Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner
Money Meets Medicine with Dr Jimmy Turner
The Physician Philosopher, LLC
On Money Meets Medicine, Dr. Jimmy Turner discusses all things career and finance for physicians. With expert guest discussions, Jimmy tackles the personal finance topics you wish you had learned in medical school. The MMM podcast will help you tackle your student loans, achieve financial independence, invest for retirement, and decrease your financial stress and burnout. To get help with free educational content or obtaining own-occupation disability insurance from a source you know you can trust, visit Background: Dr. Turner is a practicing anesthesiologist at Wake Forest, author of The Physician Philosopher's Guide to Personal Finance, and Chief Medical Officer at Attend. For more information, visit
Living Wealthy with Dr. Bonnie Koo
Wealth is more than just money in the bank.  At least, that is what our guest Dr. Bonnie Koo believes, and her thought process is pretty compelling. On this show, we talk about: money mindsets, including money scarcity Alternative streams of income for doctors How our upbringing can impact our view on finances And much more…
Dec 5
34 min
Marriage and Money with Dr. Kate Mangona
Money and marriage can be like oil and water. They just don’t mix.  Yet, in a committed relationship, you cannot really avoid talking about money. In this show, we talk about all things money and relationships.  So, if you are married, plan to get married, or are in a committed relationship, in this show we discuss money dates, whether you should share bank accounts, and much more. Dr. Kate Mangona is a double board-certified pediatric radiologist, supportive physician’s wife and mother to three little girls and a mini poodle.  She and her husband Victor, a pediatric radiation oncologist and tax code enthusiast, are active and passive real estate investors in thousands of multifamily units and single-family rentals including 3 luxury Airbnbs. Medicine, Money, and Marriage Courses and Coaching  
Nov 28
32 min
Disability Insurance Mistakes with Mike Kittner
The #1 financial task for a doctor is getting disability insurance. Why? Because you can know everything there is to know about investing or paying down debt, but if you don't have an income... neither of them matter. Our guest on this show, Mike Kittner went from being a middle school educator (married to a physician) to an insurance agent who helps doctors take care of that #1 financial task. Tune in as we discuss: The most common mistakes doctors make with disability insurance Conflicts of interest within the insurance industry How to make sure your disability policy is the right kind Where to get disability insurance The kind of riders that you want in your disability policy and more If you need help getting disability insurance or student loan help from a company built by doctors, for doctors?  Make sure to check out
Oct 31
37 min
Mortality and Money with Dr. Jordan Grumet
Have you ever had an existential crisis? You know the “What am I doing with my life?” sort of question?  And how does money play a part in your long-term view of your life?  Do you want to leave a legacy?  Do you want to make sure you maximize what you’ve saved? In this episode, Dr. Jordan Grumet a palliative care and hospice physician discusses his experience with dying patient’s and their views on personal finance and the importance of purpose, connection, and identity.   Buy Taking Stock by Dr. Jordan Grumet Need help getting disability insurance or student loan help from a company built by doctors, for doctors?  Make sure to check out 
Oct 24
44 min
Using credit card points to fly first-class for free
If you’ve ever wanted to fly first class but thought it was too expensive, this interview is for you. Devon Gimbel, MD is known for helping physicians maximize rewards from credit card points so they can travel more, travel better, and travel often.  This feels like an especially relevant and timely conversation – especially since the data shows that about 38% of doctors have 3-4 different credit cards. We have to wonder: should all doctors be using credit cards to optimize points and perks? I got to sit down with Devon to talk about exactly this.
Oct 17
50 min
Six-figure Student Loan Mistakes
Let’s just be real: student loan guidelines are confusing and they’re constantly changing. But if you’re like many physicians who have student loans, you’re well aware that if your payments haven’t resumed yet, they’re about to. You want to make sure you’re on track and have a plan for repayment, so you can move confidently forward with your personal finance goals. Student loan advice is also one of the things we love helping people with at Attend. If you want a student loan expert to help you figure out the best course of action with your loans – including which plan to be in, whether you should consolidate, whether you should file your taxes jointly or separately if you’re married, or what to do when you finish training… You can schedule a consultation right now at For those concerned about cost, we have a unique pricing structure at Attend where you can buy now, pay later through four monthly payments all at 0% interest.   Let’s dive into the 6 most common student loan mistakes to avoid for your best financial outlook.
Oct 10
37 min
Following the Financial Crowd
Have you ever left a sporting event, following the crowd, and suddenly realized you were walking the wrong way? What if I told you this phenomenon has a name, and it impacts your money, too? Understanding our own behavior when it comes to finance is essential because it helps us mitigate wrong-for-us decision making around money. Unless you know these roadblocks exist, you can’t do much to stop them from derailing your financial goals.  Last week, we shared why human behavior matters for our financial lives by taking a look at the first 5 out of 10 psychological phenomena that can (and do) affect your personal finance goals: greed, fear, ego/overconfidence, loss aversion, and analysis paralysis.  This week, we’re diving back into behavioral finance (one of our favorite topics) to share five more types of unchecked human behavior that can sabotage your journey to building the wealth you want.
Oct 3
25 min
Greed, FOMO, and Bad Investments
Despite our best intentions, certain emotions can keep us from building wealth. After many years arming physicians with the information they need to achieve financial wellness, I had a significant realization.  Information is one thing – behavior is another. As the saying goes, money is 80% behavior and only 20% math. Not only do I want to share important information about personal finance, I also want to help you recognize how certain behaviors can (and do) affect your finances.  Drawing from one of the classic books about investing, let’s go over five common behaviors that could be keeping you from achieving your financial goals.
Sep 26
29 min
How Doctors Can Get Good Financial Advice
Many doctors and high-income professionals hire financial advisors for any number of reasons. Either they’re too busy to handle their finances themselves, they don’t really know how to invest, or they want an expert on their side to make sure they’re on the right track. So allow me to say from the start: I’m not against financial advisors, but I am against doctors (or anyone, really) being overcharged for bad advice. There’s no shame in asking for help – you just want to get the help you need at a fair price.  You should be equipped enough to vet and evaluate your financial advisor so you’ll know whether they’re working well on your behalf. How can you be as confident as possible they’re acting in your best interest? This episode will help you find out. Need help getting disability insurance or student loan help from a company built by doctors, for doctors?  Make sure to check out 
Sep 19
37 min
Dr. Peter Kim and Physician Entrepreneurship
Have you ever thought about using real estate to reach financial independence, but you didn't want to be a landlord? Recently I sat down with one of my good friends and one of the OG partners of The Physician Philosopher. He’s an anesthesiologist, husband, father, entrepreneur, as well as a real estate and physician side gig guru – of course, I’m talking about Dr. Peter Kim.  One of the interesting things about Peter's story is his transition from full-time practice as an OB anesthesiologist to stepping away from medicine and going part-time, to now his being on sabbatical. He's not sure if that's a permanent sabbatical or not, so we got to explore his thought process on that and his story.   So let’s dive into this discussion with Dr. Peter Kim and the intersection of all things entrepreneurship, side gigs, medicine, money, and real estate. Need help getting disability insurance or student loan help from a company built by doctors, for doctors?  Make sure to check out 
Sep 12
43 min
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