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Three friends with very WASPy food preferences discuss the MCU and adjacent properties.
Mister Doctor of Economics
Still mostly great
I've listened for years and have enjoyed tuning in, for the most part. Like most podcasts, they're better to listen to when they're less pessimistic and apathetic about what they're covering. It's also a plus that they all have great chemistry together as hosts. I enjoy them talking about food possibly more than I enjoy them talking about Marvel by this point. They still have me tuning in each week so they're doing something right
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I am actually excited for Helstrom!! I thought it would make for an interesting show when I heard about it. A quick aside, Over the course of phases 1 to 3 of Marvel, Iron Man was constantly evolving his armor. There’s no way that we saw all of them right?
Best marvel podcast ever
Take a break
It’s just you guys. No one is exhausted and everyone I know is excited for the new stuff. You run a freaking podcast for marvel news and you’re on an episode whining about having to do analysis? Or how you couldn’t care less who is Wolverine, or aren’t excited about black widow? Why are you doing this? If you’re heart isn’t in it then take a break. We listen to this podcast to learn and get excited and this last episode or two was a slog. There’s no reason to be fatigued, and no one in the real world who’s just a fan is saying any of this. You’re just reporting on it too much. If it’s gonna affect your work then stop. This was a bad episode and if you keep bashing and whining about upcoming stuff I’m gonna unsubscribe Edit: yeah this last week with the black widow trailer reaction episode got my unsubscribe finally. You all sound miserable talking about the mcu and that’s the whole point of the podcast. You’re also the only people I know who aren’t excited for this movie and doesn’t think it looks dope as hell. Maybe stop doing your pod for a while
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Nicky C.
This show has gotten worse since I started listening a couple years ago. The host claim to love marvel but almost every episode are complaining about certain marvel projects or characters. Tried sticking with it but the most recent shows of 2020 lost me. There’s better marvel podcasts out there ppl!
Three scattered brained people randomly talking about Marvel shows with no energy. Listen at your bedtime. This podcast will cure your insomnia.
Love listening to this!
I love you guys
I love you guys
DNZ Abby
I’m out
I gave it a go. I listened for about a year but I just can’t anymore. To listen to the Rhiannon drone on about marvel TV (1 good series out of 8 or so tries) and the dumb one from Iowa who loves venom. I just can’t. I appreciate your efforts but I suggest you focus more on the Kevin Feige stuff and ignore the Jeff Loeb stuff. Good luck going forward. I wish you all the best
Judge a show by it’s fandom why don’t ya.
You need to not be so judgmental of a show that you know so little about, talking about Rick and Morty. Over six years they’ve made 31 episodes and every single one of them has been re-watchable, some have been award worthy. As for these mythical 100 episodes that you went on a tirade about, they absolutely couldn’t come quick enough in the minds of everyone who watches the show. Just because some stupid fans harassed a fast food store, doesn’t say anything about the show itself. A fan of John Lennon shot him in the face; but it would be weird for you to hold that against The Beatles music, right? That I still consider your back-handed politicking listenable, is a feat in itself.
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Tutu D'Squishbo
Spoilers ahead
Panelists are sometimes careless and spoil movies without warning (Ant Man and the Wasp being the most recent example).
Why do they even do this podcast??
Ive listened to multiple episodes and they seem to never have anything positive to say about anything MCU related. Their criticisms are so left field and irrelevant. They don’t seem like fans to begin with so why do they even do this podcast.
Great show. Great information about the MCU. Must listen
👍🏻 Great listen
Really enjoy your outlook on the MCU. Always nice to hear what you guys think about some of their current and future projects. Keep it up!
Best source for mcu news
I’ve been listening to this team discuss the latest marvel news for a while now and I love their insights. They do excellent recaps of the weekly shows and appreciate the analysis they give.
Needs improvement
Needs additional host with different viewpoints. They seems to all agree on alot of topics. No real conversation.
Love it
Just found this and have been binge listening. Love the info you all give!
Best Place MCU News and Reviews
This is a well organized and entertaining podcast. The host and commentators each have a different background in the MCU either as fans or as reviewers. They do a god job of avoiding spoilers if that is a concern to you. The podcast focuses on the MCU specifically so don't expect too much in terms of comic book or celebrity news. The podcast stay close to little over an hour and do come out very consistently. They also attempt to acknowledge all of the listener comments and questions.
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If you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, than this podcast is most certainly for you! An informative listen courtesy of a dedicated website, the MCUExchange Podcast also offers engaging insight and speculation from some of the best Marvel fans out there: the hosts!
The best info/news you can find about the mcu
Everything they cover is great. They talk about everything in such detail and depth, it's truly one of the best places to increase your hype and obsessions for the mcu. If you love the podcasts, definitely check out there YouTube channel and website if you haven't already. To all the people that help run the mcuexchange, you guys are great and keep up the good work!
Kinda Closed-Minded
This is a mostly okay podcast, but the voices are a little provincially-minded and dismissive to the point of being offensive. I suppose I'm just used to better. If you are a fan of color looking for an MCU podcast, be warned - you'll have to overlook some occasionally ignorant comments about "diversity". Not many, but it only takes one to ruin a podcast. Other than that, low quality recording and while knowledgable to a point about the material, their observations aren't as profound as the people who contribute to their comments section.
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The best there is.
This show is an excellent way to keep up with the goings on of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of the hosts bring a nice perspective to the future of these films and shows and if you are a fan, it is a delight to follow along with. I can't wait for each new episode.
Great Show
Thanks for all the great news and speculation. I've been a serious Marvelite since the mid -80's , but lately my interests have been relegated to the television and cinematic properties. Keep up the great work!
Wish I could somehow do this with you guys.
Leaving the review before I even listen to the first episode because I already know I'm gonna love this. Been following the site for a while and it is perfection. Here's to a solid start on the podcast 👍🏼
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