Mega Dads Live
Mega Dads Live
John Wahl & Adam Leonhardt
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Some cool dads
Always have something interesting to say in a very entertaining way. This podcast covers a nice range of topics so there’s something for everyone! A nice way to spend your time and have some laughs.
Awesome brothers
So much content! These guys have been killing it with everything they have been working on. Keep it up gentlemen!
Good Content
John was a buddy of mine from work and it’s always been really fun to listen to his stuff. Good content and they’re pretty funny most of the time too
Excellent in every posible way
I’ve been listening to this two crackheads for over 4-5 years now, and they are still one of my favorite podcast to listen to each month. The comedy, OH MY GOD is so freaking good, they keep me wanting more each time I finish an episode. They have great knowledge about video games (even do I disagree sometimes with their points of views) and a very casual way to explain the experience of playing a game that makes this podcast very down to earth and honest. Still the best intro music of any podcast that I listen to (never change this or I will find you and destroy can mix it up, but don’t get rid of it, you’ve been warned). I just hope one day we can get two episodes a month instead of just one. I know they have a lot of great material weekly, but the chemistry between the two brothers with different last name is unparalleled. Keep it up!!
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Mega Studs
Talented, handsome, hilarious. These brothers are no more than 2 of those things. They definitely deserve to be in your podcast rotation so give em’ a chance!
Eric Plunk
Great podcast!
Love the back and forth. Very good balance of all main game platforms. Great conversations, especially when it relates to parenting or playing with kids and sharing their experiences. Keep up the good work!
Great Team!
I love listening to Adam but little did I know he teams with my long lost father, John. Dad, your Junior is listening and is a fan!
John Blanco
Great Show, Well Produced, Entertaining.
Incredibly well done podcast for all your gaming needs. These guys cover everything, have a blast doing it, and produce one of the best podcasts out there. Absolute blast to listen to
Love the podcast, hate the riff raff
This has always been one of my favorite podcasts, but lately the feed is flooded with a lot of stuff I really don’t care about. Wish they’d put that effort into making the podcast more than once a month instead of adding all these miniature episodes that aren’t nearly as entertaining.
Almost wet my pants
The title speaks for itself. Hahahahaha Great guys funny content.
(Now) Lady killer
Relatable Dads, Relatable Topics
Great podcast. I welcome you to my weekly rotation of listens
Hundo P a great time
This podcast is: • Funny! • NSFW (language) • Relatable • Excellently produced -Original art/music by Adam himself John and Adam get together once a month to record and produce their Mega Dad’s Live flagship podcast. They also have companion podcast called MDX where they have a guest from the industry on to discuss various topics and play silly games together. The team has expanded for 2020 and more content will be produced for their website as well, so be sure to hit them up on the googles and check out some great written content. Enough words — just try it.
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Great great good.
This Podcast is one of the funniest things my ears have had the pleasure to listen to. 7/5 stars.
The steam shovel
Adam Told me too
Also i thought i gave MDL a review a while back but, really Adam gives his all to this show and it shows. Videos like sketch play are great and MDL music and intermissions are incredibly smooth. I guess the guys are great too ;p
Adopt me
Mega Dads is just THE BEST. 5/5 would recommend to a friend. Also please adopt me I’m looking for a few new father figures. - Alex V
It’s GUD
Hootie McBlowfish
Sex is great but have you listen to Mega Dads Live
Mega Dads Live is better than sex! Next time your significant other wants to have sex tell them, “Sorry I got better things to do—Like listening to the latest episode of Mega Dads Live! Byeeee!” Mega Dads Live is truly an orgasmic experience! 😎
Jose Alejandro Buendia
Always fun
This is the ESSENTIAL Ape Escape podcast.
Great Podcast!
I've been listening to this podcast for a few months and it has fast become one of my favorites. Adam and John work great together and you can tell they are passionate about the topics they discuss. The level of community involvement is amazing. Things like engaging with their fans on social media, gaming together with listeners, allowing listeners to be involved with the direction of the show via The Last Word, and frequent guests always keep the show interesting and fresh. This show is definitely Servin' Looks. Keep up the great work!
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redeyejay (Jason Bryant)
Hundo P Worth Your Time
As a non-parent, I was skeptical about how much I would gain from listening to this show, but giving it a shot has caused a monumental shift in my life. Not only has it given me insight into a different perspective on the gaming community, but the fan base around this show is so welcoming and appreciative that it almost makes you forget the plethora of lewd, crude, and rude humor employed by Adam and John (mainly Adam).
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One of the Best Podcasts Hundo-Pee!
Toilet Humor, Dirty Jokes, Swearing, Video Games! This is pretty much all I look for when finding a new podcast to listen to, and this one has it all! I can’t wait to listen to this with my two three year old daughters!
BIG RED 28713
Its a Thing!
