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Mega Dads Live
John Wahl & Adam Leonhardt
Every month John and Adam break down the latest in gaming! From the latest news and what games we're playing to segments like Small Talk and The Last Word! We look at games from the lens of two old nerds balancing their love of games with kids, spouses, and mortgage payments. Check out all of our content at! *Mega Dads Live is for audiences 18+*
Report Card: Resident Evil Village (REVIEW)
After 25 years of horror does Resident Evil still have what it takes to deliver the world class experience players have come to expect? Or is this series finally starting to feel long in the tooth? Find out as Adam ventures deep into Resident Evil Village to provide his final review.
Jun 1
Nintendo Mega Bits: May 2021
Good day, Nintendo aficionados! It’s time for the May 2021 edition of Nintendo Mega Bits! Jonny Casino, your friend and mine, cannot be here this month, so now you get…
May 28
Xbox Mega Bits: May 2021
On this episode of Xbox Mega Bits we discuss the latest Xbox news and rumors Xbox celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary Starfield rumors Psychonauts 2 details ahead of launch The Ascent…
May 26
PlayStation Mega Bits: May 2021
This month on PSMB we're discussing the wave of incoming PS5 titles in development, Sony officially joins in on Summer Game Fest, Cute and cuddly critters armed to the teeth in Super Animal Royale and how developers are making use of the Dual Sense 6 months into the PS5 life cycle. In the VR roundup we take a peek at After the Fall from the creators of Arizona Sunshine. Finally in our game recommendations Adam and Elliott hit the links with Everybody's Golf!
May 24
Mega Dads Checkpoint #3
On Episode 3 of Mega Dads Checkpoint, host Brandon Wilson is joined by Will Schulz and Joseph Moran to discuss the latest games, news, and rumors. This month we’ve been playing Returnal, Resident Evil 8, Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Final Fantasy XIV among others. In the news we discuss a handful of Sony announcements and rumors, Rambo and John McClane coming to COD, and Yakuza news.
May 19
Report Card: Layers of Fear VR
There's a new layer to one the scariest horror games on the market. Layers of Fear comes to the PSVR and we've got the final word on how Bloober Team's descent into madness fares on the VR platform.
May 17
The Mega 5: Things To Do That Aren’t Video Games
You know what’s great? Video games. Do you know why? They can fulfill almost every need. Wanna be social in a time of social distancing? Video games. Had a rough…
May 6
Report Card: Monster Hunter Rise
Will grabs a big sword and handful of wire bugs to take on the latest installment of Capcom's acclaimed Monster Hunter series. Does Monster Hunter Rise stand tall amongst the best of the series? Find out in our latest review.
May 4
Mega Dads Live #86: The Haunting of MD Studios
On Episode #86 of Mega Dads Live we give hands on impressions of the following games Outriders from People Can Fly and Square Enix Before Your Eyes from GoodbyeWorld Games…
May 3
Nintendo Mega Bits: April 2021
I’m Jonny Casino and this is the MegaDads Nintendo MegaBits for April 2021. Once again, it’s been another slow month in the world of Nintendo.  You’d think that I would…
Apr 30
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