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I love Bari
Why does everyone dislike Bari she’s the best. She and Dylan are such good hosts this is a great podcast!
This show could be PERFECT without Bari.
I started listening to this podcast from the very beginning. I always have loved Dylan. You can tell he lives and breathes Bravo. Bari on the other hand, is insufferable especially this last year in general (even worse during the current RHOBH season). She is so tone deaf and insensitive about these topics and it’s so obvious that Dylan has a hard time responding to her statements because he doesn’t want to make her look bad so he’s holding back. Ugh PLEASE replace Bari or just let Dylan do this on his own! Dylan deserves to shine! The tone deaf, insensitive, and carelessness is not a good look and I really want to support this show but I can’t ever get through a whole episode because of Bari :(
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Love Dylan, Bari Not So Much
I love the Real Housewives recaps on this show, but lately I feel so frustrated with Bari’s takes. She gets a LOT wrong which makes me wonder if she’s truly watching the show? It also feels like she has some tone deaf remarks about the people on these shows. Thing I’m most frustrated about recently is her constant bashing of characters that are speaking the truth. She always seems to side with the “mean girls”.
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1 star off for bari
Love the show but Bari is insufferable
Get rid of Bari, please!!!!
Bari is so uneducated when it comes to Bravo and her takes are sooo off. Dylan seems to have to soften his true thoughts in order to make Bari seem less chaotic. I think Dylan can carry this show on his own… or with anyone new! Please!!
Dylan is cool but Bari has terrible insights. Not even a difference of opinion - she simply is a bravo novice. Why is a bravo novice hosting a bravo podcast? I mean she backs erika girardi for goodness sake….
Dylan is 5 stars
Love Dylan and I will listen to anything he is involved in. Bari’s takes are frustrating and many times tone deaf, especially as they recap the current BH season. (The apologist rhetoric concerning Erika is uncomfortable.) I do enjoy this podcast because they get through the recaps quickly and Dylan keeps the show going along well.
Bari is the worst
Terrible insight.
New co-host
I look forward to listening to the episodes and love how concise they are. Dylan is awesome and knows what he is talking about. Bari seems like she hasn’t really watched the Bravo shows for that long of know the history of the cast members. Often her observations or details she mentions are wrong or inaccurate. Would love to see a different co-host.
Bari is trippin
Love the podcast, but Bari’s disregard for the victims that Tom and Erika stole from made me sad :\
Dylan is great but Bari needs to go
Bari is very insensitive to the victims Tom and Erika stole from. Completely disgusting comments.
Eh… but I’ll still listen
I feel like this podcast cares too much about how they’re seen by the Bravo cast members to really dive into the drama. I feel like they just ride the middle. Dylan is an angel and I love his input. Bari I feel like watches with no understanding of the history of the casts. Anyway, I’ll listen to it but left with wanting more.
Fun and light-hearted…. BUT…
I enjoy this podcast and like that there are multiple episodes released a week. Dylan and Bari really do put in the work. I personally love Dylan more than Bari but I will say, Dylan says “interesting” or “it’s interesting” WAY TOO MUCH. With each scene, exchange, or scenario, it’s always “it’s interesting because….” There are so many other adjectives that can be used. I don’t mean this as a knock but just purely feedback. I will keep listening but plssss find another word!
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bravo BB
Bravo shows
Awesome short Bravo commentary!
Love the housewives recaps :)
Bari is the underrated STAR of the pod
She makes me feel like we are just chatting reality tv and doesn’t try to make the recap stuffy.
A Bravo Dream
The perfect compliment to watching Bravo is listening to Mention it All. Barry and Dylan are hilarious, have a great back and forth, and make this podcast such a pleasure to listen to. I love how they have multiple episodes so it’s easier to go straight to the shows you watch. They also get some great guests.
Dylan is amazing
Bari stresses me out.
Bari Drives Me Insane
I feel like her takes are SO off and she doesn’t understand the dynamic of the casts. If Dylan did the show w someone more well versed w more unique opinions it’d improve the quality of the pod
The BEST Bravo Podcast
I love this podcast and both hosts. The banter they share is great about every episode. If you’re mad about the commercials, fast forward it’s not that hard 🤣
Get the facts straight
I mostly love this podcast because I am, like most of you, a HUGE Bravo fan. The one thing that I’ve noticed had become a pattern and bothers me is that Bari gets the facts wrong when recapping episodes. The latest is when she says that Lucy tells Crystals husband to start wasn’t her Husband, it was her brother. If you really watched the episode I don’t know how you mixed that up...I understand that every now and then there is human error and you forget or confuse things but this has happened several times. Not trying to dump on her but if you’re hosting a podcast discussing Bravo shows you should def know the details.
