why The Repo Markets Went Crazy’
‘Why The Repo Markets Went Crazy’ was another legendary 5 ⭐ performance and should already be considered an early contender for November 2019’s best.
Big fan
I am a big fan. I am Finance enthusiast with curiosity to learn and this podcast offers enough details to make it worthwhile investment of time. I always look forward to new episodes. Both hosts are knowledgeable and guests are highly qualified.
Best Economics Podcast Out There
This is definitely my favorite economics podcast I’ve found. Good balance between details and big picture stuff. Joe adds some dry humor—he and Tracey work well together. The guests are well selected and quite interesting.
Joe Weisenthal’s voice is annoying
The “Bloomberg Odd Lots” podcast host’s voice (Joe Weisenthal) sounds like Dana Carvey impersonating Dan Rather on SNL. I can’t un-hear it and had to unsubscribe from the podcast.
Excellent podcast
Joe and Tracy ask great guests meaningful questions and the ensuing conversations are intelligent and informative. Excellent work, excellent podcast.
Dr. Sciolist PhDs
Great fun, and learn a lot
I always learn a ton, the guests are usually great independent thinkers. Joe makes the show, Tracy takes it a bit too seriously.
Hear me out
So we all know that Joe Wiesenthal is a complete Twitter troll, but sometimes he isn’t on the podcast and there is an absolute gem like Tracy interviewing John Hampton.
Evan BW
Wonky and weird
Tracy and Joe turn up the wonkiness and look into interesting financial stories, but usually manage to keep it from turning boring. Always feel like I come away with a bit of knowledge about a weird market, or interesting ideas to think about further.
Bus Insider junkie
This is Planet Money on steroids
This show is a great way to go deeper into an incredibly broad range of financial topics
One of the best finance/economics podcasts
Great hosts. Y’all sometimes make me laugh out loud. Very good layman explanations but also some insight. I want to express, however, that I find the episodes that touch more in theory to be much more interesting than the ‘story’ ones. I want to think!!! Definitely would appreciate increased assumption of listener knowledge in popular topics like basic Econ theory, options theory, vol, macro market developments, investing theories etc. I really think that would make the episodes significantly more interesting. Especially given that the advantage of the podcast format over print is that you can interview experts and gain insights that you wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s a real opportunity for deeper dives into different perspectives on popular topics of ones that seem more niche but have broader extensions/implications (think the MMT and cryptoskeptic episodes are good examples of this). Basically, insight you gleam most efficiently from speaking with a person. I don’t want to hear about stuff I can read on Bloomberg or financial times, you know? Demographic context: I’m a female college student in my senior year who listens to this during my morning makeup routine. I’m going into finance after I graduate, but defs count me in the non-industry professional category (as in yes, I probably know a bit more about finance than your average college kid but still I really think you guys could assume a little more prior knowledge from your listeners). I love the dynamic between Tracy and Joe (also allow me to express my appreciation also for a great younger female co-host -fist pump-) . The recent MMT episode (also crypto one was good!) prompted me to leave this review after years of listening. Once again, I think moreso in the past podcast topics were a bit too general - kind of like an audio version of knowledge I could find relatively easily. Always felt less educational and moreso like a review of things I knew with some more interesting detail and observations. Then again, maybe I expect too much from a podcast haha, but you guys seem like people up for a challenge.
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Really enjoyed hearing both sides of the MMT debate between your last 2 guests. These are the best discussions on MMT I have heard among all the programs I’ve listened to. Great job.
Derivatives Trader
Mostly unhearable
While the female co-host is bearable, I cannot bear to hear the whiny voice of the male co-host. Sometimes there are interesting subjects, but I cannot stand hearing this guy (I say that generously).
Generational Analysis
gator great
Great Podcast
Just discovered Joe and Tracy’s Podcast recently and have really enjoyed it. I’ve followed Tracy’s work throughout the financial crisis. She’s really insightful. A good follow on Twitter too! Her and Joe do a great job with this podcast.
A great and interesting podcast about financial topics
I spent 15+ years in the financial and trading space and get consistent value out of this podcasts. It is well produced, with a bit of banter between the two hosts and then an interview topic, about the right length for a commute, and with minimal commercial breaks. They attempt to break down very complex topics into something that someone with a decent background in the space could understand, from trading strategies to volitility to the history of specific iconic products. Bloomberg has access to a lot of talent in this space and a podcast of this quality wouldn’t occur without their connections. This podcast is well worth a listen.
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Carl from chicago
Great job!
Great job Joe and Tracy! Keep em’ coming!
One of my favorites
Tracy and Joe’s thoughtful and fun approach and questions, expert guests and fascinating topics combine to make one of my favorite podcasts—and I’m not a finance or economics professional! Notably here: my lack of background is one of the reasons I appreciate their well placed explanations of theories, models and terminology. I listen to learn. Keep it up y’all!
Great, entertaining, educational inteviews
This podcast has excellent interviews and discussions with their guests. I find I have to save them so I can listen over again just to absorb all the fascinating ideas that they and their guests present.
Fun topics
Love this podcast, especially for Econ nerds
Great format
Novel subject matter from talented hosts in a solid format.
Grating speech patterns
She goes from an effected 'vocal dry' to mild up speak which undermines her surface understanding of the topic. He seems like a nice personality but sounds like a dweeb wanting to be an old hand. Youth is not an accomplishment. The Guests are great. (5 + 1)/2 = 3 Stars.
I do love the show. There is always something offbeat to talk about in the world of finance and both hosts do a wonderful job of asking insightful questions. They need to work on their intro just a bit as it always comes off as heavily scripted.
Joe Strauss
Good podcast
This is one of the best podcasts I have found. With rare exception, every one has been fascinating information about a topic that has not been covered by anyone else. They are informative and interesting.
Mark 75422357899
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