Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner and Dr Lisha Taylor
Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner and Dr Lisha Taylor
The Physician Philosopher, LLC
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Great Advice
As part of a very small group of professional student loan advisors - it is hard to get objective student loan advice without worrying about financial motivation behind it. Federal student loans are truly not like any other consumer debt we experience. There are strategies to taking out loans as well as for repayment and forgiveness - both public service loan forgiveness & long term forgiveness. Being well informed before you start your academic journey is key - but most are not. This podcast episode was spot on in most of it’s information - and I enjoyed how they debated what was said erroneously in the beginning about PSLF being potentially removed as an option and clarified what they meant. One of the few places I have seen really solid federal and private student loan advice! Keep up the awesome work!!
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Great podcast
Surprisingly interesting podcast. I especially like the contrast between having a resident vs an attending and seeing how they navigate topics differently. One of the better financial podcasts for physicians. Look forward to more shows!
Love it!
Love this podcast! I particularly find it super useful as a relatively new attending. I’ve listened to financial podcasts/shows and WCI for years, but find it refreshing to hear from peers navigating the same issues. I really love hearing the different perspectives from Jimmy and Lisha, although I can tell they have shared values undergirding their financial principles. Really enjoying listening!
Very useful information
Very useful information made easy to understand
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Knowledge Meets Fun!
Two of my absolute favorites going back and forth about a topic I am passionate about. What's not to like? The shows offer different perspectives as well as actionable tips in a very enjoyable format. 10/10 would recommend.
Dr. Andrew T
Helpful for new attendings
Stumbled upon this podcast when it was offered as a suggestion after following WCI and glad I did. Really enjoy listening to Ryan and Jimmy go back and forth and give two different perspectives on the same topic. Even after listening to hundreds of physician finance podcast episodes over the years, I learn something new here each time I listen. Their discussion of the Kinder questions really resonated with me. Thank you for creating this content- it’s a great feeling to know there are people out there who actually want to help physicians!
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My newest FAVORITE podcast
I LOVE the banter between these 2, and in between laughing.. I’m learning lots of pertinent financial information that’s relevant! High fives all around.. @thedoctornextdoor
Conflict of Interest
I honestly love this show. It is a nice mix of behavioral finance and numerical logistics that we need to know. It truly is informational and I personally also find the interaction between Ryan and Jimmy quite entertaining. The periodic recurring subject that I have an issue with is when Jimmy and Ryan choose to berate real estate investors and their corresponding podcast or blog platforms. I think that’s an obvious conflict of interest, since folks that have real estate assets would also not be deploying those same assets $$ towards brokerage accounts. I find financial planners need to be honest about this conflict of interest. It takes away credibility from the rest of the programming which is actually extremely helpful. No need to bash real estate investors to raise the CFP world. It takes all kinds.
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Annie DJ
“You don’t get a pass on a math just because you are a doctor”
Great podcast. This guys are really funny and give great advice about finances.
LA Trauma Doc
Decent but Ryan is annoying
The podcast is informational. However I find Ryan quite annoying because every other sentence is a disclosure that “this is not financial advice.” I listen to numerous other podcast and the only time they give a disclosure is either at the beginning or at the end. Not every 30 seconds.
Excellent podcast that gets at your “why”!
MMM is one of my favorite physician finance podcasts. Many shows fixate on the nuts and bolts of how to perform certain financial/investing maneuvers, but MMM focused on the behavioral aspects of personal finance. I find this tactic to be much more useful when talking to others about money, especially since many people bristle at hearing a physician gripe about financial woes. The guys have a great rapport with each other, and their jokes are timely and not drawn out. I highly recommend this podcast to my colleagues.
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Catdaddy M.D.
I really enjoy the show and it’s focus on balance in your financial life, career, and personal life. I’m a resident, and I find it useful to learn before I have an attending salary. I’m also Army, and I’m looking forward to catching up on the financial residency episode on military medicine. Thanks for what you do.
Thanks for all the info!
Can you guy please talk about solo 401k for people who make some 1099 income from consulting etc on the side? I’ve heard that this is something I can do but I don’t understand if I need to declare myself an LLC to do this and what my contribution limitations would be. Lots of docs have a little bit of this side income outside their main job and I’m wondering if this would be a good place to put it.
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These guys offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! This is a must listen!
Marisa J2
Excellent combination
Entertaining podcast combining both Ryan and Jimmy's financial expertise. They explain financial concepts in a way that is easy to digest and follow.
Federal Reserve
Great education
This Podcast has provided a great look into the basics of investing and behavioral finance. I really enjoy the different perspectives and information it provides. Thank you for the education.
New favorite financial podcast
I’m a long time listener and follower of WCI, but this podcast has quickly moved to #1 (still listen/follow WCI). I love the friendly banter between Jimmy and Ryan... keep up the great work guys!
Educational - a must for docs
We really don’t get this kind of education in all those years of medical training. Consider this your fellowship in money matters!
Keep up the hard work
A big thank you to Jimmy and Ryan. It makes my commute to work much more enjoyable when I have a new episode from you guys. You’ve done a great job growing this podcast and the information you guys provide has really helped me clean up my financial life and get my financial house in better order! Keep it up!
