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Travis Johnson
The Nonprofit Architect Podcast is the premier 'how-to' podcast designed to build, launch, and improve your nonprofit! We interview nonprofit leaders, business leaders, consultants, and those with special skills in order to give you the actionable steps needed to build stronger nonprofits. Our guests dive into their expertise, pull back the curtain, and give you the actionable steps you've been looking for! We go in-depth into these great topics: Board of Directors How to Build your Board World-Class Events Event Planning Holiday Events Fundraisers How to Start a Nonprofit How to Close a Nonprofit Leadership Six-Figure Fundraising Google Ad Grant Networking LinkedIn Facebook Groups Monthly Recurring Donations Grants Grant Programs How to make your Nonprofit Grant Ready Podcasting Podcasting for a Cause Communication Partnerships Sponsorships Abundance Mindset Virtual Staffing VA Virtual Assistant Mission Creep Compassion Fatigue Self Sabotage Marketing Branding Email Campaigns Policies Procedures Legislative Advocacy Merchant Services Credit Card Processing Ebooks Membership Model Signature Programs Governance Delegation Change Management Contacting Celebrities PTSD Combatting Suicide Veteran Veterans Volunteers How to find Volunteers Business planning Mail Chimp Networking Media Kit Media Appearances Collaboration over Competition Donor Retention How to start your own foundation Non Profit Architect Non-Profit Architect
How to Find Great Interns: Haowen Ge
Education and certification programs are important for all Americans. International students can struggle with the process. How can we help these students through the intern application process? Conversation Highlights  {01:06} Introduction to finding good interns  {06:25} The first step for people interested in an internship  {09:06} Step two after the application  {13:32} The recall assessment  {19:43} The length of time to complete all the steps  {20:48} What to do once they are part of the team  {25:25} What is coming next? Remarkable Quotes  Travis: “Education and certification programs are important.”  Haowen: “If you don’t train your interns, you’re going to have a bunch of untrained, uneducated people that don't feel like you care about them running around trying to do things for you.”  Haowen: “Our students come from low-incomes and refugee camps; they need a role model.”   Haowen: “Our interns can create a new lesson plan; create the programs we need to learn how to be able to create.”  Travis: “Often people will get a job description, apply for the job, do the interview then start the job and the job is nothing like what was advertised.”  Haowen: “90% of our students successfully complete and continued to get another job.” Resources  Bio for Haowen Ge  Haowen Ge is originally from China and moved to Shaker Heights* with his mother when he was 12 years old. He experienced and fully understands the challenges and obstacles international students currently face at local public schools.  Haowen graduated from the University of Mount Union in 2012 with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. He, also, received an M.A. in Business Administration at Baldwin Wallace University in 2017. Mr. Ge is the executive director at International Student Services Association and founded the Haowen Cultural Foundation in 2017.  Haowen’s education, his personal and work experience uniquely qualifies him to provide guidance and assistance to international students. This includes college identification and application, career advising, and financial aid planning to facilitate a potentially difficult process for students that are new to this country. Nonprofit Architect Podcast Links  Website:    Community:  Ultimate Podcast Guide:  Subscribe and leave a review:  Patreon:  Watch on YouTube:  Listen to these other great podcasts from Veterans:  Want help getting your podcast started? Check out:   
Jan 11
31 min
9 Tips to be a Great Guest
There are more than 500 million blogs, 850,000 active podcasts, 30,000 radio stations, 1,200 newspapers, 7,300 magazines, and 6,000 digital magazines. What do they have in common? They all need content. Most of them rely on interviews to create content. Why not you? I use social media to gain the know, like, and trust factor. I answer questions in industry-specific groups and provide endless value while building my brand. I post in podcast collaboration groups like this group on Facebook and this group on Reddit, to find guests and get myself booked as a guest. I'm going to cover tips to be prepared for an interview. If you want more information on how to get the yes for the interview, check out my interview with Lori McNeil here. The best thing is to have branding consistency throughout your platforms. Did you recently update your logo? Do all your platform have the updated logo? Did you update your links? Do all platforms/content have updated links? Is your headshot more than two years old? If it is, get new headshots. 