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L.A. 9
Love it
What “whitesplaining that’s not nice” bye bari I will be unsubscribing from this podcast baris been incredibly tone deaf for majority of the year. I have reached my limit. ✌🏽
Can we just let vanderpump go...
Too many commercials
I tried to listen, but I’m tapping out. FOUR commerciall breaks in 29 minute podcast is WILD. I’m out.
Love it
I look forward to these podcasts every week, because I just can’t get enough of my bravo. Dylan and Bari are a great combo and feed off each other perfectly. My only complaint is all the Skinny Pop plugs. I get you need to plug your sponsers, but it’s too much and I wish the ads would stay out of the conversation.
The intro alone cracks me up every time. My favorite!
Such a fun podcast to catch me up on my shows!
Love it!
More personal life
Please add in a segment to discuss more about Barry and Dylan
Fantastic bravo pod
Absolutely obsessed with Dylan and Bari!
The Sk**y p*p ads are ridiculous
You can keep it. Also , to the girl one, please stop with the vocal fry.
Simply the best bravo podcast... HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!! 🙌
Love it!
I’m a Bravoholic and I love listening to Bari and Dylan’s recaps. They always point out those hilarious little details of each episode and validate my obsession. Plus, the Bravo tea is too good.
Stop saying BUT!
Dylan is a fantastic podcast host. Absolutely perfect. Bari- PLEASE STOP WITH THE "BUT" AFTER EVERY SENTENCE! It is so frustrating to hear BUT and LIKE up to SIX times in one sentence!! Yes I counted!! Not every sentence needs two perspectives! Another review said the same thing. In fact, Bari herself pointed it out and now that's all I hear. Please correct this and I will give 5 stars!!!
Love it
My new favorite podcast! Sometimes I feel I’m listening to my internal monologue but more clever
Time Stamps Please
Love this podcast, but have to give it four stars because they don’t use time stamps. I only watch about half the shows you cover and it’s frustrating to try to skip around:(
Carol Loves Disney
Fun fast filled with lots of juice
Good stuff here with fresh POVs
Love love love
Obsessed!!! Only complaint is if they could please hop off Hannah Berners D during the summer house recaps when she objectively is the worst this season
chris deedee
Recently unsubscribed to many Bravo pods that have gotten stale or politically insulting. This is one of the few who remain! Love your chemistry, insights, and great conversation. Thanks!
New listener here that stumbled across you when I was searching for Bravo. Love it, podcast is amazing.
Baddest Betches
I love this podcast. When I listen I feel like I’m listening to a conversation between friends. Love the hot takes and I always agree with their thoughts.
Love this podcast but would like it on stitcher!
I can’t stand apple podcast format and I have been wanting to listen to this for years, but since it was never on stitcher I wondered if this podcast didn’t exist! But most importantly thank you for doing the strenuous work dissecting the real housewives-seriously, bless you.
Fun to listen to and great bravo perspectives
Both hosts have great bravo perspective, they have brought great guests and the insta (bravo by betches) has great content!
Dylan for president
Omg this is such a great podcast. I love Bari and Dylan’s perspective on all things bravo. Dylan is cute af.
Bravo bravo bravo
I enjoy listening to there take on some of my favorite shows! I don’t have a lot of friends that watch Bravo so this makes me feel like I have a group.
Love them
I have become OBSESSED with bravo podcasts 😩😩🥴. Just discovered then during season 5 Potomac reunion abd I’m hooked. I’m even going backwards and listening to fav episodes recap.
Love Dylan - Bari, Come on.
Dylan’s insight is amazing and level headed and I really enjoy listening to him every week. Bari’s Bravo knowledge seems super limited and I really don’t enjoy her commentary; her excusing of Chris Samuel’s behavior was pretty gross.
It’s the voice for me, pass.
Monique was going to say sorry. Then Candiace pressed charges. Monique can now not admit fault or else she could go to jail. It’s so easy to say “she should have said sorry” but that admits guilt. So messy that Candiace pressed charges with what black mothers go through in the criminal justice system. Don’t think these podcasters think things through enough.
Dylan is Amazing
Dylan keeps me laughing every week! This podcast is amazing!!
Shah Squad
Bari, please stop screaming “BUT” every time you want to change the topic or are done with your train of thought. You can just change the topic or end your sentence. It’s literally every other sentence where you yell “BUT!” or laugh awkwardly and it’s so painful
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