Mom Bun Media's Podcast
Mom Bun Media's Podcast
Melissa Badine
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Love that this podcast is real and informative! Be sure to listen in.. You wont regret it!
Biz women
A breath of fresh air
Wonderful. I love how she gets tactical and is also able to zero in on area of growth for all. I feel inspired, encouraged and energized to keep going. To keep clarifying what it is I want to share with the world. A great podcast for your daily walk, commute or while cooking dinner. Mom bun is just what I needed to hear ❤️
Tangible Advice for entrepreneurship!
Melissa brings her own knowledge and experience, as well as the knowledge of other experts, to provide tangible advice in how to move your business forward. I’m hooked!
Melissa brings the real, the funny and ALL THE COFFEE!!! My soul sista for life! Her topics on entrepreneurship, womanhood and life are refreshing and raw!! Take a listen! 💜⭐️ xoxo ~ Delicia
Deli The Explorer
I’m inspired to share my story today!
So inspiring Melissa! I come from 2 different backgrounds as well. I completely resonate with all of what you said. Taking what feels right from different religions and beliefs... using hardships and sharing your story for the greater good. Awesome podcast! I’m inspired to share my story more today!