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Christmas is Love: New Christmas Music of 2021
We are pleased to present our annual and traditional episode of new Christmas music. This is far and away our most popular episode every year and it has nothing to do with the host. These featured artists graciously offer up their music for review and allow us to include them in this special episode. Evidently you love it too. Last year’s episode has not only been listened to more than a quarter of a million times it is still going strong, drawing downloads in the thousands weekly. This episode is even better that one. With us approaching our 2nd pandemic Christmas these great Christmas creators are all conveying through their music exactly what it is that we feel, what we value in Christmas and how we want this Christmas to be. It is, at the end of the day, all about love. We did not plan for this theme (or any theme at all) for this episode it has just spontaneously happened. Please listen and enjoy, especially for those artists who took the time to talk with us to share some of the backstories of these great songs. We encourage you to visit these links below, to buy their songs and albums and to let them know through your own reviews how you feel about their music: How Christmas Was Meant to Be – Track Dogs featuring The Barefoot Movement Track Dogs Website: The Barefoot Movement Website: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Wonderful One – Monica Scott and Angie Killian Angie’s Website: Monica’s YouTube Channel: Angie’s YouTube Channel: Love is Christmas – Jesse Terry Website: That Old Red Sleigh – Rehya Stevens Website: Lonely Christmas – Wallis Wallis’ Website: More Links: Quarantine Christmas – Mike Mentz Website: Featured at: Christmas Time – The Farleys Website: Featured at: The After Christmas Song – Bob Malone Website: Featured at: Official Bob Malone Store: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon:  
Nov 12
41 min
Great Christmas Podcasts, Part 2 – Finding the Christmas in Christmas Podcasts
Great Christmas podcasts are made of one very simple ingredient: love. That is the conclusion of two very different podcasts we feature in this episode. One is two years old and has published dozens of episodes. The other is brand new, only weeks old. Yet the commonality in their creation and the motivation for bringing it all online is surprisingly the same. In fact, we have found this in nearly every other podcast we have featured and we claim the very same for our own. In this merry episode we talk with Rikki Meece of the Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast, a general Christmas podcast that dives deep into just about any Christmas subject. In a world of specialized Christmas podcasts Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe dares to cover it all. We discuss with Rikki how her background in radio influences the creation and production of SBMX and how she manages to cover even more of the broad topics of Christmas by expanding the podcast's presence on social media. We also talk with Mark and Doug of the brand new Eggnogs and Yulelogs podcast, which has only been online just the past few weeks. These creative guys have decided to cover the already-covered topic of Hallmark movies. But they do it with their own creative take - and, well, you just have to hear them explain it. They are fun, they are entertaining and they bring a lot of Christmas cheer.
Nov 9
24 min
Great Christmas Podcasts – Part 1
Christmas podcasts have exploded in number over the past couple of years. A decade ago there were just a handful of us podcasting Christmas. Now there are several hundred. How do you sort all that out? What are the truly great podcasts of Christmas? Sure, that is a subjective thing. But if you want a balanced look at the Best of Christmas Podcasts, we point you to a two-month project that surveyed listeners, Christmas publications, Christmas radio stations, Christmas communities, Christmas podcasters and podcast experts. But that effort selected just 10 podcasts out of the hundreds online to identify. This merry little episode focuses on some other vote getters. We spotlight just a few more podcasts we think you need to know about. First up is Totally Rad Christmas, a podcast that burst onto the scene last year with complete energy for the 1980s Christmas. While that's a podcast exploring the culture of Christmas from the 80s we dig deeper into a specific area of Christmas culture through the celebration of Christmas TV specials with Advent Calendar House podcast. And finally we wrap it up with a comfortable old friend, Sounds of Christmas, who launched a new podcast - the Sounds of Christmas Podcast - this past year. Listen to these great Christmas creators talk about their contributions to Christmas online and why you need to give them all a listen.
