Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out
Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out
Mike Birbiglia
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Frank Ozzzzzzzz
Wow, one of the most insightful, hilarious and truthful podcast episodes I’ve ever listened to. Thank you Mike and Fozzy
mad film
Love this podcast!!!
Mike Birbiglia is incredible and funny! It’s wonderful to hear his working it out process and get insights from all of his guests. 10/10 would recommend!
Great Podcast
Mike has a huge heart and displays his generosity and humanity in each episode. And he’s Really Funny!!
My absolute favorite podcast
I have been a fan of stand-up comedy for almost my entire life. I consume a ton of it. I watch and listen to all the specials, the documentaries about the art form, etc. I just love it. I have also been a fan of Mike Birbiglia since his beginning days in comedy. This podcast brings *all* of that together. My love of stand-up, my fascination with the art form, my desire to learn more and understand it from within, and just my appreciation for Mike’s talent. The structure of this show, the various segments, his guests, his natural curiosity, his ability to almost immediately offer constructive and helpful insight into joke development, etc etc etc, all come together to make a perfect show. I really hope that he finds a way to keep this show going even after the pandemic is over and he gets back to his regular touring schedule. It obviously won’t be done as frequently, but hopefully it is not just abandoned. It’s that good. I could not recommend it more highly.
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I like Mike as a comedian, however I wasn’t sure if I would like his podcast at first. I’ve gotten through almost the whole season and it is really enjoyable. I love the back-and-forth when they’re crafting jokes. I really enjoy here’s an Ira‘s friendship.
I’m loving this pod!
I have been following Mike for awhile now. I see him at live shows whenever I have to opportunity. I saw him in Atlantic City a few years back. It was one of his “working it out” shows. Very funny. Mostly set up and punch. I loved it. Maybe a year later I was able to see him live again at the Keswick. That show was Thank God for Jokes. I as able to see the the transformation of the work first hand. I was totally blow away by the work he had done and loved to show even more. I am enjoying seeing/hearing his process of “working it out”. It’s great for some laughs. Even some philosophical insights on occasion.The Pete Holmes and Natasha Lyonne episodes are my favorites. Intelligent and thought provoking comedy and conversations. Highly recommend.
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Thanks so much for replaying your show with Tig! Such a great break from the recent news. Also, appreciate the conversation about bullying. Very helpful! Will do better with speaking my direct experience when encountering bullies. Thanks!
Music Lover in Sacramento
Great conversation starters!
All together great podcast to listen to. I love hearing bits and pieces come together into what could eventually become full bits and stories. The “slow round” is brilliant and works as great conversation starters in everyday situations. Example: I was telling my parents about the podcast and mentioned the slow round question “What is a smell you remember from childhood” and I got a whole story I had never heard from my mom before about her accompanying her dad and helping to relocate bee hives from unwanted locations. Also learned that apparently you can mail bees... oh the new things you can learn about people with simple, thoughtful questions. This podcast has both humorous and thoughtful conversations and is really enjoyable to listen to.
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Love this way of dissecting the world!
The conversations are always authentic and give me hope for the future hearing a variety of people really thinking deeply about what’s going on around them. Thank you Mike Birbiglia!
Thank BIRBIGS for Jokes!
An articulative architect for comedy genius, Birbigs is hilarious on a molecular level... pod concept is superb and content isn’t an issue! Much love for the laughs, thanks Mike!
We like it!
Just following orders. Thanks Mike, saying we like it as you requested.
So funny
Mike is so funny and has great guests!
fernie s
The Podcast I’ve Always Wanted
I’ve been on the search for a podcast JUST LIKE THIS and I’m so excited I stumbled upon it late last night. I love Birbiglia, I think he’s a hilarious comedian and his work is one of my favorites so I immediately subscribed and have been binging it. Listening to him talk to other awesome comedians has been so nice especially during this crazy freakin’ time. I love that they dive into real life situations as well as talk about comedy skits they’re working through. It’s overall incredible and I’m happy to be listening!
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Fatima Elreda
Real + humane
I love how real and humane these conversations are. At a time when reality and humanity are more needed than ever.
Flawless Hollice
Martin Short
Very wise, very nice, very funny: is this why Martin Short has endured?
Hey, I like this!
Hey, I like this podcast. Keep up the good work, Mike.
