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Came here for PFT who I love but this was not good. KFC is doing his best Dax Shepard impression and it’s..... flat.
Love the show
You should try and reach out to Bo Burnham he just came out with Inside he’s doing music for the seasame street movie and he’s supposed to be playing Larry Bird in a movie.
Like bad
Interviews kinda bland
Real As They Get
KFC is the best in the business. 100% himself at all times. Fantastic podcast!
Love the pod
The pod about the guy who forgot who he was and the Bitcoin guy interview was one of the best I’ve heard in awhile.
Loved the funkmaster flex interview
Love it
Love KFC
Great alternative to KFC Radio
Loved KFC radio back in the day but have grown out of it a bit. Solo/interview KFC is awesome.
Kirk Minihane !
Can’t believe you pulled podcast Jesus as a guest. Subscribed
One thing I learned...
Says what normal smart people are always thinking
Kevin > KFC
Keep grinding cuz. Love this lane
Uncle Walrus Guy
Great content
Realest guy at barstool. KFC isn’t afraid to be honest and it rubs some people the wrong way but this podcast is about as genuine as it gets and he does a good job keeping it light at the same time.
Rogan of Barstool
KFC is that dude.
Hit up PFT
Be a guest on Macro Dosing. Would be a good match with PFT, Arian Foster, and Billy Football. Do it.
Love you man
jack from school
Cool guy
Listened after Ross and really like the concept and Kevin
Thats Life
Here from RBP. Gang gang
KFC stan
Love the solo show and all the interviews have been great. Would love to hear an episode with someone else interviewing KFC in this kind of style. He opens up a lot about his life but I think an interview from someone who doesn’t really know him would be awesome to hear
shaun king h8r
Amazing Podcast
Love the solo and guest combo. Very unique at Barstool and Impressive KFC can still do a solo show and keep it entertaining and moving.
Freaking great Show
This is such a great show. I’m a newer listener to KFC, but have been following barstool for some time. I’m really impressed with the question Kevin asks out of life. He doesn’t seem like he’s content to stay where he’s at. The episode on depression really hit me. It was right when I pulled the cord and decided to take ketamine. I had been sexually assaulted at a fraternity party in college and living in a fog for about a decade. Grief/shame/everything stole my life. Hearing someone, a man actually talk about these issues was powerful. Usually it’s always women. I’m happy to hear men like you, KFC (sry idk how these reviews work, who will get them) opening up an avenue for more vulnerability to be shared. That’s cool and so powerful. I don’t know if you can even fathom what you’re doing here. Thank you for fostering this environment.
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He’s a pretty cool guy on his IG, found himself via one min man but this podcast is something else!!! His inner chatter that he so vulnerably shared during the first half hour of the “life is like a swimming pool” episode was EVERYTHING. Looking forward to being a loyal fan from here on out. Love love love it!
One of the realest to do it. Genuine, relatable and in a lot of ways will keep a crazy man sane!
Great episode!
Revised. Enjoying this show very much now.
The episode on 2/18/21 is the most real Episode I have ever heard with KFC. It is was the perfect counterpoint to KFC radio. This show finally shows the depth and skill rather than just all the guy stuff on kfc. I like kfc but stopped following because it was the same every day. I’m back on kfc having this counter point to enjoy. Nice work on this show, specifically the above episode I referenced, Kevin. In the last six years of me consuming your content this is the most relatable you have been.
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Quinn XCII episode
My favorite episode so far. I love you explaining your pre and post barstool life and how happiness is relative sometimes. Quinn XCII was also an amazing guest and it seemed like two normal guys talking over a couple drinks. Need to have Cal on the show next. That episode would be amazing.
I love you KFC
Kevin Clancy Show
2/17 was one of the best segments I listened to in the beginning of this show. KFC is top 3 at Barstool. A lot of the hate is unwarranted because people think it’s funny for whatever reason
KFC is me. KFC is you.
Like or not ... we are all crazy, lost, confused, and trapped alone inside the scariest thing there is - the human brain. Most people lie about it, pretend, and act like everything is ok, that life isn’t a colostomy bag of doubt, guilt, remorse, and second-guessing. KFC talks to you the way you talk to yourself, ya lunatic. Thanks for putting yourself out there, Kev. We love ya babe.
iPaddy O
Good listen for the common man
Very relatable and good conversations. My only quip with KFC is his love for the entemanns
Legend in the game
KFC is relatable
Moved away from my home state a few years ago and moved pretty consistently moving. This show and his others have been a staple in my life during that time and before. I like listening to this show because I feel like KFC is continually honest about the truths in life you experience in your mid twenties and onward. Keep up the good work.
Nothing but love
Love Kevin, love the show, love the guests, nothing but good vibes
Diving Deeper
I like this. I listen/watch a lot of barstool content and this show dives deeper into his personal life, his thoughts, what he’s going through. Makes him more relatable. I enjoy listening to his interviews too.
l y n d s
Got BC back in the mix!
Needed BC back in. Show is great solo but having BC chime in really makes it flow.
Great podcast
That interview with Asa may be one of the greatest, down to earth discussions that had every blessed my ears.
Please stop playing music during the interviews
Hard to focus on the interviews
Huff Is Off The Tracks
KFC continues to Impress
From athletes to porn stars, an astrophysicists, and a couple comedians the Kevin Clancy show has it all!! I have been a long time KFC fan and his rants have always been top notch material. This show expands on that and also gives an outlet for conversation and learning about topics/people as if two friends were catching up. The episode with Avi Loeb was simply amazing!!! The questions and discussion were thought provoking but KFC and Dr. Loeb kept the content relatable. No crazy incomprehensible science talk while still discussing new intriguing science. Can’t wait to see where the show continues to go! Will follow and support KFC even if the name changes again!
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KFC - Underrated
KFC gets a bad rep for various reasons, but I doubt there’s anyone who’s as entertaining in an interview or on a solo podcast than him. Kudos to another successful project, KFC
Friend of a friend's cousin
Love the solo show
This has quickly become my favorite pod. Always loved KFC radio until feitelberg decided to turn it into a political outlet for himself.
eric sollenburger
Loved the show and I hope you have Asa on again!
Great podcast
I absolutely love the format of this podcast! Great interviews and great solo content! Kevin Clancy, you’ve nailed it.
Big fan of both kfc and this new podcast
Love his stuff before but he has a great way to be able to do it himself or run interviews solo.
More Great KFC Content
The solo format and 1 on 1 interviews make this another must listen.
KFC, nice
Asa was an amazing guest!!
Such a good conversation — bring her back!!
The best
I love this podcast!
Love The Show
Hey Kev, love the new show format! All the guests have been amazing so far but I’d love to listen to you and Chris Distefano chop it up for an hour! I’ll definitely be a listener for life!
Top 5 Podcast
I’m a long time KFC Radio and Mailtime listener. I love the new format and can’t wait to see what guests are up next. I’m sure Chrissy D and Yanni P will be on at some point. Bert and Tom would be great. There are so many comedians and other guests I’m excited to hear from in these deep dive interviews. Keep it up Kevin
Best podcast at barstool
KFC at his best. Long form interviews with great guests
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