Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan
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Not accurate
Multiple times they report inaccurate information and go back on it later in an episode or next weeks podcast. Please do your research if you have a podcast. Know what cards do. Know if something is banned or suspended.
Positive Feedback
Day late and a dollar short
Great place to get the wotc approved CFB take on somewhat recent events in Magic. Unfortunately, that is not terribly valuable or entertaining. Pass.
Great podcast! Interesting and current MTG content. Very well produced. The hosts are great and have a lovely, hilariously endearing rapport. This is among the best of Magic podcasts!
mark wy
Good podcast
The keyboards I have cannot express how much I like this podcast. limited resources was getting a bit boring
Great new show
Like your chemistry and lots of good info. Agree that Mashi’s mic seems busted!!
Sound issues only problem
Love love looove the content, want to listen every week! But unfortunately Mashi’s sound issues made it practically unlistenable this last week =/ it’s been an issue every episode, but this week was the worst yet.
Content great please fix sound issue
Thanks for the great content Mashi+Gabby. Not sure what’s wrong with Mashi’s sound but it made it hard to listen.