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Mention It All
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Betches Media presents Mention It All, a new podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your hosts, certified Bravoholics Dylan Hafer and Bari Rosenfeld, are covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities. For more Bravo memes, commentary, and special guests, follow @bravobybetches on Instagram.
Hurricane Lexi (RHONY, Below Deck Med)
Dylan and Bari kick things off by recapping RHONY, where the ladies come together for Luann’s big video shoot. Everyone looks great, but WTF is going on with Sonja’s personal life and finances? Next, they break down an extremely chaotic two weeks of Below Deck Med, featuring repeated meltdowns from Lexi, more chef drama, and more questionable leadership from Captain Sandy.
Aug 3
33 min
Textual Tension (RHOP, Shahs)
Dylan and Bari debate whether summer is actually more fun than other seasons, and then get down to business with their RHOP recap. They wonder whether Mia will ever make friends with the rest of the cast, and discuss whether Robyn and Gizelle’s text was appropriate. Next, they recap Shahs of Sunset, where we find Tommy and MJ on different pages, in more ways than one. As the Redwoods trip begins, the cast gets into yet another confusing argument.
Aug 2
36 min
A Gold Medal For Family Karma (RHONY, Family Karma Finale)
Bari and Dylan take a break from watching the Olympics to recap this week’s Bravo shows, starting with RHONY. Luann and Garth’s “relationship” is over, and the Countess is now focused on making the ladies sing with her. Later, they recap the Family Karma finale, and discuss what they hope to see in a third season.
Jul 29
37 min
Bravo Is A Hot Mess Ft. Samantha Bush AKA Bravo Historian
Bari and Dylan are joined by Bravo expert Samantha Bush, creator of Bravo Historian, to discuss all the latest happenings. They discuss their feelings about the upcoming seasons of Summer House, RHOC, and Vanderpump Rules, and dive deep on all the Housewives shows currently airing. Sam weighs in on RHONY’s problems this season, as well as where she stands on the major Potomac feuds. She also shares her thoughts on RHOBH, and how she’s handling the nonstop Erika drama.
Jul 27
44 min
La’Dame Business School (RHOP, Shahs)
Bari and Dylan return from their big reunion to break down RHOP and Shahs of Sunset. They dissect Wendy’s new persona, Karen Huger’s business advice, and Askale’s messy introduction to the mix. Over on Shahs, they unpack the progress between MJ and Reza, and toast Shervin’s return to the group.
Jul 26
33 min
What Do We Do About RHONY? Ft. Leah McSweeney
Bari and Dylan sit down with Leah McSweeney, who gets real about the new season of RHONY. She shares her outlook on sobriety, and what it was really like to film during lockdown. They discuss what Eboni has brought to the show, and how Leah feels about the cast’s handling of difficult decisions. Leah also responds to criticism of season 13, and shares who she thinks has gotten lazy with what they bring to the show.
Jul 22
27 min
Protect Sonja At All Costs (RHONY, Below Deck Med)
Dylan and Bari recap week 3 of the RHONY trip to Salem, where Sonja punches glass, speaks up for herself, handles an intervention, and connects with her father’s ghost. It’s a lot. Later, they recap Below Deck Med, where tension is finally brewing within the crew.
Jul 20
32 min
Trouble At The Love Lunch (RHOP)
It’s RHOP recap day, and Bari and Dylan have lots to discuss. From the Nude Interlude to the Love Lunch, they discuss Mia’s first impressions with the group, and how they feel about her feud with Wendy. They also unpack the updates on Gizelle’s relationship with Jamal, and Candiace’s business arrangement with Chris.
Jul 19
30 min
An Oscar For Erika (RHOBH, Family Karma)
In this week’s RHOBH, shit hit the fan for Erika, and Bari and Dylan dive deep on what they believe. They also break down the next chapter in Sutton and Crystal’s feud, and whether Amelia would get along with Sutton’s daughter. Next, they recap Family Karma, where Anish is looking for love, and Nicholas and Amrit finally get engaged.
Jul 15
36 min
Is Ramona Getting Fired? (RHONY, Below Deck Med)
Bari and Dylan kick things off with some important updates from the Bravo news desk. Paige and Craig are canoodling, Naomie is single again, and Ramona is (maybe) getting fired. Then, they recap RHONY, where Bershan lets loose—and causes chaos within the group. Finally, they discuss the blossoming feud on Below Deck Med.
Jul 13
37 min
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