If verbal diarrhea could become sentient and then in turn have its own voice that would be sort of like vomit, then that would be how I could best put into words what this podcast is. Plus Adam is probably one of the wrost things ever. Thank god for you John, thank god. Honestly though, Mega Dads has been a great recent addition to my podcast queue, I can identify with their stories and each episode genuinely makes me LOL. A great listen.
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Funny and stuff
These guys are funny! They have a great perspective on video games and not afraid to share their opinions, even if they are unpopular. I especially like the poop jokes. I don't know why.
Funnier than a box of cats
I recently got hooked on this show, and it is becoming one of my favorite podcasts. John and Adam have that rare natural banter that just plain works. Their game reviews are very helpful, and they are both hilarious. Definitely worth your time!
Great podcast!
Mega Dads is a great podcast that focuses on everything from raising kids to gaming as a dad. They provide a honest opinion on any game they are playing which is refreshing. The stories and experiences they talk about as dads are hilarious. Lastly this isn't just a video game podcast it covers all areas of being a geek dad.
The rabbit hole that is Mega Dads Live
This is not a good show. John and Adam are painful to listen to at best. The only redeeming quality of this show is the amazing music that plays during it. However even that is ruined when these two are talking over it. Which sadly is all the effin time!! Coincidentally everything I just wrote is just nonsense. Be forewarned. If you listen to this show you will think. Why am I listening? But you won't stop. John and Adam have a way to sinking their hooks into you and making you fall absolutely in love with their show. This is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to and as each episode passes I fall more in love with their content. At the start I said this is not a good show. I stand by that, because it is a truly amazing show. Keep up the great work guys! Thank you for all the hardwork you do!
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The Geek Guru
John thanks for a very entertaining podcast! great material... Highly recommend it! @kal0 Adam? who's Adam? 😜
Good Stuff!
I enjoy the banter between John & Adam when the sometimes go off topic regarding everyday life and gaming. They are very informative on the current news. Don;t get turned off byt the length of the podcast they come out monthly.
Best Podcast About Dads with the Word Mega in it of ALL TIME!
MDL ( the cool kids call it MDL) is an entertaining, informative, and sometimes even intentionally funny podcast. John and Adam have great chemistry and they know their stuff. If you're a gamer and and a dad (or mom, or other) definitely check it out. They also do giveaways if you're into that sort of thing.
So Funny!!!
I love listening to brothers banter about anything really, but this podcast about gaming makes me really happy. The conversation rarely stays on the main mission and takes a lot of fun side quests. I highly recommend you listen.
MDL is really good, guys.
John and Adam are the foremost authority on being dad gamers. Other areas of expertise include poo poo, pee pee, and other bodily functions. A podcast I'd highly recommend to any gaming parent.
Wow! Great Podcast!
I stumbled across this podcast about 6 months ago and I have been hooked ever since. It is really one of the best gaming podcasts out there. It's unique too since the hosts are brothers, and they have this catchy music playing in the background as they talk (more like crack jokes) with each other. If you give it a listen you will be glad you found it! In fact out of the dozens of gaming podcasts I listen to, it quickly became one you just don't miss out on!
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See Red81
Don't miss it!
This is a hysterical gaming podcast! You'll find yourself chuckling non stop as the cohosts who are brothers banter as only brothers can. Seriously, click on the subscribe button now!
This is very fun!
Really appreciate the direction of this show. It's funny, fun, and entertaining. Keep up the good work guys!
Entertaining gaming conversation
The guys do a great job of discussing gaming from the unique perspective of two dads. The show is entertaining and fun to listen to.
Great Pod
It's great to hear people who are passionate about games talk about what they love. Great podcast.
cool show
Very cool concept for a show. Know lots of guys like this and now have a place to send them where they’ll be able to connect with other 30-something (?) dudes who still love video games even though they’ve grown up. Good rapport between the hosts. Always interesting conversation. A fun listen!
Mr. Clever
Funny dudes and love their thoughts on gaming. I like their classic 8-bit background music lol adds a nice touch
I enjoyed the conversational format of this podcast. As a video game neophyte I was able to follow the dialogue. It was interesting because John & Adam also talk about the world around video games - whats going on in the market etc. Good stuff.
Great Gaming Show
This is a great show for folks who grew up with games and still love them. The hosts talk about specific games as well as trends in the industry, and they do so with humor and an entertaining back-and-forth. Also, I’m a stickler for good production and sound quality. This show has both. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a fun and interesting discussion of all things gaming.
Best show in the history of life
Hi I'm John Wahl. And apparently Apple has no safeguards against you reviewing your own podcast. So I'm here to tell you that Mega Dads Live is the greatest show ever created and you would do well to subscribe to it. Not just because I co-host the show, but because it's chalk full of wisdom and goodness. If I could give it 8 stars I would. It's THAT good. Thanks for listening.
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