1. Research the podcast host and listen to at least 2 episodes. 2. Test your Gear. Ensure your mic and headphones are selected on the correct input on Zoom, Streamyard, or Riverside FM.  3. Know Their Audience. Understanding the audience is vital to ensuring your message gets the most impact. 4. Be a Storyteller. This isn't a job interview. Ensure you have relevant stories on tap. These could be light-hearted, love, serious, business, origin, and your why. 5. Provide Value. Many guests provide a PDF. In addition to providing value to the audience, you need to also provide value to the host. Make sure to rate and review the show. Also promote your interview on your social media and on your email list. 6. Nail your Message. Your message must be refined and practied, know your core message, at least 3 valid points, and your CTA (Call to Action). If you don't tell the audience what to do, how can you ensure they take the desired action? 7. No Filler All Killer. Filler words hurt. Ahs and Ums will distract from your message. You want your audience focused and hanging on your every word. 8. Prepare the Space. Ensure the pets are in their own space, turn off phone and email notifications, ensure your family knows you are recording, be punctual, and use the host's name throughout the interview. 9. Be Gracious. Things can get hectic during recording, regardless of how prepared you are noises can happen in the background, you can lose your cool, or a million random things can happen. Make sure you go viral for the right reasons and not because you flew off the handle. Things can pop up. Coordinate ahead of time with the host to know how to handle them. This can be editing, re-recording, or re-asking the question. Grace is a skill and it requires practice.
Jan 10
10 min
Haowen Ge: Preview
Education and certification programs are important for all Americans.  international students can struggle with the process. How can we help these students through the intern application process? (You can hear the whole episode on January 11th)
Jan 7
3 min
3 Reasons Every Podcaster Needs Their Own Website
There are tons of tools available to podcasters. There are far more than 3 reasons podcasters need their own website but here are my top 3. Reason #1 Traffic Start benefitting from all the traffic generated by your show by directing listeners to your website instead of Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Pandora. Tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Hot Jar can help to provide demographics of people who visit your website. Reason #2 Collect Emails Email services, like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber can help you manage your email list. Email and phone numbers are vital to the success of every business even in the age of social media. Social Media certainly has its pros and cons but when service is disrupted or a Social Media Site ceases to exist, you still need to be able to contact your audience. Facebook has been known to shut down groups without notice or explaining their reasons. If your preferred Social Media site shut down, deleted your group, or banned you, would you still be able to be in touch with your audience? Reason #3 Sell Your Stuff It's easier to sell your products and services when you have a website. I use E-Junkie to host my digital products, process online payments, and automatically deliver my products to the customer's email. At only $4/month, E-Junkie pays for itself. Nonprofit Architect Podcast Links   Website:   Community:  Ultimate Podcast Guide Patreon Listen to these other great podcasts from Veterans. Want help getting your podcast started?
Jan 5
3 min
Basic Leadership 101
Basic Leadership Lessons learned in the military and executed in the real world. Conversation Highlights: {00:47} Are they trained? {01:33} Are they capable? {02:51} Have I set my expectations? {05:37} Have I given them the opportunity to perform? {05:48} The 3 D's of leadership. Get Nonprofit in a Box All the documents you need to apply for your 501c3 and policies you need to be successful. Package includes: IRS Form 1023 EZ Eligibility worksheet Example IRS form 501c3 (filled out) Bylaws 4-Step Board vetting process Board Profile Terms of Office Board President Description Secretary Description Treasurer Description Board Member at Large Description Board Member Development Committee Charter Fund Development Committee Charter Fund Development Committee Chair Quarterly/Annual Planning Code of Conduct Policy Code of Ethics Conflict of Interest Policy Conflict of Interest Report Diversity and Inclusion Policy Document Retention and Destruction Policy Mission, Vision, and Values Statement Whistleblower Policy. $297
Jan 5
11 min
The Seven Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell: Kurian Tharakan
