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The Kevin Clancy Show
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There’s always been a difference between KFCBarstool and Kevin Clancy, and this podcast puts that on display. With solo segments ranting about unique topics to sit down interviews with the guests that matter most, the Kevin Clancy Show is the unfiltered access to a guy who’s lived his entire professional life on the internet (Barstool Sports, KFC radio, One Minute Man) and his entire adult life in the doghouse. From conspiracy theories and controversial news to pop culture nonsense and nostalgic trips down memory lane, I’m just here killing time until the aliens arrive
Robby Berger: From Hotel GM with the Gift of Gab to Internet Star
Subscribe, rate, and leave a comment who you want to see on the show next! (32:26) Kevin Clancy sits down with Robby Berger. They discuss how having the gift of gab got Robby from Hotel General manager to a successful internet star, the celebs he met along the way, and how he turned down a job from Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy. Before we get to that Kevin lets us know the three things that have been driving him crazy and plays a game of "who's taller: your favorite celebrity or Jo Jo Siwa?"
Oct 20
1 hr 30 min
Brianna Chickenfry: Behind the Blog
KFC sits down with the rising star, Brianna "Chickenfry" Lapaglia (27:14). They discuss growing up in Boston, getting on Vine at a young age, editing her own videos, starting her own line of merch in college, dealing with fans and haters, how she ended up hosting a show with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, and the PlanBri College Dropout Tour. But first, KFC reclaims the awkward apology, gets in an imaginary road rage race and listens to The Rock's new rap record.
Oct 13
1 hr 39 min
Rocky Dale Davis
Rocky Dale Davis (25:30) in Barstool HQ to talk why NYC sucks, Redneck Island, the all-time greatest fast food franchises, why Joe Rogan won't have him on his show, whether or not The Rock is a sex symbol, trying to get on Call Her Daddy, and the tragic events that surrounded his time at mascot camp. Also, KFC asks his mom on a date via Facetime. But first, the Sopranos movie flopped, Squid Game is a smash and Game of Thrones is about to pull us all back in.
Oct 5
2 hr 6 min
The Next Generation of The Mush (featuring Rayna Greenberg)
Rayne Greenberg (45:00) of Girls Gotta Eat comes through to talk about going from waiting tables to creating a podcast powerhouse, the end of her engagement immediately after her engagement party, love during lockdown, and whether or not she has ever had a threesome with her cohost. Why are women obsessed with men's relationships with their mothers? Why do girls make PowerPoint presentations about their relationships? What's the worst thing Rayna has ever said to Ashley? The giant sleepover that is the Girls Gotta Eat tour and why growing up without the internet was a blessing in disguise. But first, KFC passes on the mush to his daughter, breaks up with the Jets, drives a Hyundai that still has a physical key, might have early onset dementia, and determines who had it better in middle school, guys or girls. Also, TV reviews for The Morning Show season 2, Squid Games, The Candyman reboot, Succession season 3 and Foundation
Sep 29
1 hr 53 min
Gabby Petito, the Evolution of True Crime, and Annie Lederman
Annie Lederman drops by to discuss her fascinating life in which she starred on multiple TV shows in between stints of homelessness. Doing mushrooms at a medieval renaissance fair, working at a modeling agency run by a drag queen, living with unprogrammed Quakers, and doing ayahuasca and birthing an egg. The wild life of Annie Lederman today on TKCS. But first, the tragic story of Gabby Petito and how modern technology is reshaping the true crime genre, and criminal justice, right before our eyes.
Sep 22
1 hr 28 min
Stealing Bases (with Paul Virzi)
Paul Virzi drops by (40:00) to discuss growing up in the New York suburbs, comedians adapting to the internet, opening for Bill Burr and eventually launching a podcast with him, adn dealing with severe mental health issues. But first, the Spite Tour continues as KFC cobbles together a studio. The 9/11 Comedy Special vs the Met Gala and how very few people can pull off both.
Sep 15
1 hr 53 min
Behind The Blog: PFT Commenter
PFT joins KFC (20:30) to talk about everything from the early days at Kissing Suzy Kolber, to interviews with Deadspin, to his thoughts on Dave Portnoy. 2AM time slots on college radio. The time SB Nation lowballed him. The time Deadspin interviewed him. Does he have beef with Darren Rovell? Does he secretly hate Barstool? The meteoric rise of PMT. His relationship with Big Cat and Hank. The evolution of his character and launching Macrodosing. The Barstool Van Talk incident. Did ESPN try to hire him? Will he ever drop the shades? The man and the legend, PFT Commenter, on Behind the Blog. But first, KFC goes through 3 circles of hell in Michaels, Homegoods and Target.
Sep 8
2 hr 35 min
Sean Evans and the Making of Hot Ones
Sean Evans (26:22) stops by Barstool HQ to talk about if he always dreamed of becoming a chicken wings talk show host, the episode that gave Hot Ones it's big break (Key & Peele), the moment he knew they had something special on their hands (Machine Gun Kelly) and the legendary 91 million view episode (Gordon Ramsay). How college and cube jobs actually DID help him get where he is now, and how he's learned to sit back and "enjoy the painting" But first, KFC comes to terms with Kanye, and asks that everyone else do the same with Jake Paul
Sep 1
1 hr 31 min
Kevin Connolly
Kevin Connolly (22:50) stops by to talk about his over 30 year career in show biz. From getting his big break beating up Rocky's kid to having his girlfriend snatched by his costar to the life changing role as E from Entourage. Also, he may have solved a murder. But first, Drake vs Kanye and it's not gonna be close.
Aug 25
2 hr 9 min
Abella Danger
The legendary Abella Danger returns to talk about switching over to OnlyFans, going back to college, getting recognized in public and whether she will ever get into the content business. Also, KFC breaks down some of the Mets absurd videos to come out of Afghanistan
Aug 18
1 hr 12 min
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