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Mention It All
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Betches Media presents Mention It All, a new podcast dedicated to breaking down all things Bravo. Your hosts, certified Bravoholics Dylan Hafer and Bari Rosenfeld, are covering everything Real Housewives and more, including weekly episode recaps and analysis, the latest social media drama, and interviews with your favorite Bravolebrities. For more Bravo memes, commentary, and special guests, follow @bravobybetches on Instagram.
Are Lala And Randall Over? (RHOSLC, RHOP)
Dylan kicks off the week with his review of Halloween Kills, and his new Real Housewives of Miami journey. Then, he and Bari discuss the rumors that Lala and Randall are on the rocks. Then, they recap Potomac, where there’s actually some resolution within the group on boat day. Later, they get into RHOSLC, breaking down Jennie and Mary’s marital issues, and why Lisa and Heather aren’t on the same page.
Oct 18
54 min
Don’t Come For Garcelle Ft. Sami & Jordana (RHOBH Reunion)
Dylan is joined by Betches co-founders and fellow Bravoholics Sami Sage and Jordana Abraham to discuss the hotly-anticipated first part of the RHOBH reunion. They discuss where they stand on all the Erika drama, and unpack her reunion look. Next, they get into Garcelle’s showdowns with Dorit and Rinna, who both seem a little confused about the reality of what’s happening. Later, they discuss Kyle’s role on the show, and how the cast dynamics might shake out next season.
Oct 14
39 min
Let’s Go To Rachella (Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck Med)
Bari and Dylan begin the show by discussing Kenya’s latest performances on Dancing With The Stars, and whether she has a shot at winning it all. Then, they pivot to Pump Rules in Palm Springs, and some questions that have been raised about Brock. They also analyze Sandoval’s steamrolling habit, and celebrate James and Raquel’s perfect proposal. Later, they recap Below Deck Med, where Chef Mat is unraveling on the final charter.
Oct 13
43 min
There’s Finally A Real Housewife In The White House… Sort Of (RHOSLC, RHOP)
Dylan and Bari start the episode with our version of a royal wedding—a Biden and a Bravoleb. Next, they recap RHOSLC, where Lisa and Whitney pick up the pieces of their non-friendship, and Brooks and Jen finally break bread and hash things out. Later, they recap RHOP, which sees Candiace’s issues with Mia and Ashley flare out of control.
Oct 12
47 min
Erika & Sutton’s Last Stand (RHOBH Finale)
Bari and Dylan get a little too excited and start by unpacking the explosive RHOBH reunion trailer, then rewind and recap the season finale. Erika and Sutton’s uncomfortable dynamic festers in the wake of the Del Mar trip, and Erika adds yet another new detail to everyone’s favorite car crash story. Things culminate at Crystal’s party, where Garcelle and Rinna attempt to iron out their tension once again.
Oct 7
37 min
Last Call At Schwartz & Sandy’s (Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck Med)
Bari and Dylan begin the episode with a tribute to the beloved Coco Singer. Next, they jump into recapping Vanderpump Rules, beginning with some questions about the Toms’ new bar. As the group heads to Palm Springs, Lala gets into it with Charli, while James tries to get it together for Raquel. Later, they discuss Below Deck Med, and Mat’s weird obsession with Lexi.
Oct 6
37 min
Tossing Salads & Tennis Bracelets (RHOP, RHOSLC)
Dylan and Bari kick things off by discussing Portia’s bat mitzvah, and how her celebration stacks up with their own experiences. Then, they dive into their RHOP recap, as the women head to the Eastern Shore for a Good Vibes Only weekend. Obviously, that doesn’t last long, and they break down the conflict between Candiace and Mia. Later, they recap RHOSLC, which features a rare Jen Shah apology and a lot of Lisa Barlow making herself look bad.
Oct 4
43 min
Erika’s Alleged Kool-Aid (RHOBH)
Bari and Dylan recap RHOBH, starting with their feelings as we head into season finale week. Will the much-hyped four-part reunion give the people what they want? Next, they dissect the dynamics as the girls trip continues, with Erika suddenly being nice to Sutton, and Rinna making her cringeworthy allegiance even more clear.
Sep 30
40 min
It’s All Happening Again (Vanderpump Rules Premiere, Below Deck Med)
Bari and Dylan are back to recap the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana and Lala are working through their drama while raising babies, while James Kennedy is busy feuding with Lisa’s son Max. In other news, Tom and Tom are working on a new bar, and Katie’s potential involvement is causing problems. Later, they also discuss Below Deck Med.
Sep 28
32 min
#KyManda4Ever (RHOP, RHOSLC)
Bari and Dylan recap their own weekends, but are mostly just salty they weren’t invited to Kyle and Amanda’s long-awaited nuptials. Next, they get into Potomac, where Gizelle’s unfinished home setst the scene for a party that migt be more than reasonably shady. Later, they recap RHOSLC, discussing Mary’s relationship with her son, Jennie’s red flags with her husband, and the ice fishing showdown between Meredith and Jen.
Sep 27
45 min
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