Mom Bun Media's Podcast
Mom Bun Media's Podcast
Melissa Badine
* Stop Hammer Time * I invite you to grab a coffee as I welcome you to our one-stop-shop for all things business, marketing, a sprinkle of spirituality, and life where I will pull back the curtains on all these topics with the goal of helping you in mind. Think of it as a happy hour/coffee chat with a girlfriend in yoga pants wearing a mom bun with like-minded goals to make a difference.
Trauma Healing Through The Power Of Our Story
Sheree Trask is a seasoned Ghostwriter, Nonfiction book writer & Author of Surviving Silence: A Healing Path To Living Out Loud After Trauma.
Nov 25, 2022
49 min
Old Narrative Questioned
In all honesty, I have had this episode saved for a while with not a fear of judgement but almost like hesitation to the triggering, it can create as I understand how algorithms and narratives work. But my goal in opening this conversation is to have us all take a moment to look at new narratives and continue to question all sides/information and topics shared. 
Oct 28, 2021
31 min
Coming Into Your Truth
So often we get overwhelmed, stuck in a perpetual cycle of life that we forget to pull back and assess.  Assess our body, mind and soul to even our personal/professional balance and alignment.  This is why today I would love to dive into this further with you and create an open conversation to discuss how we can connect with our soul self's goals. 
Oct 25, 2021
13 min
Community Building Tips
As we have all joined or hosted a Facebook group that eventually burns out without these key factors I wanted to share some fun findings to help you on your journey.  With an opportunity for you to join my free Facebook group to gain additional support and value from yours truly. 
Oct 21, 2021
54 min
How to make an extra $50k in your business through mindset work
In this episode, we go deeper from our first interview on how you can manifest additional financial flow, ease in life as well as up-levelling your success metric.  With some special show bonuses shared with you from our beautiful guest Nichole Carlson.  Special Opportunity To Join Nichole's Community: With Her Special Offer To Work On Your Mindset:  Here’s the link for her scholarship program
Oct 18, 2021
46 min
Going from having the American dream to homeless to building a 7 figure business
Special Opportunity To Join Nichole's Community: With Her Special Offer To Work On Your Mindset:  Here’s the link for her scholarship program
Oct 18, 2021
54 min
Episode 39 Cozy Conversations With Special Guest Tracy Persson
Tracy Persson is a local Entrepreneur from Grande Prairie AB. Certified Instructor in Chopra Meditation, Yoga & Ayurveda She closed her yoga studio 5 years ago, looking to incorporate her passion for Women Helping Women, Tracy has become the owner and creator of Cozy Intentions Clothing, an e-commerce clothing brand promoting a LiveCozy lifestyle. In a world of every changing stresses, seeking comfort in our home is where most of us are at this time. Clothing that is soft, eco-friendly, cozy enough to sleep in but acceptable to wear in almost everyday-wear setting.
Dec 2, 2020
40 min
Episode 38 The Road to Self Love with Paul Fishman
In today's episode, I am so stoked to introduce ​Paul Fishman is a Self-Love Coach, Business Mentor and You-do-You Activist. He’s bridging the gap between Self-Love and Business with his unique approach to thought leadership. Paul’s core belief is that the most successful people are those that root their lives in Self-Love. This gets traffic to your site: The Self Love Starters Quiz Find out which self-love practice is right for your lifestyle ​
Oct 12, 2020
59 min
Episode 37 Special Guest Zuzana Dobro "From Communist kid to independent entrepreneur"
Within this episode I am joined by Zuzana Dobro, founder of the WHO method. Zuzana is a former communist kid who left Easter Bloc with little in her pocket to pursue her passion for design. Working across the creative industry in London, her full-time job was working for a big corporation where she realized this was not her path. So she quit and travelled for two years solo around the world. Exploring and sharing her experiences in a beautifully inspired way you won't want to miss this chat. 
Oct 5, 2020
51 min
Episode 36: How to turn trauma into a catalyst for growth
Less than three years ago Jo was diagnoses with very aggressive cancer. It was expected cancer would be riddled throughout her entire body and doctors told her she would most likely not be here in 5 years time.   Less than 3 years later Jo is healthier and happier than she has ever been. Today she will share with us how she overcome an aggressive cancer diagnosis and turned her trauma into her catalyst for growth.  A copy of my meditation - Shine Bright We are all SO WORTHY! Sometimes we forget that. Let this meditation shift you from a place of fear, or doubt, to a place of abundance, worthiness and excitement. Listen to it for your daily dose of inspiration and reminder that you are magnificent. Everything you need to create a life your true desire is within you. Listen to this daily, over 30 days, and you will feel a shift. This is not meditation for relaxation, but for inspiration. Listen while you’re getting ready for work or seated in meditation. Either is fine!    
Sep 28, 2020
40 min
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