Marissa J. Bacon
Not great
I love Mike’s stand up, LOVE it. But this podcast is... painful. I find my face scrunches up in an anticipation of pain when he says some of his jokes. At times, there should have been a track of crickets to fill the empty space of non-reaction from his guests. Sorry, Mike. Not for me.
The humanity we all need right now
I’ve always loved Birbigs comedy but listening to him intimately with other comedians, witnessing his creative process, hearing him collaborate and contribute makes me love him even more. Mike is so humble, so curious, and able to connect with all personalities in a way that makes people feel comfortable and open up. I love seeing this side of him and walk away from each episode happier and calmer.
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Loved seeing behind the curtain!
Great to explore the process instead of the end product of a comedy/storytelling routine, which made this podcast unique. Thank you!
So funny
The podcast is so funny, but more than that, it’s intellectually stimulating. I love hearing the thought process of joke writing from comedians that I follow and adore.
Funny AND calming at the same time.
Which is odd, but I love it.
Marriage Saved...
i want free cions
Voodoo prince
I had heard the sound was good.....ware for it....... punch line*
SS bob
Funny (and thoughtful) respite ...
Did you know that there are podcasts that *aren't centered on news and politics?! To quote Mike: "I know!" I really love this podcast. It's smart and funny and poignant and thoughtful – and that's a rare combination these days. His sphere swirls with interesting, insightful people and he's a very good host. The universe of podcasts is vast and it ain't no easy feat to enter the fray with something new and different. But Mike's done just that. It's really, really worth your time.
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Love it!
I always find each episode so interesting, so inspiring, and so funny. Love it!
Stacey M Adams
Thank you
I have really enjoyed your podcast!! It has been a joy to hear you talk with friends and give us a glimpse into how you create and share your gift. I especially appreciate your conversation with Natasha Lyonne. Your willingness to leave the heavy silence is beautiful and necessary for such a topic.
Was google even a thing when you were 19 years old?
happier in iowa
How the Sausage Gets Made
I love how this show opens up the curtains to show how comedy is truly made. More of us need to see the trials, errors and edits that go into the 3 minutes of a joke or 60 minutes of a comedy special. It makes the comedy all the better to think about it.
Best thing you’ll listen to today
Mike Birbiglia is thoughtful, funny and so very human. He connects to his guests and his listeners like a longtime, lifelong friend. His kindness, insight and desire to connect is palpable and inspiring.
Quirky and fun
Love Mike, love the podcast. But am I the only one affected by the theme song? It’s so dull, echoey and depressed that I often find myself tuning off the episode because it affects me so negatively. Sorry Jack. I’m weird, right?
Ira Glass II
Really enjoyed this episode Mike. It was interesting hearing the editorial process that Ira provided. A few comments of my own if I may: LOVE the “down gown” bit, it’s gotta stay! It’s a great example how everything is a bit in the view of a comedian. Since when is brother Joe “Joseph”? Heard that when listening through the credits. I enjoy Ira and respect his work with you and This American Life but his inappropriate use of the word “like” is cringe worthy and distracts from the point he’s attempting to convey! I’m the father of two teenagers that have the same challenge so perhaps I’m tuned into it when others may not be.
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70 Dude
Hey I like this!
Step 1. Read the title of this review and repeat. Step 2. Listen. Step 3. Don’t tell anyone...except everyone.
Fun podcast
I enjoy this podcast
Kaiser Soso
Funny and light-hearted!
This pod has been one of my pandemic survival essentials. Ty for the laughs! Great guests!!
all my names got taken
What makes this podcast so unique? It's partly his pandemic pillow-fort/broadcast booth, built by his young sound engineer, Oona. Partly the contributions of his wife and fellow-artist, J. Hope Stein. Partly the quiet stance of a guy who got handed a tough health problem, yet lives with an enviable grace and humor. He's had so many guests in this series I've laughed and enjoyed. The December, 2020 broadcast of his time with Natasha Lyonne has the snark-free unafraid intimacy, these times need so very much.
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I really like Mike’s stand-up. I don’t feel that he is great at interviewing or repartee with his guests. He seems like he is uncomfortable when his guests are talking and is only thinking of what he’s going to say next instead of listening.
