Odd Lots
Odd Lots
27: Kentucky Derby Edition: Flip This Horse
31 minutes Posted May 4, 2016 at 6:13 am.
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Show notes

If you're like most people, you only bet on horses once a year, the day of the Kentucky Derby. You might try to cram a little beforehand, bone up about the favorites, and then place an ignorant losing wager. This year can be different! On this week's Odd Lots, our guest is Bloomberg's David Papadapolous, who in addition to his day job as a top editor is our resident expert on all things equine. Papadapolous explains the art of pinhooking -- buying a horse at auction and then flipping it -- and the tricks of the trade that a veteran horse handicapper uses to find "value" in a bet. He also offers some specific insight that you can use to make an educated Derby wager.

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