Movement Podcast
Movement Podcast
Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton
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Gray is too much
Gray talks way too much and dominates the conversation over the guest. He loves to hear his own voice.
Keep politics out of it
Don’t start political debates about exercising to prevent COVID
Great podcast!
This is a great podcast. As a chiro I really appreciate the information, concepts and ideas. This is a great podcast for clinicians, trainers, coaches and even athletes. These guys know their stuff and I also appreciate the great guests they have on the show. What a great resource.
Excellent addition to SFMA
Great podcast. I’m frequently sharing episodes with my co-workers and have conversations about topic discussed in episodes.
Yeti PT
This week, Movement Mailbag
Again, a fabulous podcast. We are so blessed to be able to listen to the thoughts and applications of two of the top “Movement Influencers”! I always come away feeling more confident when working with my clients. Thank you for your wealth of information...and the fun banter between these two old friends is fun too!
Best Podcast
I’ve been following FMS since I was in chiropractic school. Reading all their articles, watching their videos and taking their educational courses. They make health and performance so understandable and relatable. Back then I wished they had a podcast, but now they do and it’s perfect! So glad they keep coming out with content! If you’re into health and performance definitely give this podcast a follow, it won’t disappoint!
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Brandon Zimmer
Another tool in the toolbox
I love how Gray and Lee organize the thoughts and expand the ideas to apply the FMS system on real people. It’s one thing to learn at a seminar with other professionals, a completely different thing to apply it Monday morning. I feel this podcast keeps you learning at the same time gets you applying. Plus they are nerds like me...good company.
Great Show
Why would I not listen to people I consider my Mentors share great info. Having trained with them since the early days of kettlebells till now, still dropping knowledge that can be used to help people. Thank you for putting this out.
Smart, practical, and applicable information!
As a fitness professional, I am always looking for solid information that I can apply in my field. I look forward to new episodes of this podcast, and truly geek out on the content. The episodes are just the right length and don’t bore you with too much data or jargon. They got this one right!
Why wouldn’t you subscribe to this show
Why wouldn’t you listen to a show brought to you by some of the greatest physical therapy/strength thinkers of our time. As an upcoming PT, I’ve been listening and re-listening to episodes of this show trying soak of every ounce of knowledge I can for future application. It also helps that Gray and Lee have the occasional hilarious jab back & forth at each other. Planning to take the SFMA soon after graduation!
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Dr. Lift
Crucial Insight
This podcast has been a weekly Lauren on my long trail runs, and it’s been great to get a breath of fresh air from within our industry. A shift needs to occur and the Functional Movement squad is always at the forefront, willing to learn, explore, discuss, listen and adapt. Keep it up!
Great listen!
This podcast inspires me to think about health and wellness in a new way! Excellent advice and thoughts from top professionals in the functional movement world.
Highly Recommend!
Very informative — give it a try!
Great Insight into Movement
Gray and Lee’s perspectives on movement will make you question what you think you know about being a trainer. Love the guests from different industries. Stoked to add this to my weekly rotation.
Leaders in all things movement!
This podcast is so informative and covers many topics that fitness and healthcare professionals ponder on. Thank you for this and keep it up.
Knowledge bombs
Gray Cook and Lee are full of movement and fitness information. Love listening to such a smart host and knowledgeable guests.
Burkey Bear
Extremely informative
Great content and very engaging.
Meets You on All Levels
If you’re looking to be inspired by top industry professionals in all things movement related, this podcast is for you. Lee Burton and Gray Cook nail each episode by taking complex issues and their years of experience and research, and distilling it all down to how to effect real change for the long haul. This podcast motivates on all levels. Can’t wait for season 2!
Rams 98
Very informative!
So much content and detailed information to apply to my everyday life for health and wellness.
Great Info for All!
These guys are so far ahead of the curve! Caution: you will be drinking from a firehouse!
Fantastic and beneficial
I work in a physical rehab hospital and am pursuing school to that end—podcasts like this one are extremely helpful as a future practitioner/clinician to better understand and think through how to better help my current and future patients. Highly recommend!
Incredible stuff
boondock scorcher
Outstanding podcast
As always FMS offers a unique perspective for looking at human movement and how we can help improve quality and practical applications for all populations.