You can move people with the power of a story. Your brand will be created and clarified in storytelling. You must learn to tell stories to be successful. Kurian shares the seven essential stories charismatic leaders tell. Conversation Highlights   {00:37} Introduction of Kurian Tharakan {02:51} One story Kurian tells {08:59} Your brand revolves around meaning embedded in storytelling {11:34} Building off a story and painting a picture of a person {13:29} A customer is the same thing as a donor {17:53} How to make sure you are not wasting advertising money {17:59} Being specific on your channels {21:27} The key elements of an origin story {26:36} Getting the headlines {29:51} You need to spend some money to reach the people you want to reach {31:20} Kurian tells the story of the mighty winds {31:23} What is a story about {37:10} You must be professional {38:57} Roadblocks you need to avoid   Remarkable Quotes   Kurian: “There're obstacles in the way of obstacles” Travis: “You can draw the potential donor into the story to understand there's a problem.”  Kurian: “We are storytellers. We need to master storytelling to master communication.”  Kurian: “The whole purpose of communication is response.” Kurian: “Youth Emergency Shelter. Such a clear brand. Such a clear purpose.” Kurian: “You can't market to a 25-year-old donor the same way you can market to a 45-year-old.” Resources   Book: The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell   Infographic:   Website:   LinkedIn:   Twitter:   Email:   PodMatch Profile: Bio for Kurian Tharakan    Kurian Mathew Tharakan is the founder of the sales and marketing strategy firm, Strategy Peak Sales & Marketing Advisors, and a 27-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry. He has consulted for companies in numerous sectors. Mr. Tharakan is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller, “The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell,” which details how anyone can move people and mountains with the power of story. Nonprofit Architect Podcast Links     Website:     Community:    Ultimate Podcast Guide:   Subscribe and Leave a Review:   Patreon:   Watch on YouTube:   Listen to these other great podcasts from Veterans:   Want help getting your podcast started? Check out:
Jan 4
47 min
The 8 Types of Fear we all Face
The 8 Dominate Fear Types: {02:15} Fear of Setting Goals {05:27} Fear of Failure {07:54} Fear of Appearing Arrogant {09:28} Fear of Asking for Help {11:25} Fear of Saying No {13:01} Fear of Being Scrutinized by Others {15:07} Fear of Knowing Your Worth {17:07} Fear of Taking a Break Remarkable quotes: Persistence renders fear of failure powerless. When people understand my intent, I'm more likely to get what I need to get where I'm going. Nonprofit Architect Links Email:  
Jan 3
20 min
Kurian Tharakan: Preview
You can move people with the power of a story. Your brand will be created and clarified in storytelling. You must learn to tell stories to be successful. Kurian shares the seven essential stories charismatic leaders tell.   (You can hear the whole episode on January 4th) 
Dec 31, 2021
1 min
2021 Year in Review: Travis Johnson
2021 has been filled with tons of victories. We are recapping a successful 2021! Thanks to all our fans! We couldn't have done any of this without you. At the end of 2020, we had less than 8,000 downloads. Today we are over 38,000 thank you! has grown to include: Nonprofit Podcast Network: 15 Nonprofit related shows Veteran Podcast Network: 42 Veteran hosted shows Guest Appearances: 44 guest appearances this year Professional Podcast Production: Get your podcast started today! Ultimate Podcast Guide v 6.0 now 56 pages Guest Speakers/Presenter: Podcknow 2021 with Bruce Chamoff Donor Attraction Forum with Maryanne Dersh Hubinar with Katie Appold Teach the Teacher Nigeria with Mike Adeyemo Synapse Hub with Keith Reynolds Mental Health Summit with Ryan Hunt Thank yous: – Incognito Metalworks and Jeff Riley for creating my sign. – with Ginger and David for creating my Poker chips. – Southpaw Laser Concepts and JD Tierney for creating my hat. – Veteran Podcast Awards and Shane Cunningham from Broken Jarhead. Thank you for creating National Military Podcast Day and the Veteran Podcast Awards. Great job! – Synergy Learning Institute and Dr. Julie Ducharme for creating my podcast course. – Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone for creating Unleash Your Humble Alpha – SkillMil and Michael Hinkle. 2021 Nonprofit Architect Top 10 Podcast Interviews (by downloads) 1. Mark Buzan; How to Jump-Start Your Board of Directors  2. Tamisha Sales; Conviction in Your Mission 3. Sarah Jean Knox; Help your Donors be Heroes 4. Alec Green: Nonprofit Ready Free Courses 5. Mark Bowers: How to Know if You’re making an Impact 6. Kalley Dunn: Fundraising Insights from the pros at AmFund 7. How Do I Contact Celebrities; An interview with Vincent James 8. Bruce Rosenthal; How to Create Sponsorships using their Marketing Budget 9. Dee Dee Kiesow: Six-Figure Fundraising Framework 10. Interview with Preston Cone; Facebook Ads, email copy, and secrets behind the Google Ad Grant. 2022 Outlook! Extra episodes including top takeaways from each episode, leadership/mindset, podcast tips, book analysis, policy walkthroughs, and more!
