Mega Dads Live
Mega Dads Live
John Wahl & Adam Leonhardt
Every month John and Adam break down the latest in gaming! From the latest news and what games we're playing to segments like Small Talk and The Last Word! We look at games from the lens of two old nerds balancing their love of games with kids, spouses, and mortgage payments. Check out all of our content at! *Mega Dads Live is for audiences 18+*
PlayStation Mega Bits: August 2021
Adam’s busy this month, so Will is here to catch you up on the most important PlayStation news of the month. This month: No Man’s Sky turns 5, which brings…
Aug 23, 2021
The Mega 5 – Adam’s Favorite Movies
Hey! It’s my birthday! Today as of the publishing of this Mega 5 I am turning forty-one years old. I’ve done a lot of things in my four plus decades…
Aug 18, 2021
Report Card: Last Stop
Three complete strangers, going about their ordinary and separate lives, are drawn into a supernatural mystery that will turn everything that they think they know on it’s head and change…
Aug 11, 2021
Mega Dads Live #89: An Edutactional Experience
stacked month of Mega Dads Live and the dads are discussing Microsoft Flight Simulator, Rocksmith Plus, The Ascent, Art of Rally and MORE. They also discuss their thoughts on the recently announced Dead Space Remake, Outer Wilds expansion and the Steam Deck. In addition to ALL of that John makes up a word and it's dumb.
Aug 3, 2021
Nintendo Mega Bits: July 2021
Hey, wow! It’s time for Nintendo Mega Bits again! Jonny still hasn’t escaped my SAW-esque pain puzzles, so it’s one more month with Will! We’ve got a few major things…
Jul 31, 2021
The Mega 5: Best Mid-Generation Hardware Upgrades
Alright kids, gather around now. Today we’re going to talk about mid generation upgrades. Why!? Well it’s at the top of my mind because Nintendo finally announced the next mid-gen…
Jul 29, 2021
Xbox Mega Bits: July 2021
On this episode of Xbox Mega Bits we discuss the latest Xbox news and rumors The Ascent and Flight Simulator Launch Xbox Controller update? Psychonauts 2 Preview impressions June NPD…
Jul 28, 2021
Report Card: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (REVIEW)
Snake Eyes steps out of the shadows for the start of a brand new film franchise. But how does this new take on G.I. Joe fare as an action drama for today's audiences? Find out in our latest review.
Jul 27, 2021
PlayStation Mega Bits July 2021
In the latest episode of PSMB Adam is talking about Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West joining one of his favorite PlayStation games, Genshin Impact. We also break down the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut and why Adam is an awesome parent for teaching his 7 year old how to properly disembowel Mongolians. And to wrap it all up Adam gives his thoughts on just what is going on with PlayStation skipping all of the big industry media events.
Jul 26, 2021
Report Card: Death’s Door (Review)
Every day we go about our lives, sitting in rush hour traffic, punching the same time clock, eating the same tuna salad sandwich for lunch in the break room, and…
Jul 20, 2021
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