Medical Stuff
Medical Stuff
Medical Stuff
"The hosts are insanely smart and insanely dumb" Garet Giovacchini
Sexual deviations
This week Chris and Mark let their freak flags fly as they talk about sexual deviations!!! Or more accurately they discuss sexual deviations calmly and with poise
Sep 23
41 min
Vaping classic
Why vaping is just as bad as smoking
Sep 14
57 min
Medical thingy's
This week Chris and Mark, yes the real Chris, have a grab bag episode!! We talk about some calls and an odd medical condition.
Sep 7
58 min
Medical news stories
This week Chris and Mark delve into some medical news stories!! Purple pee? Lazarus syndrome? Listen and see what we mean
Aug 31
1 hr 21 min
Brief resolved unexplained events classic
Classic episode about kiddos and BRUE!!!
Aug 24
44 min
Phantasia ailments
This week Chris and Mark want you to sit back and picture something in your mind. Your spouse or significant other, a beautiful sunset. Mark as a handsome man, can't do it? Then find out why!!! this episode
Aug 17
42 min
Hostful goodness
This week Chris and Mark have a fun chat session talking about some of the changes recently in EMS and Chris waxes poetically about the difference between ground and flight medicine!!!
Aug 10
1 hr 3 min
Eye ailments
This week Chris and Mark keep their eyes on the prize and focus on the goal to discuss ailments of the eyes!!!
Aug 3
45 min
Psychiatric disorders classic
Hey all hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe!!!
Jul 27
1 hr 4 min
Real diseases with goofy names
I went to visit my daughter this weekend and forgot my mic so this week is a classic episode!!
Jul 20
32 min
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