Nov 1
28 min
Christmas of the 20th Century – Part 3
Christmas of the 20th Century takes a very progressive turn in Part 3 of this series, this one covering the 1920s. It was a time of technological explosion and it touched nearly every part of Christmas. American homes were increasingly converted to electric service, making the use of washing machines, dishwashers, lights, and every imaginable appliance now a fact of modern living. There were many devices that affected Christmas: the radio, the phonograph and the light bulb. All of these had a huge impact on Christmas. In this episode we explore how Christmas changed with these innovations - and how Christmas played a part in bringing each to market. Music was the biggest benefactor in bringing the industry of sound recording together with radio broadcasting. For the first time, diverse types of Christmas music were heard all over the country. And the country rose up to embrace it. This episode features a wide variety of recorded music from this era known as the Roaring 20s. There were other innovations that impacted thing - even non-electric stuff such as cameras and telephones. These items and how they were marketed, especially at Christmas, would go on to influence Christmas for generations. Underlying all this innovation was a progressive time especially for women. This is another topic of exploration that, again, would influence Christmas more in the decades ahead. This is a fun and expansive episode. In fact, we could - and probably will - get another couple of episodes out of this glorious time in Christmas history.
Oct 12
41 min
Christmas of the 20th Century – Part 2
Christmas of the 20th Century continues with this new episode exploring the years from 1910 to 1919. It was an epic era of change fueled by World War I and a global pandemic. But what was it really like? Everything in the world was changing. During these years we went from horse-and-buggy to speedy automobiles. News was soon to be heard over the radio before it could be printed in newspapers. Houses were starting to become wired for electricity and life in the home was forever changed as technology made new appliances do the work that previously was nothing short of manual labor. Christmas changed too -- especially in movies and in music. The Victrola - a talking machine that recorded sound and played it back - became the must-have device of this decade. We tell the story of how recording and playback was done. It was advanced science for the times but primitive to us today. The fascinating story of the Columbia Record Company is told as it worked to bring recordings of large choral and orchestra groups to the mass market. This episode features lots of music from era and showcases just how far sound has come. Movers and shakers, especially as it related to Christmas, include Norman Rockwell, who is featured prominently in this episode. We also explore the history of World War I and how that global event was affected by Christmas during each year of the war. The decade closes with two major events: a global pandemic and the onset of Prohibition. These two changed everything about Christmas, with headlines that eerily mirror what we are experiencing today.
Sep 23
37 min
Christmas Decorating
Christmas decorating could be a problem this year. Have you noticed how your local grocery store has no selection of bottled water? Believe it or not, the same thing causing a shortage of bottled water could affect Christmas decoration supply this year. It just another reality heading into our 2nd pandemic Christmas. This episode of the Merry Little Podcast talks about how Christmas decorating will be different this year because of all the weird going on in the world. We reached out to experts at, the world's largest Christmas store, to tell us what is going on and how everything to do with Christmas decorating will be affected. While decking the halls will be different they will be decked. It is a tradition of antiquity. To that end we explore the history of "Deck the Halls" and explain why it wasn't only just a holiday tradition back in the day but also why it is as much a party song as it is a carol. Of course, we find joy in sharing the decorating of Christmas as well with our 16th Annual Ornament Exchange at the Merry Forums of Pandemic or no, we're celebrating. To that end, we invite you as well to explore more about Bronners with this great episode from our friends at the Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast, who talk with CEO Wayne Bronner about the story of the world's biggest Christmas store.
Aug 25
29 min
Christmas of the 20th Century – Part 1
Christmas of the 20th Century is a new series of the Merry Little Podcast that focuses on a full century of change. How we celebrate Christmas evolved with the changes in technology and media as the 20th century progressed. In this episode we explore the emerging technologies of Christmas of the 20th century in Christmas decor through electrifying the Christmas tree. Christmas tree safety was long a top of debate but adding the safer and more festive elements of electric lights was no cheap feat. Recorded music likewise was in its infancy and few could afford what little music was offered. Movies were only beginning between 1900 and 1910 but Christmas was at the forefront of this new technology. The very first movies put on film were about Christmas, including a now-famous 1898 production that featured Santa Claus landing on the roof of a home and delivering presents to sleeping children. A hold-over from the previous century was the Christmas card. It only became more popular in the new century and it burdened post offices everywhere. Coast-to-coast media, even if it was only in print, went far to influence the fads of Christmas and few fads were as crazy as the toy teddy bears of the early 1900s, a tradition that has endured well into the 21st century. Marketed by importers of pin cushions, the teddy bear craze was driven by President Teddy Roosevelt, who famously refused to kill a bear that had been set up by the media.
