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My favorite podcast
Odd Lots is, by far, my favorite podcast. Joe and Tracy are excellent hosts and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Also, please do an episode on roof insurance fraud in Florida. I very much look forward to hearing about Florida Man and his insurance scam. Thanks!
Really good podcast
Please do the episode on the Florida roof insurance scandal.
Great relevant content, easy to digest, highly relevant industry guests
Great podcast. Easy to digest. Knowledgeable hosts. Topical and relevant issues for the current macro and business environment.
Great dynamics and in depth expertise
I love the format. I appreciate the intro section; the long winded (in the best ways) q&a format between great reporters and people with amazing experience in their fields; and the brief reflection during the wind down. There have been some episodes with audio challenges but with more in-studio interviews, and maybe remote guests improving their gear, thankfully there are fewer episodes with difficult sounds. Thank you, Tracy and Joe and everyone else involved in making this show.
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Hit or miss
I loved the episodes on Logistics, Trucking, and some of the finance shows. They were educational, the Q
My favorite podcast
I don’t work in finance or anything like that, but this is my favorite podcast. I love the hosts and great guests they get.
My favorite podcast
Smart, insightful, and intelligent
Oma Lovell
Consistently interesting
I have really enjoyed numerous episodes of this podcast. The topics are wide-ranging and the variety is a welcome contrast to the general repetitiveness of most financial market punditry. Also, the episodes generally end within an hour, which shows further good judgment. Definitely one of my favorites!
Excellent and Informative Tractor Supply Interview
I listen to every show, and mostly enjoy them quite thoroughly, but I thought the tractor supply interview was exceptional. As usual, the hosts asked the questions that I would hope I would have asked, and the interviewee was top-notch. He answered the questions thoroughly and succinctly, and could really speak in whole paragraphs, much less in whole sentences.
UB Boy
Smart and informative
It’s hard to find well-informed, wide-ranging exploration of current economic and business trends. These guys do it effortlessly. I learn something every time I listen.
New Hampshire Guy
Bad hosts, good guests
This show would be five stars with better hosts
One of the Best
Always so informative and entertaining. I often feel “pundits” are just repeating things they’ve learned from Odd Lots.
DJB follower
Tracy & Joe
Ezra Klein mentioned this podcast a year or so ago and I have been listening ever since. Glad he did. Tracy and Joe have that je ne sais quoi. I am grateful for the energy and ideas the Odd Lots team brings to the show.
Bloomberg is gonna Bloomberg
It’s too bad, I like the hosts as far as the dynamics of the show. They don’t even try to hide the political leaning of the show. Having a show about the UAW and only inviting a rep from tbe UAW and somebody from Jacobin?? Was a rep directly from the communist party not available? Have to unsubscribe after this episode.
All about the guests
Some really standout guests on this program, lots of really smart folks. There are quite a few duds as well but overall the quality is great. Good banter and questions from the hosts.
My Favorite Podcast Habit
Tracy & Joe are always on trend and half-a-step ahead of other financial podcasts. Thank you Bloomberg!
Seattle Sam
Best Podcast
This is the very best podcast going for business information. Joe and Tracy have a great rapport which makes listening a pleasure. That they consider modern money concepts definitely elevates the considerations about where we can take this in the future. With all the podcasts available, this one is tops.
Great Show
Look forward to listening to every episode. Joe & Tracy do a great job breaking things down.
1017 Soilder
Love the show
Same topics addressed from different angles and viewpoints are ver educational. Love the goofy music.
Decent but can be grating
Please stop introducing people as “the perfect guest” and beginning follow-up questions with “I was just going to ask about that,” though. It’s okay to not say those things. This is a fine podcast to skim through to stay up to date on certain topics and learn about other niche areas, as well. Given the broad range of subjects covered it tends to be fairly superficial.
User for 5+ years
Great Listen
Great light hearted show with heavy topics. I enjoy listening. It may not be everyone cup of tea but I love the guests and their opinions snd also facts when they go into the history of topics. Keep the episodes coming!
My favorite podcast on the economy
I enjoy this podcast so much that every time I hear the intro music it makes me smile. The hosts, Joe and Tracy, dig into really interesting and often unexplored aspects of the economy. They seem like a true “marriage of equals” as well, which I really appreciate: Each has their own strengths, they have great chemistry, and they seem to really respect and appreciate one another. It’s very refreshing!
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Great podcast, timely and varied perspectives.
Good guests, timely subjects, deep into important topics. Plus the theme song is timeless.
Worldcoin = scam
That’s all… worldcoin isn’t legal in the US. Their protocol has yet to be adopted by anyone, what’s the incentive for giving biometric data?? Insane, huge credibility loss to give these scammers a platform.
Great Guests, Mediocre Hosts
Many interesting and knowledgeable guests. However, Joe and Tracy need to learn how ask questions and refrain from 5 minute speeches as part of each question. Also, Joe would do well to stop saying “like,” “sort of,” and “kind of” hundreds of times each episode.
Avoid Politics
If you avoid the political episodes, this show is actually great!! There is a nauseatingly obvious Left bias though as soon as conversations take a turn into anything political
CME podcast / love these deep dives
I live Tracy / Joe’s deep dive approach where they get into all aspects of an issue over an hour! CME episode was fantastic - Joe / Tracy were really well prepared and Terry Duffy did a great job!