Dec 30, 2021
30 min
Wings for Warriors Foundation: Anthony Ameen
How can a nonprofit transition into a foundation? Are you thinking about moving from providing services to a more foundation-based program? This is one of the many topics discussed with Anthony from the Wings of Warriors Foundation.   Conversation Highlights:  {00:43} Introduction to Anthony and the "Wings for Warriors Foundation." {06:49} Anthony's faith story. {09:38} How to sift through everything and learn not to worry. {11:48} When you have problems with trust, you can lean toward Micromanaging. {15:22} The importance of conversations. {20:53} Changing from a traditional nonprofit to a foundation. {25:59} Lifting the troubles and the challenges of those communities you are serving. {27:50} Moving from providing services to a more foundation-based program {31:19} Knowing what criteria you care about. How to focus on the right things.  Remarkable quotes:  Anthony: "I came home, broke into a broken health care system." Anthony: "Being a corpsman, I saw both sides of the health care spectrum." Anthony: "Helping others allowed me to regain perspective." Anthony: "I Shifted that perspective and channeled the negativity into a positive outlook." Travis: "My faith, my service, and my spouse build my foundation." Anthony: "If you move from public to private, there is a serious amount of paperwork. Anthony: "Medical organizations make mistakes."    Resources:   Bio for Anthony Ameen Anthony Ameen's life changed in an instant in 2008. And it's been evolving ever since…   As a Hospital Corpsman, Ameen earned the nickname "Doc" as he embraced a culture of order and duty. His catastrophic battlefield injury changed the course of the life he envisioned. Still, Anthony eventually chose to view his new path as one that would be watered by the nurtured outflow of the adversity he had faced. His experiences, though challenging at times, allowed him to see the potential for change and fueled an entrepreneurial spirit within him, which led to his creation of the non-profit Wings for Warriors.   Under Ameen's leadership, the non-profit organization matured from an idea to a nationally recognized foundation that aims to advocate for veterans' holistic and spiritual needs, first responders, and their families. As Founder & CEO, Anthony personally counseled more than 5,000 veterans and helped launch Wings for Warriors outlets in 30 different cities across the country.   It quickly became clear that the grit, determination, perseverance, and leadership capabilities "Doc" channeled in the military served him well in civilian life as an entrepreneur, an advocate, and a nationally recognized public figure. He is the face and the lifeblood of Wings for Warriors. He brings invites from national media outlets, speaking engagements at large-scale events, and sponsorships earned from Fortune 500 companies.   Along the way, Doc turned his focus into co-founding and building Taylor & Lawrence, a boutique consulting firm specializing in serving the Department of Defense (DoD) and Healthcare industries by unearthing strategic business partnerships for increased performance and quality patient care.   Ameen's past continues to fuel his future. And his story provokes anyone listening to realize they have not fully tapped every ounce of their potential. Anthony addresses his successes and pitfalls through his emotional and physical recovery in an uncommonly honest way, all while holding his listeners internally responsible for the changes they need to make to grow. Ameen's story incites change, triggers action, and spurs productivity. And, perhaps most importantly, it plants a seed of accountability.   When he isn't traveling for speaking engagements, Anthony spends time with his wife, and their four children, at their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Nonprofit Architect Podcast Links     Website:   Community:    Ultimate Podcast Guide Subscribe and leave a review Patreon Watch on YOUTUBE Listen to these other great podcasts from Veterans. Want help getting your podcast started?  
Dec 28, 2021
37 min
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