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Nonprofit Architect Podcast
Travis Johnson
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Invaluable advice for nonprofits!
Whether you’re well established in nonprofit life or just getting started, I would highly recommend subscribing to the Nonprofit Architect. Travis is a fantastic nonprofit coach with an incredible story. If you tune in, you’ll get answers to problems you didn’t even know you had and get to hear from so many great people making an impact on their communities and the world.
Can’t believe you started in Bahrain
Love your radio voice and the stories you tell! Thanks for going below the surface, bringing the value and helping us all! Reena Friedman Watts Host of the Better Call Daddy Show
You will PROFIT from this show!
Travis does an extraordinary job corralling brilliant guests and navigating fruitful conversations on leadership, performance, and culture!
Alan Stein
Travis and his guests are nonprofit experts
Nonprofit Architect brings on experts to share their knowledge and nonprofit expertise. Each podcast is full of great information and helpful tips to build a strong nonprofit.
A. Weirich
Non-profit golden nuggets
Travis is a great host! I love that it’s focused on an array of different topics regarding non-profits. Very professional/knowledgeable people on the show!
Compassion overflow... Mission Driven
Mr. Johnson is the most direct inspiring influencer I have been with or associated with in a good chunk of time!!! He has a passion to see your success and he wants to put those tools of success at your disposal. Travis has no time to sugar coat and/or spend a lot of time with the training wheels in. He will through you into the deep end and sit there and support you the whole time... he thrives on your success and has you do it through your lense and flavor. If you want to grow and build success get involved, but be prepared to do the work for your organization. It is real!!!
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A tool you need
Travis is passionate, just like any nonprofit leader is. He provides excellent tools for people at any stage of running a charity and is readily available for coaching and advice, BUT he will hold you accountable. Having a cheerleader who provides positive and negative feedback is excellent because it helps you grow. Just 20 minutes of one episode of this show will open your eyes and have you asking for more.
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Fattius T. Williams
Non-profits need this.
Travis Johnson is a leader on multiple levels. He has a heart for the nonprofit sector and a background with experience to prove that he knows what he’s doing. You’ll find answers, direction, and guidance that will benefit your organization. He has a no nonsense approach for targeting practical strategies and plans. He helped my nonprofit.
Talking mental health