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Formerly MCUExchange Podcast, Marvel News Desk is your best source for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Reviews, and Speculation. Each Monday, listen as Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon breakdown everything you need to know about the latest and greatest in the MCU. Official Podcast of
The Marvels is Fantastic-Marvel News Desk #246
We are back and we are talking about The Marvels. We’ve seen the box office. We’ve seen the Cinemascore. We’ve seen the hot takes. And we reject them all! Caleb and Rhiannon talk about the latest from Marvel Studios and why we both love it! If you’d like a shot of positivity, here it is.
Nov 15, 2023
39 min
Loki Finale and The State of the MCU-Marvel News Desk #245
The first of two podcasts this week! We will be talking about the latest (bad) news from Marvel Studios as the challenges continue to mount. We also give our review of the last episode of Loki. Join us as we think about the God of Mischief’s latest (last?) journey as the TVA’s final fate is […]
Nov 14, 2023
37 min
Echo Trailer, Strike Over, and Loki Ep 5-Marvel News Desk #244
So much news this week! We look at an Echo trailer (that looks great), celebrate production starting back up, and chat about Loki. We also talk about the apparent imminent doom of the MCU according to Variety. All this on another episode of Marvel News Desk! TIMESTAMPS0:00-Small Talk, As If I CareNEWS4:28-SAG-AFTRA Strike Is Over9:15-Echo […]
Nov 9, 2023
47 min
Where Can Loki Go From Here?-Marvel News Desk #243
Rhiannon and Caleb are back and we are talking mostly about Loki! With that major cliffhanger, where could the show go from here? We talk about what has come and what could possibly come next. We also chat a little about Daredevil: Born Again‘s new show runner and the continuing actors’ strike. Join us for […]
Nov 1, 2023
36 min
Enter Victor Timely-Marvel News Desk #242
We are talking about Loki again. Episode 3 was about everything we asked for last week! So this week we talk about what we thought, particularly given the prevalence of Jonathan Majors. We also will talk about Deadpool 3 moving, the actor strike, and what we think of Las Vegas. TIMESTAMPS0:00-Our Endgame NEWS5:51-Deadpool 3 Moved […]
Oct 25, 2023
49 min
Daredevil Shocker and Loki Episode 2-Marvel News Desk #241
We have massive news on the Daredevil front! So we break it down while also talking through the latest misadventures from Loki. All of that plus the usual frivolities, join us for another episode of Marvel News Desk. TIMESTAMPS 0:00-Rhiannon Talks NYCCNEWS6:02-Daredevil: Born Again OverhaulREVIEWS23:51-Loki Season 2 Episode 2
Oct 18, 2023
37 min
Loki Back to His Old Tricks-Marvel News Desk #240
We are back to look at Disney+’s latest offering, the second season of Loki! We also talk about the writers getting a deal, how long it will take the actors, how it affects release dates, and other things. Join us for another episode of Marvel News Desk. 0:00-Adam is Opening a Comic Shop3:45-NYCC Preview7:21-WGA Strike […]
Oct 9, 2023
50 min
Secret Invasion Finale Debrief-Marvel News Desk #239
Secret Invasion is over and we pick apart how we felt about it. We try to do some positive thinking about the things that worked. But we also have to get honest about all the things that didn’t. There is also some talk about The Marvels trailer and SDCC and all sorts of other things […]
Aug 1, 2023
1 hr 7 min
Checking in on Secret Invasion-Marvel News Desk #238
The whole crew is back for another episode of Marvel News Desk! We’ve got another strike going on in Hollywood. We talk about the bigger picture for writers and actors and their livelihood, as well as a little talk about how that might change Marvel releases down the road. We then get a bit into […]
Jul 18, 2023
43 min
Secret Invasion Makes First Contact-Marvel News Desk #237
We are talking about the new Marvel show, Secret Invasion, as well as the trailer for Kraven the Hunter. We fit this one in during some busy schedules, so it is a short one, but we talk about all the stuff going on with these two properties and our take on it all. INTRO 0:00-Only […]
Jun 25, 2023
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