MCDM Presents
MCDM Presents
MCDM Productions
The weekly D&D game from MCDM Productions! Matt Colville is Dungeon Master and Phil, Anna, Tom, Lars, and Töm play the senior officers of the Chain of Acheron.
The Chain Extra 02 - Interlude, The Patron
Leech has a conversation with the source of his powers.
Dec 6, 2019
23 min
The Chain Ep. 27 - The Book of Judge
With Judge as their new commander, The Chain of Acheron seek out to make allies for the coming War of Capital. They have a “Capital” meeting with Marco Vorona, Commander of the Navy. The next day they discuss options with Lady Zorgon on behalf of Zorj, Commander of The Word.
Sep 20, 2019
2 hr 41 min
The Chain Ep. 26 - No Confidence
King reports back to The Sapphire Sky. Meanwhile, Boots meets with a new friend? Later, King discusses the future of The Chain with the Senior Officers. Back in Ringwell once again, The Chain of Acheron free Lady Violentia. She returns the favor with information about the Keys to access the depths of Ringwell.
Aug 30, 2019
2 hr 37 min
The Chain Ep. 25 - The Autophage
After defeating the MindKiller (retcon), The Chain of Acheron continue to explore Ringwell. After discovering some mysterious changes in the Iron Golem room, things get dangerously squirmy. Later, Boots gets invited on a date?
Aug 23, 2019
3 hr 34 min
The Chain Ep. 24 - The Devil's Work
The Chain of Acheron come to terms with Lady Orozivaar. Although their accord doesn’t last long. Boots reports back to The Sapphire Sky, while King makes plans with Angel on The Chain’s next steps in Capital. All of this culminates in The Chain returning to Ringwell where conflict comes from an unexpected place.
Aug 9, 2019
3 hr 13 min
The Chain Ep. 23 - Idle Hands
The Chain of Acheron continue to explore Ringwell. With new threats around every bend, even resting is full of danger.
Aug 2, 2019
2 hr 55 min
The Chain Ep. 22 - The Daughter of Time
The Chain of Acheron are still licking their wounds from their battle with the Iron Pact. They are greeted by a Dragonborn Knight who doesn’t exactly trust our heroes. King and Boots decide to join the Knight’s quest, while the rest of the party try to go deeper into Ringwell. However, Time is not on their side.
Jul 26, 2019
3 hr 30 min
Into the Bowels of Vallenguard Ep. 3 - The Lair
Our intrepid group of Dwarves enter the vault of the Ironbraid Clan. They meet up with 3 young dwarf girls who want the party to play with their pets.
Jul 19, 2019
5 hr 27 min
Into the Bowels of Vallenguard Ep. 2 - Tunnel of Doom
Our Dwarven troop set out to explore the cave systems below Vallenguard. While they find some not so friendly creatures along the journey, they make a discovery of historic importance to one member of the group.
Jul 12, 2019
4 hr 4 min
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