Derivatives Trader
Very good but the music
The show is great just about every episode. New ideas and fresh interviews. But for the love of god… the music! Goofball music in a really smart/serious podcast.
Informative and timely.
As a financial advisor, I feel like this gives me some added perspective on topics my clients may have questions about/
Love this show
Tracey and Joe are excellent at interviewing their guests. Thoughtful questions and interesting topics. Only suggestion: Would love to hear them interview Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist, about his current book The End of the World is just the Beginning. His analysis of the interaction of geography and demographics is fascinating.
sax sister Lynette
#1 Joe Weisenthal fan club
Joe retweeted me once and I thought that was pretty cool. Tracy is great too. Amazing pod
Odd Lots Enjooooyeeeer
Irresponsible Journalism
You guys might want to fact check your information on the SVB episodes. “Failing to balance assets and liabilities” isn’t even a coherent statement by joe. Plenty of banks have substantial IRR right now because of the whipsaw that we saw with COVID low rates to the rising rate environment that we have now. Depending on when they purchased those securities that could have been the right decision at the time but you guys COMPLETELY glossed over this fact. This failure was due to $42 billion, or 30% of their deposit base leaving the bank within 24 hours. No amount of regulatory oversight can stop a bank from failing at that point, period. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar or woefully incompetent. In ADDITION, your host who is supposedly an “expert” talks about how treasuries are risk weighted at 0% however the MAJORITY of their securities on their balance sheet were not treasuries they were GSE MBSs which are weighted at 20% so he doesn’t even know how to read a call report and is just making a blanket statement that “regulation is broken” what an absolute joke.
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Weak hosts with weak insights!
Anti-Trust Laws not emphasized, but this dude couldn’t hush about wage increases.
The lack of emphasis on flagrant anti-trust law violations, in a post Citizens United decision America, is irresponsible. Additionally, there was zero discussion about how this pricing increase at the expense of volume may affect the increasing wealth inequality gap.
Dr. Nomecat
Great hosts, topics and guests
Always a good listen, and great topics to stay informed on current events in business. Really is the highlight of Bloomberg journalism.
Not much Journalism
Very low energy from the hosts, very minimal pushback on interviews, not worth listening.
A must-listen and a smart take on the news
Just listened to episode w Robert Papp. Learned more about Ukraine war in 30 minutes than from most of media coverage to date. Got connected to Odd Lots via S B F interview and now its a must listen every week. They do a great job taking complicated or “dry” facts to make them relevant.
Bull market in the word “”like”
Great topics and guests on the pod. But constructive feedback would be to work on the constant use of the word “like”, including to start sentences. It’s pretty distracting and not consistent with professional dialogue. Otherwise, keep up the great work.
Just listened to the ex- logger talk about his hands on practical knowledge of how to build electric- diesal big trucks. Learned more about supply chain, peak vs average electric supply needs and the world of real applications. And loved every bit of the questions and responses.. what a relief to hear real vs pie in the sky predictions
The two dumbest.. like… people…
Like… in.. making… like… podcast… like crypto?
I really love this podcast
There is something about this podcast that just makes sense. For one, the production quality is insane. And two… the hosts are amazing. They don’t spend 10 minutes asking a question that doesn’t make sense. They just ask their guest to speak their mind and then offer a great breakdown of what was just said. I love it. I can listed to this podcast all day and will learn things all. Day. I love it.
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Enjoyable podcast
Takes somewhat dry material and makes it more accessible with interesting speakers Follow up: I don’t agree with many of the opinions on this program, but I appreciate the guests they are able to have on and that they consistently put out new material each week.
A grouper user
Some episodes are good. But unfortunately, as it is often the case, whenever the subject of crypto is concerned, this podcast is weak on analysis, overly reverential to what the blockchain is and giving credence to a den of thieves
So sad that the guest was clueless about the crypto space. Nobody will invest in his exchange.
Less time being woke and more time thinking…nice call on FTX btw.
I h8 dns
Grating speech patterns
She goes from an effected 'vocal dry' to mild up speak which undermines her surface understanding of the topic. He seems like a nice personality but sounds like a dweeb wanting to be an old hand. Youth is not an accomplishment. The Guests are great. (5 + 1)/2 = 3 Stars. And the recent episode on Apple privacy effecting internet & mobile advertising was, for me, a disappointment. While not seeking a primer, 2 minutes on how the mechanics work with each parties’ financial benefit would have been additive.
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Best Bloomberg podcast
Absolutely the best Bloomberg podcast. Amazing depth, great way to learn about different topics, industries, and more.
Dave C (Penn)
Can’t stand the male host voice
Couldn’t even get through one episode.
Former Fan
I used to be a fan of this podcast, but their uncritical infatuation with crypto has been an increasing issue over the last couple years. Their latest episode at the time of wiring this review, giving Pat Toomey a platform to spout his pro-cypto nonsense, was last straw for me. Avoid this podcasts; there are far better alternatives.
Audio is spotty, content is decent
This is the third episode in a row where I found the discussion interesting, but had a hard time listening due to audio leveling issues. I tend to listen in noisy situations, but That is not a problem for most of my listening.
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