Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out
Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out
Mike Birbiglia
Comedian Mike Birbiglia welcomes a different comedian or creator each week and together they work out original, untested material. And, occasionally, uncomfortable topics. Join them as they work it out.
29. Frank Oz: Frank Being Frank
Yoda. Miss Piggy. The Muppets Take Manhattan. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. These are just a few entries in the IMDB of Frank Oz. Mike welcomes the show business legend for a candid talk about Frank’s collaborations with Jim Henson and his approach to directing. They also discuss Frank’s new film In & Of Itself, an adaptation of Derek DelGaudio’s brilliant stage show. Also, Frank gives notes on Mike’s new material! It’s candid. It’s frank. It’s Frank. https://www.hfotusa.org/
Jan 24
1 hr 7 min
28. The Lucas Bros: Losing Their Minds Together
Keith and Kenny Lucas join Mike for an episode that alternates between utterly serious & supremely silly. They discuss their moving Vulture essay "Our Brother Kaizen," as well as jokes in process about "twin discrimination," and the difference between writing a will and meeting Will Smith. They also discuss the devastating loss of their mutual friend Kevin Barnett and how it led to the Lucas’ sobriety after years being self-described stoners. A must listen. https://ysrp.org/
Jan 17
1 hr 2 min
27. Rachel Bloom: The Inception of the “Please Stop The Ride” Musical
The award-winning co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rachel Bloom joins Mike as the two of them crack into a format never explored in this podcast—the musical! Mike leaves his prepared material behind and pitches a concept for a musical. In turn Rachel pitches Mike her first comedy special—an idea she has never discussed publicly. They also discuss Rachel’s hilarious new book and Rachel delivers some of the best slow round answers of all time. https://feedingamerica.org
Jan 10
49 min
The Best of 2020: Tig Notaro, and a Note from Mike About The Valentine’s Day Virtuals
Mike trades jokes with the great Tig Notaro. They discuss winning back ex-girlfriends in your favorite shirt, washing food during the pandemic, Billie Eilish's parents, and perhaps the most unlikely comedic run that involves both the Kiss and Indigo Girls. Do they also mention Ani DiFranco? Yes, they do. Please consider donating to: https://www.supportandfeed.com/
Jan 3
52 min
The Best of 2020: Maria Bamford, and a Note From Mike About New Year's Eve
Maria Bamford has been one of Mike’s favorite comedians for a long time. Maria discusses the time she cold-called a Catholic priest even though she’s not Catholic, stories about Air BnBs, why Domino’s might be more helpful than a suicide hotline, unorthodox covid vaccines, and the recipe for grilled cheese. Don’t miss this one. Please consider donating to: Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center https://downtownwomenscenter.org/
Dec 27, 2020
52 min
26. All Jokes Considered: The Staff Picks The Best Of 2020
A comedy extravaganza featuring Sarah Cooper, Hasan Minhaj, Tig Notaro, Jimmy Kimmel, Maria Bamford, John Mulaney, Ira Glass, Jon Laster, David Sedaris, Pete Holmes, Jon Favreau & Tommy Vietor, Jacqueline Novak, Bowen Yang, & Natasha Lyonne. The perfect episode to share with friends or enemies who haven’t dipped their toes in the Working It Out waters. We are highlighting 6 food banks and Mike is donating 100% of the New Years Eve 6:30 virtual show proceeds to them. https://linktr.ee/WorkingItOutPod
Dec 20, 2020
54 min
25. Ira Glass: The Highly Anticipated Return
Since Ira Glass was Working It Out’s inaugural guest, listeners have frequently requested his return. This week the podcast has its first return guest and its first *second draft*. We also learn what it takes to get a story on This American Life and whether Mike’s new story about learning he had cancer at age 19 has what it takes. Ira gives genius notes and spares no feelings. Story nerds, gather round. It’s a must listen. Please consider donating to: https://elpasoansfightinghunger.org/
Dec 13, 2020
50 min
24. Natasha Lyonne: No F**kin’ Around
Mike welcomes the great Natasha Lyonne, co-creator and star of the hit Netflix series Russian Doll. Natasha opens up about her own process as well as the best advice she’s received. Natasha holds Mike’s feet the fire about his new material—so he scraps his prepared jokes for some personal stories he wasn’t planning to tell. This episode is like planning your own funeral, which is also discussed. Don’t miss it. Please consider donating to: https://www.wpaonline.org/ https://www.girlsclub.org/
Dec 6, 2020
59 min
Matt Berninger From The National Goes Solo
This fall Matt Berninger from The National released a brilliant solo album called Serpentine so this week Mike celebrates the release of that album with a re-post of this special episode which featured Berninger along with his wife and frequent collaborator Carin Besser as well as Mike’s wife the poet J. Hope Stein. (Their book "The New One" is in stores.) This creative double date goes deep as the two couples open up about creative marriages, actual marriages, and how writing poetry can feel like knittin
Nov 29, 2020
49 min
23. Ramy Youssef: Kicked in the Golden Globes
Mike welcomes award-winning comedian Ramy Youssef. The two friends discuss the unexpectedly controversial elements of his hit series “Ramy.” They also work on jokes about bad wedding speeches, getting kicked in the balls, and the time Ramy told people in Jacksonville that he was Muslim to which a woman replied, “We don’t do that here.” Well, the good news is: we do this here. Enjoy. Please consider donating to: Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative https://www.muslimarc.org/
Nov 22, 2020
50 min
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