Thoughtful and hilarious
I love this podcast because it gives me the confidence and inspiration to work though my own creative processes. I am not a comedian but love listening to comedy, so it is a real treat that Mike and his guests invite us into the very vulnerable stage of trying out new material. It’s fascinating to hear these artists discus their craft in a thoughtful yet humorous way. I look forward to their conversations every week on my commutes. The slow round questions themselves are now running on a loop in my head!
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Mike is a Great Guy
Mike Birbiglia is a great guy. All his live shows are great. His Netflix stuff is great. His movie Sleepwalk with Me is great. This podcast is good.
Lars Honeytoast
From a long time fan
I’ve been watching Mike for years, I have been to his shows and I’ve been listening to his podcast since the beginning. I’m a pretty open minded person and I love to be self deprecating for the sake of comedy. I appreciate his style of working out bits and I like the vast array of guests. I understand that he didn’t have the best experience growing up Catholic and to use that in his comedy is natural and can produce some amazing moments. However, sometimes when he has guests on and they’re ripping on Christianity it’s just cynical and mean. Especially when he’ll throw out a Biblical reference and it’s not even accurate. He ends up coming off as pretentious and not in a funny way. Mike Birbiglia is not edgy. Maybe this is his way of trying to be? Anyways, I roll my eyes through those moments but he’s still over-all a good comedian.
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Can’t Miss :)
Mike Birbiglia is always so funny and heartfelt and this show is no different! Wonderful guests, compelling questions. It’s light, funny, deep, and thoughtful!
Annie from Clawson
New favorite podcast!
I love a comedian hosted podcast, but have found sometimes they get a little repetitive with the same format over and over. This new spin is amazing and it’s so interesting to hear the conversations that come out of the prompts. 10/10
carbuncle(only smart people know what i mean)
First Ever Podcast Review
I teach high school students. They desperately want to write and act and create, but they are so afraid to share their work. They are so afraid to talk about something in progress, something not perfect, something new. This podcast is the only example I’ve ever seen of two professionals fearlessly sharing work in progress. This podcast allows me to say to my students, “See? See how that joke isn’t in it’s final form yet? See how the other comedian still loved it, and held it, and made it better? Do you see how the sharing was kind of joyful? This is a model! Use it!” My favorite episode is the one with J. Hope Stein. The trust and vulnerability in that episode was stunning. I know you don’t know me, so this may not mean much, but I think this might be one of the most impactful creative pieces you’ve ever made. I am awash with gratitude. Thank you.
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Mike Told Me To
If you’re a fan of Mike Birbiglia you’ll like this podcast. If you don’t know Mike Birbiglia you’ll like this podcast. If you’re an enemy of Mike Birbiglia you’ll like this podcast.
EG Rae
Thanks for making me laugh
Love your guests - I’d love to chat with many of them myself! So we’re on the same comedy wavelength! Thanks for making me laugh through this not so funny time we’ve been living thru!
I hate magic too
I’ve been a big fan of your storytelling so when I heard you discuss your distaste for magic with Abbi Jacobson, I was so delighted because I always thought I was totally alone in my bitterness! And THEN you mentioned a certain magic show as the one that turned things around for you, which hilariously enough is by chance the only magic show I’ve ever worked on in my life (as a crew member) and it was that show specifically that reinforced how absolutely pointless I think “magic” is (though all the people involved were so great, no shade, I just lack the imagination to enjoy it) Anyway, love the podcast and can’t wait to hear the next show!
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Lil Blume
Fun Listen
If you’re a fan of Mike, you’ll love this podcast- It’s him and another comedian working out material and talking, a fun break from the news and current events-related podcasts I usually listen to.
Hangry NYC
Just Subscribe Already
Ira Glass, the podcast master, brought Mike Birbiglia into my world, so you know he’s good.
Funny pod!
Funny and thoughtful podcast, where you can work out your feelings while laughing
My favorite comedian has an amazing podcast!
I just found out that Mike has a podcast, yay! I listened to Mike and Ramy (love him too) and it was entertaining. It’s always interesting to hear how and where writers get their material. I’m looking forward to hearing all of Mike’s podcasts. Way to go, Mike!
I just really love this man. I’ve been to all his shows and this podcast is an extension of that but with bonus funny person along for the ride. The Mulaney and Tig episodes had me in tears laughing down the street during a pandemic. Thank you 😊
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