Aug 4
24 min
Christmas Cowboys and Anniversaries
Our annual anniversaries episode of the Merry Little Podcast celebrates Christmas Cowboys and several iconic elements of the season celebrating a Christmas birthday of sorts. Our friend Glen Warren of the Seasons Eatings Podcast sets down his ladle for a look into the legend and life of Gene Autry, the original crooner of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and author of a variety of legendary Christmas hits. This episode also celebrates the 75th anniversary of both The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole and It's a Wonderful Life. What would Christmas be without them? Other milestones enjoying a Christmas birthday this year are Christmas albums from Elvis and Kenny Rogers and - can you believe it? - it's the 10th year anniversary Michael Buble's Christmas.
May 27
40 min
The Future of Christmas Present
The future of Christmas present is definitely on the minds of many as we head into the New Year. What just happened? How do we explain the Christmas we just experienced? Try as we might to predict ahead of time what Christmas 2020 would be like we still have been flooded with feedback about the Christmas we all just went through. For many of us, it was a Christmas unlike any other in our lifetime. But - it's not like history has not recorded a Christmas like this. In this episode we look back to the Christmas of 1943 - a dark, unexpected, unusual and isolated Christmas that saw many separated from their families for the first time. Framed by Bing Crosby's classic, "I'll Be Home for Christmas", the lessons of Christmas 1943 are learned through not only the sacrifices of those in our family past but also of those from every side who found a way for their humanity to command in a time of war. We share the incredible story of a real combat mission flown over Germany on December 20th, 1943 when an American B-17 bomber commanded by Lt. Charles Brown was shredded by German air defenses and 15 German fighters. The tells the impressions of German Pilot Franz Stigler who couldn't believe the American plane was in the air. His choices were stark: he could shoot them down and win Germany's highest wartime honor for aviators or he could risk court martial and certain execution by allowing the B-17 to escape to safety. It was a story not only of Christmas 1943 but one that took 50 years to resolve when Lt. Brown met Franz Stigler in the 1990s. The lessons of humanity a there for us to learn from every Christmas. We also share a simple story of a loss we suffered on the Merry Forums - and how the discovery of our simple community taught a grieving daughter a new level of love from her Mother who spent so many years with us online. This thoughtful episode contemplates but does not predict the Christmas coming to us next. Instead it projects what Christmas can be -- if we can only remember what it is all really about.
Jan 30
38 min
Shepherds and Angels
Shepherds and Angels are forever a part of the Christmas story. But why? And what things can we learn from them? In this exploration of a different angle on the Nativity story we ask a lot of questions. The idea is not to cast doubt. It is to celebrate clear facts -- surprising things about the shepherds and angels that you may not know. In this merry episode we discuss the part that shepherds in particular played in the story. They were a curious choice for being key witnesses to the most heralded event in human history. Scholars do not agree about who they exactly were and what they may have known before that night of angelic manifestation. But there is a lesson to be learned by what they saw and how they reacted to it. Angels too are an interesting element of the Christmas story. For many people, angels are a fact of everyday life. Why are there angels? What is their purpose? Why did so many involved in the story of Christmas see angels? This is a celebration as well of beautiful Christmas music, including: This Holy Night -- by Broken Bow Music | Amazon I Wonder as I Wander -- Tabernacle Choir God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen -- Madilyn Paige & Her Sisters Angels from the Realms of Glory -- The Piano Guys & Cast of Thousands
Dec 7, 2020
35 min