Odd Lots
Odd Lots
25: Americans Are Miserable, and It's Swaying The Election
27 minutes Posted Apr 25, 2016 at 6:16 am.
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How can you tell whether people in any given country are happy or not? That's the topic we wrestle with on the latest edition of the Odd Lots podcast. First we talk to Peter Atwater of the firm Financial Insyghts about the growing signs that a significant swathe of the population is depressed and how that's showing up in markets, the culture and of course the election. Then we speak to Bloomberg Intelligence economist Carl Ricadonna about the so-called Misery Index, a super simple way of measuring the economy that has a surprisingly good track record for predicting Presidential results. We talk about the history of this indicator, and what it's telling us ahead of the November vote.

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