Great stuff guys. Thank you
Say HELL YES to this podcast!
Ryan and Jimmy are such down to earth, relatable people, and provide such great information! I love being able to listen to both a physician’s and financial advisor’s point of view on the same podcast. I’ve had many “aha” moments while listening to these guys talk about not just money, but also life/career. Keep up the great work!
Get a better microphone
I’ve only listened to the first episode, but one of the two hosts needs a decent microphone. Sounds like he’s on a telephone line. The other host’s mic is fine. It’s a bit distracting. EDIT: the microphone was fixed after the early episode. Love the shoutout in the “Hell yes” episode to the guy who commented about the bad mike, yup, I was that guy. Sounds great now! As the husband to a physician and the financial nerd in the family, I like this podcast a lot since it combines a doctor with a finance expert. Keep up the good work, and thanks for upgrading the mic :)
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Take control of your finances.
Do you want to take control of your personal finance? Do you want to learn about budgeting, investing as a resident, attending or high-income professional so you don’t end up broke in retirement? Then this is the podcast for you. Jim and Ryan speak candidly about ways to take charge of your student loans, retirement accounts (401-K, 403-B, 457, ROTH IRA), term and disability insurance, 529 college savings and estate planning. You have a financial advisor and anesthesiologist who are passionate about personal finance and are willing to teach you what you didn’t learn in medical school or residency. Tune in! I’m glad I did. My favorite episode is the last one, where Ryan and Jim discuss the snowball, avalanche and snowplow method of paying down debt. I personally used the debt avalanche method to pay off over $80K in consumer debt. I initially started with the debt snowball as a recommendation from Dave Ramsey. However, My conscience just wouldn’t let me continue because I knew the math was not in my favor. I’m glad I continued with my method and it’s good to find like-minded people who have been successful with this plan. I can’t wait to tackle my student loans next. Cheers!
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Must listen
Must listen for everyone, irrespective on where one is on their financial journey! I’ve learned a lot in just a few weeks. I had a goal to learn about personal finance during some free time as a result of this pandemic. This podcast was everything! 5 stars.
Keep the host banter coming!
As a medical student, I learn so much from this podcast (and the Financial Residency podcast), but I especially enjoy the MMM podcast because of how comfortable Jimmy and Ryan are with each other while still being informative. Thanks for helping me eventually start residency on the right foot!
Great combo
Quickly becoming one of my favorite financial podcasts. I think Jimmy and Ryan make a great combo. I enjoy their banter but also the overall feel of the podcast. It’s relaxed. They both do a solid job of breaking down the financial vocabulary so listeners can better navigate the world of personal finance.
Educational and entertaining
Have greatly enjoyed listening to this podcast so far. Has been entertaining and educational to hear from both sides ( the advisor and the client) on personal finance topics with focus on those relating to doctor and high earners. More entertaining and greater focus on the behavioral aspects then most financial podcast that dive deep into the details. This show is the podcast equivalent of having a good conversation about finances over a drink with two fun and knowledgeable people would be.
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Must listen for all docs
The content of the podcast is incredible and compliments any doctor’s financial education. Ryan and Jimmy have cohesive chemistry where they delve into behavioral finance in a succinct and fun way, and this has translated to better financial decisions in my life.
NYU neuro
An awesome podcast
This podcast is a must listen to! It’s a great intersection between money and behavior and the physicians life!
So excited for this
I absolutely loved the first episode and can’t wait for more! It was informative and entertaining all in one.
Blokus Lover
Best new podcast of the year!
Two of my favorite voices in the physician finance world team up for one amazing podcast! I’ll be listening to every episode, keep up the great work!
Love this show; two of the most valuable perspectives in finance for professionals
I actually came to listen to Ryan’s Financial Residency Podcast after he had Physician On Fire (PoF) on as a guest, and I’ve listened to virtually every episode since. His guest podcast (Mondays) and Advice for call-in volunteers podcast (Friday) were both very helpful for me as I transitioned out of training. I came to read the Physician Philospher’s blog and subsequent book after he was a guest on Jim Dahle’s WCI podcast, and I highly recommend reading both. I was so excited when the two of them decided to work together on the Ryan’s FR podcast, and it quickly became my favorite episode of the week. I think it’s a great idea to split this off into the “Money Meets Medicine” podcast, and I highly recommend it to anyone short of a finance expert. I’ll sum up the review with what I consider the most valuable aspect of their perspective: They are highly in favor of FI (financial independence), but not necessarily FIRE (FI-retire early). This is highly refreshing, because I didn’t go through 10 years of training just to quit as soon as possible while I shift all my time to side hustles like running heavily advertised financial blogs. Give it a listen!
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Great podcast!
Excited for Ryan and Jimmys new podcast- first episode was great!
So pumped!
I have been listening to Jimmy and Ryan for a while. I’m so excited this is going to be its own podcast. Keep ‘em coming!!
Killing it!
I am such a fan of both Financial Residency and The Physician Philosopher, so when these forces combined, I got excited! I can’t wait for more shows!!
Love this niche
Big fan of both The Physician Philosopher blog as well as Financial Residency. Now even happier they combined forces on this podcast. The tips for batching especially the Manager vs Maker days is a nice framework to consider!
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