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The original
First christmas podcast i remember hearing still listen all the time
A Christmas Community
Every episode, I snuggle in wherever I am because I feel like I’m visiting with close family and dear friends. I’m thankful that this podcast is still going.
Truly a Gem. A treasure trove of Christmas knowledge.
This maybe the encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to Christmas. I am thankful to have found this this year of pandemic. A true highlight and up lifting all year long. Thank you.
The ultimate roadwarrior
A thankful heart
Thank you so much for this pod cast . Has really given a shot in the arm to warm off Scrooge-iris! God Bless you and yours! Merry Christmas!
Brightens my day
In this present state of 2020’s all bad and dangerous news, this podcasts gives a calming and happy break. Thank you for brightening my day.
Listen if you love history!
This podcast gas two of my favorite things: history and Christmas. The WWII episode is what made me subscribe. I appreciate learning the origins of my favorite Christmas songs and hearing first-hand accounts of people who lived during that time. Very moving.