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The Next Generation of The Mush (featuring Rayna Greenberg)
1 hour 53 minutes Posted Sep 29, 2021 at 6:35 am.
Rayne Greenberg
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Show notes
Rayne Greenberg (45:00) of Girls Gotta Eat comes through to talk about going from waiting tables to creating a podcast powerhouse, the end of her engagement immediately after her engagement party, love during lockdown, and whether or not she has ever had a threesome with her cohost. Why are women obsessed with men's relationships with their mothers? Why do girls make PowerPoint presentations about their relationships? What's the worst thing Rayna has ever said to Ashley? The giant sleepover that is the Girls Gotta Eat tour and why growing up without the internet was a blessing in disguise.
But first, KFC passes on the mush to his daughter, breaks up with the Jets, drives a Hyundai that still has a physical key, might have early onset dementia, and determines who had it better in middle school, guys or girls. Also, TV reviews for The Morning Show season 2, Squid Games, The Candyman reboot, Succession season 3 and Foundation